My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


32. The Final Countdown

Scene 7

The setting is back to Scene 5. Dani is standing and the rest are sitting down on the floor.

Dani: Okay, I’ll try to save you all.

Slender: You can only save a few people; the rest will have to stay here. (They all sigh.) And you only have 9 minutes. (They sigh louder.) That’s better.

Jimmy: Stupid thing!

Dani: Don’t say stuff like that!

Ruby: He will only hate you even more.

Dani: Well I have to save Ruby.

Ruby: Thanks Dani!

Rich: You can’t save her; she is the reason why we are in this situation.

Jimmy: Stupid girl.

Maisy: Don’t bad mouth my sister, even though she is an idiot.

Ruby: Hay, no fair.

Leo: We need to decide, and quickly.

Dani: Leo do you mind?

Leo: Hey! That is so unfair; pick me I’m the youngest.

Dani: You can be with Esme!

Rich: Leo, you’re coming with me.

Dani: No!

Rich: Yes, you promised Kaitlin, and so did I.

Dani: Still, Ruby can take his place now!

Max: What is wrong with you Dani, snap out of it.

Ruby: Dani has made up her mind, she is saving me and that’s that!

All except Dani and Ruby: Fine!

Ben: Well one person is going to have to be it.

Megaboyd: No this is a job for Megaboyd.

Dani: That’s it! I’m saving Ruby, Maisy and all my relatives. (Ruby, Max, Maisy, Megaboyd, Jimmy and Rich go in one corner and the rest go in the other.) Now I have to pick between you two. Ben! (Ben moves to the corner.) Sorry Leo.

Rich: Wait no! You can’t do that. If he isn’t going, I’m not going!

Dani: You can’t be serious. (He goes to the other corner.)

Rich: Try me!

Jimmy: (He goes to the other corner.) It is kind of mean.

Max: Dani, your evil! (Max goes and then the rest go to Rich’s and Leo’s corner except Dani and Ruby.)

Dani: Forget Leo, come one you guys. One has to be here on their own.

Ruby: Forget it Dani, that’s what they chose.

Rich: But-

Ruby: No buts! (She gets both her hands and drags them up, at the same time, everyone else except Dani and Ruby goes up to the ceiling. They are all floating in the air.)

Max: What are you doing?

Ben: I’m scared of heights!

Maisy: Shut up Ben!

Ruby: Didn’t I mention that because I’m a duplicate of Slender, I get his powers as well as my other half?

All except Ruby: No!

Dani: Ruby what are you doing? You’re going to hurt them. Put them down.

Ruby: Oh okay Dani! (She pushes her hands to the left and they all fly to the left and then fall on the wall and then to the ground.

Jimmy: That was awesome! (Suddenly Jack falls to the ground from the ceiling.)

Ruby: Jack! (She goes to him.) See Dani, we can be the group of three again.  Remember the good old days your house! (There is a long flashback of the good times at Dani’s House; they all include Dani, Ruby, Jack, Toby, Alex and Sam.)

Dani: Those were the best days, they were so much fun. I really miss you guys, the old you!

Leo: No Dani! (Jimmy pushes him out of the way.)

Jimmy: Remember all the good times we have had. Not just three but, (he uses his fingers to count the gang up. Dani and Ruby start laughing.) 6! There were 6 people! Remember Dani! (There is a flashback of all the times. They include Dani, Jimmy, Kaitlin, Gabe, Leo and Esme.)

Dani: Those were the best times as well, I just can’t pick. I love you all too much!

Ruby: Forget everyone else; just think about you me and Jack! 

Jimmy: No come to us, we can go back to the way we used to be, and sure you can save everyone else, but we need to save Leo.

Slender: 4 more minutes.

Dani: Stop the time!

Slender: It’s stopped but why?

Dani: I have made my decision! The people I will save are, Jimmy, Jack, Max, Megaboyd, Maisy, Ben, Rich. That’s for now.

Slender: You still have Leo and Ruby. Choose wisely. 4 more minutes!

Everyone except Dani, Ruby and Leo vanish.


          Scene 8

Kaitlin is near the front door of the castle. There is a knock on the door and she takes a deep breath in and then opens it and then screams, everyone screams!

Kaitlin: You’re safe!

Jimmy: Yep! We’re out of here.

Max: He is going to leave and never come back.

Kaitlin: Where are Dani and Leo?

Rich: I tried my best to save Leo.

Maisy: He really did!

Rich: But she wanted to save Ruby, she is choosing now!

Kaitlin: I just hope Dani doesn’t do the wrong this and pick Ruby.

Jimmy: So true!

Max: Dani isn’t that dumb!

Rich: Leo will come out. (They all scream and then have a big group hug.)


          Scene 9

Dani, Leo and Ruby are still in the room and Ruby is in the corner of the room.

Ruby: You said, you said to everyone you will save me first! Then you save the rest of them.

Dani: I’m sorry, I just have to think!

Ruby: (She gets up and she is shouting so loud.) No! You didn’t have to! You’re just a scared little girl! A stupid pathetic girl! What is wrong with you? You’re mental! (She screams and shouts really loud.) You are saving me!

Leo: Can I say something?

Ruby: (Still screaming.) No! (She gets her hand and Leo flies into the wall and is lying to the floor, unconscious.)

Dani: Leo! (She runs to him.) What have you done?

Ruby: You keep him, instead of me! That is it! I will make sure that Slender haunts you. (She starts shouting.) You save and you are my slave.

Leo: I knew it! You’re controlling her. Dani, believe me! She is controlling you! She is not going to be there, she will run away when she is free. She doesn’t care about you! She only cares about escaping here!

Dani: You really think so.

Ruby: Dani, if you don’t save me, I will kill you! You hear me, I will kill you!

Leo: She won’t do it Dani! Trust me.

Ruby: Really, how long have you known me! You know I tell the truth. I set your castle on fire! Don’t you think I will kill you! Pick me Dani! Pick me!

Dani: I have to!

Leo: No, please!

Dani: I can’t save you, she will kill me! She knows she will. I know she will. She is planning everything.

Slender: Two of you can run! The other stays here and works for me! Which one will it be Dani? Pick in 1 minute. (There is a sound of a timer.)

Ruby: Please pick me, I won’t kill you!

Leo: Don’t listen to her, pick me. Kaitlin is your real best friend.

Ruby: No, I am!

Leo: Kaitlin is, she was the one who was there. Who raised all the money, for all the things she did!

Ruby: I am here to make up that time.

Leo: What rubbish? Don’t listen to her! Save me please!

Ruby: Who are you going to listen to now? A little boy or an older woman!

Slender: You have 30 seconds. (The door opens.) You have 30 seconds to get two people in that door then it will close. You pick Dani! Otherwise, you will be trapped in as well.

Dani: What, that’s unfair?!

Slender: 27 seconds.

Dani: I have to pick now!

Leo: Come one please, save me!

Ruby: You can decide now! Please save me!

Leo: Believe me, save me!

Dani: Who should I pick?

Leo: Pick me, I beg of you!

Slender: 10 seconds.

Ruby: Pick now, otherwise you will be trapped.

Dani: Come one Ruby run!

Slender: 5 seconds.

Dani runs out of the door.

Slender: 4, 3, (Ruby runs out of the door.) 2, 1!

Leo: (He screams and shouts.) No!

Slender: You will be my slave.

Leo: I’ll be with Esme! I’ll be with Esme! I’ll be with- (Leo disappears.)


          Scene 10

Everyone is waiting outside. Suddenly the light appears. Everyone is looking at it, without blinking. Then they stop.

Jimmy: Oh we are going to find out. (Dani screams.)

Max: That sounds like Dani! (Dani suddenly jumps out of the light and falls to the ground and then Ruby jumps out. Everyone steps back. The light goes up in the sky and then quickly disappears.)

Kaitlin: What? Leo is gone!

Dani: (They both get up.) I’m so sorry.

Kaitlin: You promised! You said you would!

Dani: Sorry, Ruby is my best friend! I can’t let her go!

Kaitlin: (She starts to cry, Rich, Jimmy and then everyone else hugs her.) You promised, you said you would! Leo! Leo!

Ruby: He can’t hear you! He’s gone to the world of hell!

Kaitlin: Shut up! (Everyone lets go of her.) You stupid girl, you started a fire and you picked this girl. She wrecked your family home. She stole your boyfriend, Gabe! Remember him! The guy you loved one, but now all you like it Ruby!

Dani: I still love Gabe!

Kaitlin: Sure you do!

Jimmy: You know what; I’m ashamed to call you my cousin.

Max: This is why I hate you!

Jack: There never will be the three of us. We are over.

Kaitlin: You are never going to be my best friend ever again.

Rich: I’m deleting you off my phone. In fact, I’m changing my phone and I’m not living in Bogmoor anymore.

Jimmy: Yeah we are all leaving. Let’s pack our stuff. Come on Kaitlin.

Kaitlin: No, I’m not moving from here. Dani and her best friend will be somewhere better. Prison.

Dani: What do you mean?

Kaitlin: Remember when you said, you won’t tell anyone about Ruby starting the fire.

Dani: Well I was going to tell but you stopped me.

Kaitlin: Now I am changing it. I’m telling the police everything! The fire, everything!

Dani: Kaitlin, please don’t do that!

Ruby: Listen to Dani! She’ll never do it.

Kaitlin: You watch!

Jimmy: I’m a witness! I am telling as well.

Dani: Jimmy don’t, you can’t. We are family.

Jimmy: Not anymore! No wonder there was a big argument. It’s all your side! They are full witches, liars, everything!  


          Scene 11

The police take Ruby away, Dani cries when she is leaving.

Dani: (She goes up to Kaitlin.) I’m sorry I didn’t save Leo! She tried to kill me and Leo. I had no choice. (She starts to cry and then Kaitlin goes and hugs her.)

Kaitlin: I believe you, even though I still dislike you. Friends?

Dani: Friends! (They have another hug.) One day, Leo will come back. Slender will be here and we will save Leo! Together. I know you’re not my best friend, but I will always be yours, forever. (Kaitlin turn to everyone, they all nod and then she hugs Dani and smiles. She mouths ‘thank you’ to everyone. They all smile and nod.)

Jimmy: They will always be best friends. We all will. 

Rich: I’ll be a little more different than that. (He goes up to her and kisses her. Everyone smiles and laughs and then claps.)

Leo: (Leo’s, Gabe’s and Esme’s ghost appears. They are behind a tree.) She will still be happy. Happily!

Esme: Ever!

Gabe: After! (They all smile and laugh and then vanish.)

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