My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


84. Episode 51 - FlashBacks

It goes to a scene in the shed.

Mina: Everyone thinks Jay’s killer is Sachin, but it was me who did it! It was me! I KILLED JAY FOR THE GOODNESS OF MY HEART! It was the day Amber was coming back home along with the rest of the fat family. Amber apparently sensed something was going wrong when Simran texted her asking her for help. She texted me saying where they were going. So I went there to help my daughter, who wouldn’t especially if they were going to help me ruin this family if I play my cards right. Little did I know that during this time, I would find out the truth and find out how bad this family is! So the day of his death came and the whole of the family were at the house worried if Simran was going to marry Jay or not, then...

It goes to the scene of the death of Jay. Jay goes up the stairs and Amber is in the hallway.

Jay: Come up.

Amber: (Amber walks up the stairs with Jay and they both go into the room.) So is it true? You are going to marry my sister, after all you have done. You will never touch.

Jay: Then you will have to touch her. (It them shows the doors and all you hear is Amber screaming.)

Mina: (She walks around the back.) Nothing will harm Amber and Simran. They are everything to me. They, along with Radha are the future; they will take over me and will be bad and ruin their family. (Sachin then comes around the back.) What are you doing here?

Sachin: Protecting my daughter. What about you?

Mina: Same thing. Amber texted me. She has always kept in contact with her mother. Well let’s go. (They walk into the house from the back.) We have to keep quiet.

They walk through the dining room and then through the hall quietly and all the drama is going on inside the room.

Devesh: We need to get rid of Aisha. Let’s go!

Mina and Sachin then run up the stairs. They walk into the room and find Jay, semi-naked and then run to Amber. It then goes back to scene outside of the door; all you can hear is the shouting between all four of them.

Sachin: Get off my daughter!

Mina: Amber, are you okay?

Amber: Please, get rid of him!

Sachin: I will kill you.

Jay: Just shut up! Your daughter is the one that wants me, she is a-

Sachin: Don’t even say that word.

Jay: Whore!

Sachin: Right that is it!

You hear a hitting sound and then Mina and Mina and Amber screaming. Then Jay and Mina come out of the dark room.

Jay: Look, Aisha is outside getting away from me. Shame, she was so good at-

Mina: Shut up Jay! Don’t even say a word. Leave Amber alone. Never touch her again.

Jay: That is where you are wrong because I will be touching someone. You!

Mina then runs away and then goes to a room and finds a knife and Mina’s eyes go wide open. She then goes to Jay and stabs him in the back and pushes him off the balcony. She then runs to Amber and Sachin in the room.

Mina: We need to leave.

Sachin: What do you mean? 

Mina: You killed him. I put him on the ground and the family will come inside any minute. We need to leave! (They quickly run down the stairs and go outside of the house. They then run to the corner.)

Sachin: Okay you go back to your life and I will go home. Amber you go back to the people.

Mina: What do you mean?

Sachin: Also, not a word to the police. (They hear the screams of Leila.) Not a word!

Mina: I have saved your life and saved everything! Why can’t I come back to your life?

Amber: We are happy just the way we are, please go back home.

Mina: Don’t you want to live with your mother back to normal.

Amber: Nothing will be normal. Please just go. (She runs back to the people.)

Sachin: You heard it Amber! Pia hates you, and Amber doesn’t mind you but isn’t prepared to do anything about it. Please just go back.

Mina: Please, I want to come home.

Sachin: You will never come home. We are done. This family is done. You will never be a part of us.

Mina: But I hate it where I live and I just don’t like it at all. Please help me!

Sachin: (He gets money from his pocket.) Here is some money. Now go. (He leaves and Mina has tears down her eyes but then gets really angry.)

It goes back to the scene in the shed in Episode 50.

Mina: Sachin thought he killed Jay, but I did. I killed Jay to save my daughter, Amber; the one who I thought was the one who was always with me. I saved my pathetic husband who also went against me, who I actually thought would be on my side even thought if he brought me back then I would have just caused more havoc for his stupid, fat family. That was the day that I realised that everyone has ganged up against me. They are all against me and they all hate me. But I hate them! I want all of them, whether they are my daughter or not. I want them all dead! And my new plans will really ruin everything! I will kill everyone, but first ruin their lives by getting rid of that baby! That baby will be mine or will dead! I’ve killed one before and I will not let this baby even walk. I want to kill this baby and then kill this family. This family will die before my eyes and dance to my tunes. I will make sure this will happen and nothing will get out of my way. NOTHING WILL! 

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