My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


21. The Fire - Plot Against Ruby

Scene 1

Everyone except Ruby and Gabe are in the kitchen.

Dani: Okay guys, you all know the plan.

Jack: Wait, what about Ruby and Gabe?

Dani: Well, they have nothing to do with this plan. They will just be upstairs, talking about their future together. They are not included in our plans.

Jimmy: Fine by us.

Esme: Wait, you hate Ruby.

Dani: Yep, and Gabe.

Esme: Can’t Gabe come out; he is my brother after all.

Dani: It will just get confusing.

Kaitlin: I agree with Esme.

Dani: Maybe I don’t have to tell Gabe, Kaitlin can you get him?

Kaitlin: Sure. (She leaves.)


Scene 2

Gabe and Ruby are in the room together and Kaitlin enters.

Kaitlin: Sorry to disturb you guys.

Ruby: What are you in, school?

Gabe: Ruby, please do go on.

Kaitlin: Gabe can you come with me for a minute.

Ruby: Where to?

Kaitlin: Nowhere, I just wanna talk to him, in private.

Ruby: Gabe is not going anywhere. I know your game, you want to talk to Gabe and persuade him to go back to Dani.

Kaitlin: No I’m not.

Ruby: Look Kait.

Kaitlin: Only my friends call me that.

Ruby: Feisty.

Kaitlin: Look Gabe, are you coming with me or are you staying with her. Make your mind. Also just take in account that we were your best friend’s way longer than this old hag.


Scene 3

There is a knock on the door and the gang except for Ruby, Gabe and Kaitlin.

Dani: Who could that be?

Leo: It could be your friends.

Dani: Shall I open the door?

Jimmy: No, forget your friends.

Dani: Well three are friends but one is my brother. I have too. (She goes and opens the door and Megaboyd and Maisy enters.) Megaboyd! (She goes to hug him.) Oh hi Maisy. (She gives her a dirty look.)

Maisy: Nice to see you too Dani.

Dani: Where are Max and Ben?

Megaboyd: It’s such a funny story? (They all start to laugh. He speaks really fast.) Maisy fill them in.

Maisy: No, I think it will be better if you.

Dani: Guys, where are they?

Maisy: Okay, there was this really big monster kind of thing, which took both of them away.

Dani: And what were you guys doing?

Maisy: Well Megaboyd was screaming.

Megaboyd: No I wasn’t.

Dani: Don’t worry Mega. We are all scared.

Megaboyd: Can we get cleaned up; I am so wet and cold.

Dani: Sure. Jack and Jimmy will take them to the kitchen. (They all go.)

Esme: What’s taking them so long? I’ll go check.

Dani: Our plan is failing.

Leo: Don’t worry, it’s gonna get worse.

Dani: What?

Leo: Did I say that all out loud.

Dani: Yep!

Leo: Oh, no!

Dani: Do you know something?

Leo: Nothing.

Dani: Because if you do, I’m telling you now, tell me.

Leo: Ok.

Dani: So tell me then.

Leo: I have nothing to tell you.

Dani: Really? Do I have to get Kait?

Leo: No.

Dani: You’re worrying me now. Tell me! (Jimmy and Jack come back to the front door.)

Jimmy: What’s going on?

Dani: Leo knows something.

Leo: I know nothing.

Dani: Torture him.

Leo: What?

Dani: Torture him until he confesses.

Leo: Oh no! (They all crowd around him.)


Scene 4

Return to scene 2.

Ruby: Well, Gabe!

Kaitlin: What’s it gonna be?

Gabe: What is it about?

Kaitlin: It’s about Esme.

Gabe: What? (He disappears.)

Kaitlin: Stay here. I’ll be back.

Ruby: No way, if you have nothing to hide then I’ll come with you.

Gabe: I’ll be outside while you ladies decide what is going on. (He leaves.)

Kaitlin: Okay, I will tell you why.

Ruby: Go on.

Kaitlin: Esme is going for a nap, she is upset.

Ruby: Poor her.

Kaitlin: We need to stop her from leaving us. My brother Leo doesn’t want her to go. Please let Gabe go for one minute.

Ruby: Wow, that is so amazing. You can let him go, if I was a complete idiot. That was complete and utter emotional blackmail.

Kaitlin: Okay fine. You win. I’ll let Gabe come back in.

Ruby: Thank you.

Kaitlin: I have learnt something. Friendship, and the most important rule is that you have to be by there side. Which is why I am going to lock you in this room myself.

Ruby: Like you will.

Kaitlin: You wanna bet. (She runs out the door and Ruby tries to follow her, the door closes and Ruby is banging on the boor.)

Ruby: Help! Gabe help. (Now the scene is outside in the hall. Kaitlin locks the door.)

Gabe: What are you doing?

Kaitlin: Saving you. (She holds this hand and she pulls him.)

Gabe: Where are we going? (They run down the corridor.)

Kaitlin: Saving you!

Gabe: And what about Ruby?

Kaitlin: We will worry about her later.

Gabe: Please tell me it is not about my break up with Dani?

Kaitlin: I swear on Prince William life.

Esme: (Esme appears.) Hi guys.

Kaitlin: (They are running straight for her.) Hold us.

Esme: I can’t, I’m a ghost. (They run straight through her, Gabe lets go of her hand and Kaitlin falls to the ground.)

Kaitlin: I told you to hole me up.

Esme: Never mind, come one run!

Gabe: Why are we running?

Esme and Kaitlin: We’ll tell you in a minute. (They start to run again.)

Scene 5

Gabe and Kaitlin arrive at the kitchen. Leo is stuck to a chair a bright light is shinning him. Dani, Jack and Jimmy are surrounding him.

Kaitlin: What’s going on?

Dani: It’s your brother. He knows something.

Leo: Kaitlin, please make them stop.

Kaitlin: If you know something, just tell us now, I’m warning you.

Leo: I know nothing.

Jimmy: That just proves it.

Dani: How?

Jimmy: What’s your name Leo?

Leo: Leo, duh!

Jimmy: Ha, he does know something. (They all sigh.)

Dani: Hang on, where are Megaboyd and Maisy?

Jack: We told them about the plan, they are so excited, they are getting changed.

Gabe: Can someone explain to me what is going on?

Leo: Basically, there is this monster called Slender.

Gabe: (He shouts.) What?

Dani: You heard of him. You probably have so many similarities.

Gabe: Where is Esme? Esme and I need to be safe.

Dani: Why?

Gabe: I’ll explain later but where is Esme?

Leo: (They all look at Leo.) What?

Jimmy: You are her best friend.

Dani: Like me and Kaitlin.

Leo: We will probably be ex-best friends once you heard from me.

Dani: What?

Leo: Did I say that aloud again?

Kaitlin: Tell me where Esme is.

Dani: We don’t have time.

Jack: We will have to make up a new plan. It’s not going to work if Esme isn’t here.

Gabe: Slender doesn’t like ghosts.

Jack: And Esme is one?

Kaitlin: No she’s flipping zombie.

Dani: Ok, we need to find a new plan, and fast. It’s gonna get late.

Jimmy: I know, it’s nearly twelve.

Kaitlin: Were doomed.

Dani: I used to know someone who is good at making plans.

Kaitlin: Who, me?

Jack: No the girl that you just locked upstairs.

Kaitlin: Do you miss her?

Jimmy: Come on, we have to get a move one. We have to put all our differences beside us. Now Gabe-

Jack: Hang on, where is Gabe?

Dani: He went to look for Esme.

Kaitlin: Because none of you know how to make plan, here’s the plan.

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