My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


91. Episode 58

It goes back to the end of episode 57 scene.

Sachin: Amber, we didn’t tell you this because we had no other choice. In nursery, you were just too much younger than the other children. That is the reason why.

Mina: Yes, that is what happened Amber.

Amber: I have always been confused why everyone was a different age than me.

Sachin: Well look at you know. You didn’t let this get in the way of you. You became a doctor and now look. You are high-flying. You were always best in class and it doesn’t matter whether you started year 1 when you were 6 or in your case 7.  

Kokila: But anyway, let’s just get back to the topic. I am going next.

Suresh: (He reads her palms.) After reading your palms and you holy book, I can see that you are very clever. You are the wisdom of the group.

Kokila: I am?

Suresh: You need to just control your family. You need to make sure the decisions people make in your family are good decisions and don’t affect your family. You are a family person.

Pia: It is my turn now. Let’s see if this really words.

Suresh: Pia, you are always right. Your judgements are most of the time correct. People should listen to you more often. You will be here for a long time.

Pia: Wow that is a good prediction!

Suresh: You need to make sure that you persuade.

Pia: Persuade what?

Suresh: Show and explain your views to everyone and get what you want.

Sachin: What about in terms of careers choices.

Pia: Dad!

Suresh: You will make good choices, this could include career choices. There is one thing though. Show me your palms. (Pia shows her palms.) Oh, I see now.

Pia: What is it?

Suresh: You will be fine with money wise but I personally think you should find a job which you are happy doing and want to do forever.

Pia: Okay, will do.

It goes to a scene with Simran and Leila in their new house.

Simran: I cannot believe that this house is ours now.

Leila: I know but we will give the money back to Mahi through the money I get back from when I sell my house.

Simran: With the baby on its way, we need to find out baby names.

Leila: Yes, all in good time. (The phone rings and Leila goes and gets it.) Hello. Oh hi. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay, I will do. Bye. (She puts the phone down.) Okay we have a meeting coming up with that Sarah.

Simran: Oh no. I hate these meetings but they are for a good cause. I just can’t wait to have this baby. It is going to be so great to have a baby finally. It has been around 3 years since Avi and I have been married and after I lost the other one, I am so thankful that Mahi actually gave one of her babies to me.

Leila: What would you want most?

Simran: Any really.

Leila: Which one do you want most?

Simran: Probably a girl.

Leila: Me to. I think they want a boy as well so that should be good. I just can’t wait.

It goes back to the original scene.

Raj: Okay, so what have you found out this time and I hope this time it actually comes true.

Suresh: Well, you are becoming more open with the world and are willing to try new things which can help and benefit others.

Raj: I am totally doing that right now.

Suresh: You being the only boy of this family, you need to make sure that you protect the whole family especially your sisters.

Raj: I will always do that.

Suresh: Who is next to find out?

Devesh: I will go next then.

Suresh: (He reads his palms.) Devesh, you are easily influenced by people. You need to be more aware of the people around you. If you continue to do this it could affect your whole family or individual members.

Devesh: Oh I see. Is that the past or the future?

Suresh: It could be an on-going thing if you don’t change now. The future could be a different thing it all depends on you.

Devesh: Okay, I see.

Kokila: Mahi you are next.

Mahi: Okay.

Suresh: (He looks at her palms.) You are doing good deeds. Continue to do so.

Mahi: I have as well. I am giving one of my twins to my sister-in-law, Simran.

Suresh: No, not this!

Mahi: What are you talking about?

Suresh: Not this! Anything but this!

Mahi: Why?

Suresh: You will ruin lives if you do so. I can see from your palms that your actions confuse you and that you might think that you are doing something right. However the actions you make is sometimes detrimental.

Mahi: This is rubbish. I am going to do this and I will not regret it.

Suresh: Well you never know since it could be something else that will cause harm in the future.

Mahi: I just now that isn’t. This is something good. I know what I am doing and I will be saving lives, not ruining them.


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