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This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


115. Episode 82

It goes to a scene with everyone in the hospital room except Simran, Leila, Prem and Pia. Kokila and Kajal are holding the babies, Pari and Neil.

Kokila: They are so beautiful. I am so proud of you for doing all of this. I am not a great-grandmother, and this is my great-granddaughter.

Kajal: And I am a grandmother.

Mahi: Don’t worry mum, you don’t like one! Trust me!

Shashi: It is nearly time to leave and no one has held the baby.

Mahi: Dada you will all hold the baby everyday. Trust me.

Devesh: We should get going. Bye beta.

Raj: Bye everyone. (Everyone except Raj and Mahi leave, Pari and Neil are in separate beds.)

Raj: I know that this was hard to do but always remember that I will always be proud of you. What you did was so brave and no mother would have to deal with this. Simran will be staying in the hospital in another room with Pari and Leila.

Mahi: The only thing that hurt me the most was that I really wanted a girl and Pari is an amazing name.

Raj: We can have another girl. She will be amazing. We will have another child soon. I promise you, we will one day have a girl. I too want a girl so that is a definite promise. (Simran, Leila and a nurse enter.)

Nurse1: We will take Pari Patel out of the room and with Simran.

Mahi: Sure that will be good so you can spend time with her and feed her yourself.

Simran: I don’t know what to say other than thank you everyday of my life.

Mahi: Just come here. (Simran goes to Mahi and hugs her.) You don’t need to say that. Pari Avi Patel is yours know. I just did the hard work. You don’t need to say anything other than you will love her forever.

Nurse1: They both can be discharged tomorrow.

It goes to a scene with everyone going inside and Pia is packing clothes in a suitcase.

Kokila: Pia, what are you doing?

Pia: I am packing.

Sachin: Where are you going though?

Pia: I am going America, tomorrow.

Devesh: Tomorrow.

Sachin: With Prem?

Pia: Yes, I am going with Prem tomorrow. We booked it because of a cancelation. We even got a free taxi ride there.

Kokila: Pia, you do what you think is best for you. Pack a bit but then go to sleep. You have a plane to catch it seems.

It goes to a scene with Mahi and Raj in the room alone.

Mahi: My daughter will be in someone else’s arms everyday. She will never know who I am and will always call me Kakie. She will love me but not as much as I deserve to be loved. It is just sad to think that way.

Raj: Mahi, think of it this way. (He goes to pick up Neil.) Forget that you had a daughter, because you also had a son. A son that will always be by your side. He will fight for you and love you the most. Daddy’s girls, but you will have a mommy’s boy. This son will love you to the moon and back and there is nothing you can do about that. (Raj gives Mahi Neil.) I will give you two some privacy so you can talk. (Raj leaves.)

Mahi: Neil. This is your mother here. I will love you so much. Don’t ever think that I will not love you. Don’t ever think that I loved your sister more. Don’t ever think that I didn’t want you. Always remember that I love you so much! I really do. (She puts her finger on his tiny fingers and he holds it.) Wow! You can feel me here. Please never leave! I love you so much! (Mahi cries.)

It goes to the next scene; it is the next morning. Mahi and Simran enter the house with their babies and Raj also enters.

Kokila: The babies are here. Let’s see them.

Simran: I will give you Pari Ba! (Simran hands Pari to Kokila.)

Mahi: Mum, you can take Neil. (Kajal takes Neil.)

Devesh: It must be someone else’s turn. It has only been them two.

Simran: Okay, Kakie, you can take Pari. (Kokila hands Pari over to Mino.)

Mino: She is so cute and precious. Well with Mahi and Raj’s looks they must have a good baby.

Mahi: Dada, you take Neil.

Shashi: Actually, Pia you hold the baby.

Pia: Me.

Mahi: Sure. Take baby Neil. (Pia holds Neil from Kajal.)

Pia: He is amazing and so cute. It is too bad I won’t see him much.

Raj: We heard you are going to America soon.

Prem: The taxi will be here soon. Can I hold one of them?

Mino: Prem Kumar, you can take Pari. (Mino gives Pari to Prem.)

Prem: Hello baby! I am your Kaka-To-Be. You won’t see me until 6 to 9 months. I might not see you as well. Don’t forget your Kakie and your Kaka. She is such a cute baby. Simran, you got lucky.

Pia: But I think Neil is cuter. He is going to be the eye-catcher.

Prem: The taxi is here, taking us to the airport.

Shashi: Are you sure you don’t want me to take you or even come with you?

Pia: Dada, I am not a baby. I can do this. (She hugs him.)

Kokila: Be safe and be happy. Call us and don’t forget us. I might have to turn into you lot to get you to even notice your old Ba.  

Pia: I will Ba; I will never forget you, sexy! (Pia hugs Kokila.) Mum!

Mino: (Mino hugs Pia.) Call me straight away! Don’t hesitate. Whatsapp and FaceTime!

Pia: I might be busy but I will try. Dad! (Sachin hugs Pia.)

Sachin: Make time for all of us!

Pia: I will. (She goes to Kajal and hugs her.) Kakie, you are like my second mum. I have literally never been without you these past 20 years.

Kajal: I will miss you. So come back soon for your wedding.

Pia: Kaka! (Pia hugs Devesh.)

Devesh: Be safe and don’t do anything bad! Call me first.

Pia: I will try. (She hugs both Raj and Mahi.) Both of you look after by nephew and make sure he remembers his fun Kakie!

Raj: Please call me! Don’t forget us!

Mahi: And when you become big, remember that we are here loving you always.

Pia: Thank you Bhabie! (She goes to Simran.) Simran, you have finally touched the stars. You have got this child. You should never forget Pari. Always look after her and remember to never forget the person who brought her to you and to this life. Always love and cherish Raj and Mahi after all they have done for you.

Mahi: It is fine! Don’t get over emotional about this.

Simran: She is absolutely right! I will look after her.

Pia: Cool! (Pia hugs Simran.) You too Leila Kakie! (Pia hugs Leila.)

Leila: Be happy forever! Come back for a full English wedding.

Pia: I will. (She goes to Radha.)

Radha: I will miss you so much!

Pia: I know but I will FaceTime and we will talk. Pleas look after Amber! (Radha cries and nods. Pia goes to Amber.) Amber, my sister. Please, please, never forget me! Never ever forget to call me! Gossip with me everyday. It is only a 6-hour different. Tell me everything that is going on in this house and just never keep secrets from me. I love you so much. Please get better from this depression. Forget the past. Move on! Please get better. (She hugs Amber. Amber cries.)

Amber: Please don’t leave.

Pia: (Pia gets teary.) I have to go! I will never forget you. (She hugs her again.) Look after everyone and be good! (She talks to everyone.) And this is a message to everyone! Be happy forever! Forget the past and move on to the future! I will be back everyone for our wedding and so keep calling me. Also Mahi, you have to wedding book so you all can start the wedding preparations! Keep them going and call me if anything happens. 6 to 9 months sounds long but it will go very quickly. I love you all with all my heart and I just hope that you all never forget me.

Prem: Please look after each other and I will look after Pia so I will play my part. Look after the kids and please take care of yourself.

Pia: Our new chapter starts right here.

Prem: We can do this.

Pia: Goodbye everyone!

ALL: Bye! (All at different times.)

Prem: Are you ready to leave?

Pia: Yes, we can do this. As I said, a new life in America. (They step out of the door with their suitcases and Pia closes the door shut. The last scene is just the front door closed.)





Pia: It has been 6 months and I cannot wait to see everything changed. (Pia walks into the house and Kokila turns around all modern.) Ba!

Kokila: New high tech Ba! (Pia screaming with joy.)

Mahi: (Mahi in her room looking over Neil.) In these 6 months, it has been a struggle to cope but we did it. I love my child with all heart.

Simran: (Simran enters Mahi’s room.) And Pari is mine, we both have come to accept this.(Everyone enters the main hall.)

Pia: Everything is different. Nothing of the past will come back to haunt us now.

PERSON: I am back! The past is back! (It shows the face, Mina.) Mina is back!

Radha: (Getting up from her sleep, at night.) What?

Mina: The Patel family is dead to me! (Radha is walking down the stairs in the dark.) I will have them in my hand! And Amber, you are going down first!

Radha: (Opens the front door.) Mum!

NARRATOR: (The Narrator speaks as the scene is at Radha looking outside.) Everything has changed but one thing hasn’t. Watch the Patel family deal with these new problems and issues to face in their lives. (The end scene of the trailer is Radha looking sad outside and the TV logo is on with the date.) Native Ways, coming to you with a new day of Friday and additionally Saturday, only on Movellas! 

Mina: Amber you are not- (The trailer ends as the screen goes black.) 

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