My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


111. Episode 78

It goes to a scene wit Radha at home and she is going through the list of the book. 

Radha: Everything I try to do, it always backfires. It makes no sense. I am trying to get revenge on this family and it isn’t working. What shall I do next? This next plan has to destroy not just Mino, but the whole family. Just like Mum said, they need to be destroyed and I need to rule this family. (The front door opens.) Oh no! They are back! I wonder if they come back with the news that she is dead. (She runs out of the door and runs down the stairs and sees Kokila, Sachin, Raj, Kajal and Mino.) Oh, you are all back. Are you okay Mino Aunty? 

Mino: I am fine. I just don’t know what is happening here? What is going on? Why is this all happening to just me? 

Kokila: You know, it could be not deliberate and it could be for someone else but it is just affecting you. 

Kajal: It could be. But we will never know. 

Kokila: I have an idea. I think it is time to inform the police. (Radha is shocked.)

Kajal: That is a good idea. 

Sachin: I know. Poor Mino is being targeted, we need to find out. 

Raj: We need to calm down, we are getting a bit over the top. 

Radha: Raj is right, maybe we should just forget about it for a while. 

Kokila: You both are right. I need a good rest. 

Kajal: Okay, then. (They all enter the living room and Kokila closes the door, Radha goes up the stairs.)

Raj: Well you were right. It must be her. 

Kokila: See, Radha is the one who is causing so much mayhem in this house. There is too much tension and we need to solve it. 

Raj: But why? Why would she do this to Mino Kakie? 

Kajal: Don’t you see. She thinks that it was Mino who took her mum away? She doesn’t realise what she has done. Mino is in jail and Radha doesn’t understand any of this. I think we need to catch her in the act and then we will confront her about what has happened. 

Sachin: I agree. We need to show Radha what is right and wrong being her family. 

Mino: I don’t think she will ever accept me, she will never. 

Sachin: Don’t worry, she will. Trust me. 

Radha is in her room. 

Radha: I need to do something big to destroy this whole family before they realise that it is me that has done this. I think they know. What do I do? (She opens her cupboard and then she sees something.) I know what to do now! This will destroy all of them. And then after they get up, they will be in hell. 

It goes to a scene in the kitchen. Shashi, Sachin, Devesh, Kokila and Kajal are in there. 

Devesh: Why do you want to put CCTV cameras around the house? Isn’t it a  bit weird? 

Kokila: We will take it down afterwards. We just need to check something. First of all we need Leila and Simran back here. 

Kajal: I will get on that. (Kajal leaves.) 

Kokila: They will be looking at everything Radha does. She will do something and we need to watch her every action around the house. 

It goes to a scene with Mahi, Simran, Leila and Raj in Simran’s house. Sarah is also there. 

Raj: Please, tell us the news Sarah. Have they got the baby? 

Sarah: Yes! You did it. (Simran is really happy and everyone else is happy.) 

Simran: Really? 

Sarah: Yes, you did it. 

Simran: Thank you so much Sarah! (She nurse to Mahi and hugs her.) 

Mahi: We did it. 

Leila: Thank you so much Mahi, you are such a good person. 

Mahi: Don’t worry about it. I am just happy that I am giving you this baby. It will be good that you will be happy. 

Sarah: All we have to do it wait for the baby to come. (The phone rings.)

Simran: I will get it. (She answers the phone.) Hello, mum! We got- Oh, really- I cannot believe it. Yes, yes, yes. Raj and Mahi are here. Okay. Okay, we will be there. (She puts the phone down.) Okay, apparently, we need to go back home. 

Raj: Really? 

Simran: Oh not you! You guys stay here but Leila and I need to go back home. 

Sarah: I will take your leave. 

Simran: Oh okay. I will walk you out. Thanks again. 

Raj: Thanks so much for everything you did for us.  

Sarah: Oh don’t mention it. (They leave.) 

Leila: What is going on? 

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