My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


30. Is That Ruby?

Scene 2

Kaitlin is in the castle, it is dark now.

Kaitlin: I can’t do this. What is going on out there? I’m going to do it. (There is a knock on the door.) Who could that be? It’s Dani! (She opens it and Rich is there.) What the hell do you want?

Rich: Can you please let me in?

Kaitlin: (She opens the door wider and then he goes in.) So, what do you want?

Rich: I can make it up it you for all the bad things I have done to you. I am going to pay for all of the castles expenses.

Kaitlin: It’s over. We did it not you.

Rich: I can help you run it and everything.

Kaitlin: Look Rich, just leave as alone. (She puts her hand out and Rich flies on to the wall.) Whoa!

Rich: What you do that for?

Kaitlin: I don’t know but it is awesome! Look do you want to know the truth. Well Dani is on a mission to make sure that all her friends are back from the Slender.

Rich: Yeah right, Slender. What rubbish!

Kaitlin: Yeah, is Slender is not real. Why should ghost be? Wait that reminds me. Dani was meant to get you as well.

Rich: But if I’m here.

Kaitlin: Who’s there?


          Scene 3

It is set back in scene 1.

Dani: Come on; let’s just get out of here.

Jimmy: No we have to save everyone else.

Ruby: He’s right Dani.

Dani: Well I’m not saving you that’s for sure.

Ruby: Let’s just forget all of this. This is sort of like a punishment.  

Esme: Let’s just forget all of this and go!

Dani: See Esme is with my idea.

Leo: I saw your brother there, you have to save him. I would have done it for Kait.  

Dani: Max is in there. (They all nod except Dani and Jimmy. The Dani screams Max’s name.) Max, Max! Max can you hear me! Max!

Jimmy: Shush! I thought he was in hospital anyway!

Dani: Max! Max! (The door suddenly slams.)

Esme: Great! Now we are trapped. All your fault Dani! Well done! Let’s give a round of applause. (Dani starts clapping. Then everyone sighs.)

Jimmy: What are we going to do now!  No food, no video games, no TV!

Dani: Is that all you care about? What about no brother, no cousin, no friend, no family!

Ruby: Dani we will find him, as long as you take me out with you.

Dani: Wait, what is wrong with you.

Ruby: (Her eyes turn red.) Take me out of here, now Dani!

Dani: Run!

Everyone runs around the room. Esme is trying to disappear but can’t and then Ruby takes her! The rest watch her go!

Dani: Esme! No! What the hell have you done?

Leo: Esme!

Dani: Not you Leo! You can’t go, I promised Kaitlin! Just stay here.

Ruby looks at them and then growls and chases after them, they all scream and run around!  


Scene 4

Kaitlin and Rich are in the library.

Kaitlin: We need to go back.

Rich: Okay. Whatever it takes?

Kaitlin: I can’t go!

Rich: Why, why now?

Kaitlin: I’m getting dragged.

Rich: So that leaves me then, great, an adventure. This is going to be cool!

Kaitlin: Wait before you go, we need to test. Okay look outside of the window. (Rich goes to the window and looks at the light.) What do you see?

Rich: Just a light. Nothing special.

Kaitlin: Really!  

Rich: Yeah.

Kaitlin: You don’t see anything creepy, weird looking.

Rich: No nothing at all.

Kaitlin: Doesn’t that light just drag you in. Don’t you just want to go there?

Rich: Well yeah, so I can save Dani!

Kaitlin: Phew! Know all you have to do is hurry up and get Dani from the light. Also bring Leo. Dani knows it as well.

Rich: Okay, got it!

Kaitlin: Wait, one more thing! (She gets a book from the shelf and puts it on the table.) Now get your hand in front of you and start to stretch your fingers. Then bring your hand up and down. (Rich does this.)

Rich: (Nothing happens.) What are you trying to make me do?

Kaitlin: This. (She does the same thing and the book goes up in the air and the down.) Cool!

Rich: Why can’t I do that?

Kaitlin: You weren’t there on the night.

Rich: I’m going to go straight away.

Kaitlin: You do that, and hurry!

Rich: Just one thing, I want you to know that even though I left you and you hate me, I still like you.

Kaitlin: I’ll keep that in mind! (He leaves and she closes the door and then does a victory dance.) Go Kaitlin, go Kaitlin, go Kaitlin, in your face all of the girls.


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