My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


23. Fire Spreads

Scene 10

Ruby goes to the hallway.

Ruby: This is it. Get back on Dani. Gabe and his sister will be fine, they are ghosts, they are already dead. I hate everyone here, just completely everyone. Except Jack, but he will be outside looking for Dani’s selfish, self-centred brother from hell. This is it. I can do this. (She gets the lighter and turns it on, a flame appears.) Goodbye Dani! (She throws the lighter and it hits a blanket which all goes to flames. Then she walks out.)


Scene 11

Dani is still banging on the door.

Dani: (Shouting and screaming.) Please, help me! Ruby is going to kill us all. Please someone help me. The castle, it will go on fire, please help me! (Dani starts crying.) Someone, please help!  

Esme: (Esme appears.) What are you doing here?

Dani: Please Esme, help me get out. Ruby is setting this place on fire.

Esme: What, actually that might be perfect. Slender would die.

Dani: We want him to die, not us!

Esme: True. Can’t fire spread really fast?

Dani: Go out and check.

Esme: Fine! But only for you. (Esme disappears.)


          Scene 12

Jimmy and Jack are in the kitchen.

Jimmy: Okay, what are we going to do?

Jack: I don’t know.

Jimmy:  Esme has vanished, and if Slender sees ghosts, he will kill them.

Jack: When did you find that out?

Jimmy: Oh, Leo told us all about what Esme is doing.

Jack: Well what was she doing?

Jimmy: Well- Wait don’t you smell fire.

Jack: You aren’t cooking anything right?

Jimmy: (He opens the door and everything was on fire. The fire starts to spread in the kitchen and Jack and Jimmy start to run near the end of the kitchen.) Ah! What are we going to do?

Jack: We are dead, literally?

Jimmy: The fire is spreading. (Starts shouting.) Help, someone, help us!

Jack: Is there no other exit?

Jimmy: No.

Jack: We are in the kitchen, go get water.

Jimmy: (He runs to the tap and turns it on. Water is coming out.) Wait, we have buckets.

Jack: Where?

Jimmy: In the cupboard. Get it now! (They all start coughing.)

Jack: (He goes to the cupboard and opens the door; he finds buckets and goes to the sink.) Got some. (He starts to pour water in the bucket and then throw it at the fire.)

Jimmy: Keep doing this. We will be able to move out the castle. (Jimmy starts throwing water at the fire.) Dani is going to flip when she-

Jack: Wait, where is Dani?

Jimmy: She went to go see your friend Ruby.

Jack: We have to save her. (The fire starts to go while.) It’s working. Let’s run. (They start to run out of the kitchen, but the fire starts to spread in the kitchen.)


Scene 13

Dani is still banging on the door. She starts to sniff.

Dani: (She is screaming and shouting.) Help please! The castle is on fire! Esme are you there! Please!

Esme: (Esme appears.) The fire is in the kitchen it is spreading, really fast!

Dani: What are we going to do? Where are Gabe, Maisy, Jack, Jimmy, Kaitlin and Megaboyd?

Esme: They are in the library. Well most of them are.

Dani: Why can I smell smoke?

Esme: I told you, its spreading really fast. Next minute you know it, it will be in the library then in here. You need a plan.

Dani: I can’t think of one, I am too scared. Esme, have you seen Ruby anywhere?

Esme:  The last time I saw her she was in this very room. I have a plan. I’ll go outside while you stay here and then I will get the key and you will be free.

Dani: Thanks, and hurry!

Esme: Okay! I’ll try. (She vanishes.)

Dani: (She waits there.) Esme are you there? Esme, you there?

Esme: (She reappears.) Got it! (She puts the key through the hole and tries to open it.) The key doesn’t work.

Dani: Did you see any fire?

Esme: I don’t think so.

Dani: Wait a second. There are lots of keys. Which one is it?

Esme: This is going to take some time.


          Scene 14

Jimmy and Jack are running up the stairs.

Jack: Run faster!

Jimmy: Why?

Jack: It’s spreading!

Jimmy: Oh, no! (They run into the bedroom and they shut the door.)

Jack: Well that was a clever move.

Jimmy: What do you mean by that?

Jack: Now we are stuck here.

Jimmy: Oh, yeah! I didn’t really think about that.

Jack: We’ll just have to wait here. Maybe someone will-

Jimmy: What, finish your sentence. (Jack and Jimmy looks ahead and they see Slender. They both scream.)

Slender: Shut up! Do you know someone called Gabe or Esme? (They are just shocked. He starts to shout.) Answer me! (He starts to walk closer to them.) Do you know what I did to those other children that I saw? They died a very painful death. Do you want that to happen to you? (They shake their head. He carries on shouting.) Then answer me!

Jimmy: They are in the library. (He vanishes.)

Jack: What have you just done?

Jimmy: I did it again.

Jack: Now we have to save them as well.  


          Scene 15

Set back in scene 13.

Esme: Now this is definitely the one. (She puts the key in the hole and turns it. The key works, they take the key out the hole.) Yes!

Dani: It works! Thank God!

Esme: It’s Thursday.

Dani: What?

Esme: It’s a ghost song. Thank God It’s Thursday. T G I T.  

Dani: Never mind that! (She opens the door and the whole hallway is one fire. They both scream.)  What are we going to do?

Esme: Bye Dani! (She vanishes.)

Dani: (She screams.) Someone help me please! Esme!       

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