My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


11. Why Did You Do It?

Scene 11

Dani, Ruby, Jack and Alex run into Max’s room but Max isn’t there.

Dani: I know you’re here Max. (She goes in the cupboard and finds Max and Megaboyd) Oh, hello! (She goes under the bed and finds Maisy and Ben are there) Oh, join the party.

Ben: Oh, party party! I love parties! Where’s the cake?! Let’s boogie!

Max: Ok, I did write the fake script and it was only because you got everything and I got nothing. All I got was this room a bed and a half eaten pizza!

Jack: Delicious! (Jack picks it up and eats it)

Ruby: So when does the revenge part start.

Dani: (Looks at Ruby) Shut up Ruby! (Looks back at Max) Look, when you got the record deal, I had a new co-star.

Max: Oh.

Dani: Just because I got something doesn’t mean that you need to get something as well.

Max: I am… no I can’t do it.

Dani: Say it!

Max: I am (Quietly) sorry!

Dani: I can’t hear you. Go a bit louder!

Max: I am (Loudly) sorry!

Dani: Ok, I did say loud but not that loud!

Ruby: I still don’t get it, when does the revenge part start?! So I came all the way here for nothing! Great!

(They all throw pillows at her)

Dani: Come downstairs and wear something else, we are throwing you a welcome home part and for me welcome to your new house party. (She realises something) W-w-w-wait. I was so angry that Zarina fired me I left a voice mail saying I quit. I’ve got to call her back.

          Scene 12

Dani: (She is in the living room on the phone. It goes to voice mail) Hello, Zarina, I am so sorry what I have just said and also where are you? (She ends the call. To the camera) Well that’s just great. She is going to listen to that and by tomorrow, I will be fired! Wait I have one more plan. (She looks through her phone book then calls a number. She waits and then speaks) Hey Nurse Thorn. (She hangs up on Dani and to the audience) Might need to be a bit more cleverer than that.

          Scene 13

Dani is in the McHurties hospital studio, she walks to her desk and picks up Zarina’s phone.

Dani: (Still at the camera) Shush! I found out that Zarina is at a meeting in her office by Doctor PeggWheel. (She deletes the voice message) Done! (Then put the phone down).

Zarina: (She comes through the door and goes straight to Dani.) Here is the contract, sign it before I fire you too.

Dani: Who got fired?

Zarina: Doesn’t matter about that, who can find a really good actor?

Scene 14

All the cast are at the kitchen eating biscuits and drinking squash.

Ruby: So let’s see you Blackberry then.

Jack: Yeah! About that, I didn’t really get one.

Ruby: You know I was just kidding about what I said earlier. Get one! I’ll teach you!

Jack: Thanks Ruby’s!

Ruby: (3 seconds then realizes, to the camera) What have I done?!

Alex: You have made a big mistake.

Dani: Listen up everyone, I signed the contact. I am the lead role in McHurties Hospital and so are you Max.

Max: Me, but why me, how me!

Dani: Well Zarina fired the other lead role and needed to find a new actor, so I said you.

Max: Yes, then I will be back in the music business.

Dani: What are brothers and sisters for?

Ruby: Wait that means that Max is playing Doctor Strange Bottom.

Dani: Yep! Max you are Doctor StrangeBottom.

Ruby: But he’s my favourite character and now they are replacing him we Max! I hate the show, I am never gonna watch it never again. It is so unfair.

Dani: What happened to liking it because it was a good show?

Ruby: Well I do like the show even though it was because of Doctor StrangeBottom.

Dani: So keep watching it or else they will axed and that will make me fired. (To camera) Just remember this, I’m Dani and this is-

Jack: Jack’s amazing house.

Max: No it’s my house.

Alex: Actually, it is my house.

Ben: No change the name to BMMM, Ben’s, Maisy’s, Max’s and Megaboyd’s house!

Maisy: Don’t include my name because I already have my own TV show, Maisy’s House!

(Everyone shouts at each other expect for Dani)

Dani: (Still looking at the camera) This is Dani’s House! (She looks at them all shouting at each other) If you can’t beat them, join them! (Dani joins in with all the shouting.)

          Scene 15

Back in the spaceship and the aliens are clapping and Zark is crying.

Zang: That was a brilliant episode. (Looks at Zark) Why are you crying?

Zark: (With a cry) I’m so happy!

Zang: Then smile not cry.

Zark: Dani is such a nice sister; she got Max a part in McHurties Hospital even though Max has been such a horrible brother.

Zang: Oh brother more like.

Zark: This is what humans do when they feel happy, they cry!

Zang: Oh pull you socks-

Zark: Ok Zang! I hope it makes me feel better. (Zark pulls her socks higher until it breaks, not crying now) Opps! I don’t feel better, I feel worse. Do you mind buying me a new pair of sock, pretty please with a side order of Ear Wax Cake?

Zang: You can’t fool me.

Zark: Ok fine, anything, I will give you anything.

Zang: (He gives the money) Get me a shocolate milkshake please.

Zark: You brought that rubbish, wow I am good! (She runs with the money)

Zang: I will get you for this Co-ordinater. (He starts running after her but then slips) I will get you once I go to the doctors!

(Theme tune)

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