My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


9. Max's Revenge

Scene 5

Maisy, Megaboyd and Ben enter the room. Max is sitting on his bed.

Ben: Hi, Max! Welcome back! (Ben sits next him) This is Mai-

Max: I know all their names I am just so upset. I lost it as a singer, I had everything and then I lost it. I just want things to go back the way they were.

Maisy: What, you mean like a pranker?

Megaboyd: Megaboyd, Maisy and Ben will help you pull the best prank that we have ever done.

Ben: That will clear your mind of things.

Max: That’s it, if my life gets worse, then Dani’s life does as well.

          Scene 6

The doorbell rings and Dani and Ruby answer it.

Dani: (Opening the door) Yes! It’s the script for McHurties. (Opens it up and reads it)

Ruby: What’s it about, I bet it will be exciting?

Dani: Doctor StrangeBottom says, (Manly voice) No, no, we are losing her, oh no she is dead.

Ruby: Whose dead, read on!

Dani: (Still in a manly voice) She was our best nurse.

Ruby: Yes! Nurse Thorn is dead, now I am back in the game!

Dani: W-w-w-wait! Nurse Thorn isn’t dead, (reading through the script) it’s me, I am being killed off in this episode. (She throws the script in the air, it lands in the sink.)

Ruby: It’s a typo, don’t worry talk to Zarina, I bet you it is all a miss understanding.

Dani: It really better be because if it is not, I am fired! What happens if it isn’t, it will be the end of my career. I thought that I was becoming the lead star but instead I am being fired. (Gasp) What’s Alex gonna say? He will be so devastated.

Ruby: Whose gonna tell him the news?

Dani: Why do I have to tell him the news?

Ruby: Well he is coming today. 

Dani: Oh yeah! What shall I do?!

Ruby: Well I told you, acting is a make or break career.

Dani: Being a doctor is make or break career too. What happens if there are no people who are sick, what are the doctors going to do?

 Ruby: Well at least they won’t get fired!

Dani: Your right!

Ruby: Yay! (Singing) Go Ruby, go Ruby, go Ruby, go-

Dani: (She throws a pillow at her) Snap out of it!

Ruby: (The doorbell rings) That will be Alex, tell him the news and don’t be nervous. (Dani goes and answers the door and there is Alex)

Alex: Is it true?

Dani: Well!

Scene 7

Alex is sitting on the sofa with Dani.

Dani: I really didn’t see this coming.

Alex: Me either.

Dani: I didn’t know, I just found out today. I’m so sorry.

Alex: I know and we won’t even be able to see each other.

Dani: Yeah we will.

Alex: But you will be in America.

Dani: What?

Alex: I know and I am sorry to say this but I can’t handle another long distance relationship. So maybe we should... split up.

Dani: What are you talking about? I will still be here; I’m not going to America.

Alex: But it said that you are moving to America and never coming back on you text.

Dani: I sent you a text, wow, I can’t believe I sent you a text and wasted my credit on my phone. And haven’t you noticed yet, (Shouting) I LOST MY PHONE!

Alex: (Gets you his phone out of his pocket and finds the text, he finds it) Here it is!

Dani: (Reading the text) Alex, I am sorry to say this but I am moving to America. I have got a better job than a rubbish (Confused) fairy liquid opera. (Stop reading the text) Well that doesn’t sound like me.

Alex: But see, I told you. You did write a text.

Dani: This was Ben!

Alex: How do you know?

Dani:  He spelt text, test and moving, mofing.

Alex: I told you it was a prank pulled by your annoying brother.

Dani: But why?

Alex: Maybe because he is bored and has nothing to do. Show me the script.

Dani: Ok.

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