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This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


102. Episode 69

It goes to a scene with Pia searching through the rooms. Pia then finds it. 

Pia: Prem! Come here quick! 

Prem: I’m coming! (Prem runs and finds Pia.) This is the room. You found it. 

Pia: Bash the door down. 

Prem: I cannot do that. 

Pia: Do it. 

Prem: (He pushes against the door 3 times.) It is not working. This door will never break. We will need to find something. 

Pia: What shall we do? 

Amber: (She is screaming behind the door.) Help me!

Pia: Quick! We need to find a way to break this door down.

Prem: I don’t know what to do. 

Pia: (She spots the fire extinguisher.) We will use that. (She picks it up and bashes it against the door.) 

Prem: What are you doing?

Pia: (She continues to bash.) Trying to open the door. Keeping trying to kick it. (Prem gets on the floor and tries to kick the door down.)

Prem: It is working!

Pia: Kick harder! Save my sister! (They kick and bash and then the door floors falls face flat on the ground. They enter the room and find Abhi on top of Amber. Pia screams.) Amber! (Prem pushes Abhi off her slaps him.) 

Prem: What the hell were you doing to my sister? 

Pia: Amber! (Pia goes to Amber and hugs her.) 

Prem: (He hits and punches a tired Abhi, while he is shouting at him.) Lies, all the lies you said to everyone. You kept saying to everyone that you will change and be better but no! You are just the same idiot brother that you always used to be. You are disgusting and I wish you were never my brother. (Prem drags Abhi out of the room. Pia hugs Amber.)

Pia: What happened? 

Amber: We were planning our wedding but then-

Pia: You don’t need to explain. Everyone is worried sick. 

Amber: I am so sorry, but I cannot marry him. 

Pia: Don’t worry, you won’t be! I will make sure of that. 

Amber: I have to, to save your relationship. 

Pia: It doesn’t matter about me. I won’t let my sister marry a rapist! Trust me I won’t! (Pia hugs her again.) 

It goes to a scene with Mina going back into the house, with everyone there. 

Mina: Sachin, where are the girls. I went to look for them at Prem’s house but no one was inside. 

Sachin: Don’t worry. Now what have we learnt?

Mina: Don’t call anyone in the bathroom because there is no service there. 

Sachin: Yes, well done!

Kokila: Stop it Sachin. Mina sit there and relax. I will bring you a nice up of tea and you can sit and stop worrying about your girls. 

Mina: Could you make a nice coffee? If you don’t mind. 

Kokila: Yes sure. Just relax, everything will be fine. Now let me get that coffee. 

Mina: (She is now thinking to herself.) Wow, this family will do anything for me. This makes it easier when I confuse everyone soon! They think I am worrying about Pia and Amber but really I am not. I am happy that everything is going bad for Amber and Pia won’t be able to pick up the pieces because she is half-an-hour away. And also her husband, Prem, won’t do anything as well because he is a scared and probably lost. 

It goes to a scene with Prem dragging Abhi out of hotel throws him to the ground. 

Prem: You disgusting idea of a human! You really are! 

Abhi: Oh really? You think I am?

Prem: Yes, I 100% think you are a disgusting piece of work. We saved Amber today from a life time of torture. Do you know what rape does to a woman at this young healthy age? Imagine if she got pregnant, what will happen then? You will be stuck with a son or daughter! You are a disgusting piece of work. And I swear to God leave now! Leave, get out! I never want to see you in my life again. 

Abhi: What are you doing, man? I am your brother not a outsider which you can throw around like garbage! 

Prem: No! You are not like my brother. A brother would help his sibling out in their time of need. A brother would never ruin anything for their sibling. A brother would always care and love their siblings. Those three aspects make up the idea of what a brother is, and you resemblance none of them. You never help me with anything whatsoever, you have ruined my relationship with Pia, the relationship which I have waited for years and years to find. You have never loved me ever. Those three things you never did for me. You are treated like an outsider now from me because you are not my brother anymore. You will never gain my trust ever again and I will make sure you don’t come back to Amber.

It goes to a scene with Amber and Pia in the hotel room. Pia’s phone starts ringing and it is Kokila. Pia answers the phone. 

Pia: Hi Ba.

Kokila: Pia, we have tried many times to call you and you haven’t answered once to us. We have been worried sick. 

Pia: This is not the right time. 

Kokila: Tell me now! What is going on there?

Pia: I will tell you soon. We will be coming home soon. 

Kokila: No Pia! You must tell me now! It is important. Tell me now.

Pia: Amber was raped! By Abhi! (Kokila is shocked.)

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