My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


83. Episode 50

It goes straight to the dining room and the camera pans, focusing on the food lay out on the table. Kokila and Kajal walk through the hall.

Kokila: What is going on? They haven’t even called us. (They walk into the dining room and see a note.)

Kajal: Looks like they did everything.

Kokila: (She gets hold of the note and reads it.) Gone to the shops quickly with Min-

Kajal: What is it mum?

Kokila: I can’t read that, Mina or Mino. Who actually wrote this letter?

Kajal: Who cares? (She goes out the dining room and the camera goes closer to Kokila’s worried and confused face.)

It goes straight to a scene in a shed in some fields. The camera pans around the shed and then the viewers hear a car stop. Then all of a sudden the door opens and Mino is dropped to the floor and a very angry Mina enters to door.

Mina: Get in her you stupid cow! (She gets her hand and hand cuffs her on to a pole. She then drops a cloth, which is dipped into Chlorine, and puts it on her face. Mino falls as sleep. Mina then bangs Mino head on the ground a couple of times.) This is for trying to every get away from me and my family. You came once before and I forgave you but now I will never forgive you. You need to stop ruining all the action I take and I will end it now. You will be left here and will never be able to come out. You will never be able to ruin my scheme, which is TO RUIN THE PATEL FAMILY, AND MAKE THEM ALL SUFFER! I WANT THEM ALL DEAD, I WANT THERE BLOOD ON MY HANDS! SCREW THEM! I WANT THEM TO DIE, AND I WILL BE THE EXECUTIONER! I WANT TO KILL THEM! (The camera pans around the angry Mina.)  I have never forgiven them and I never will. They all made my life hell. I don’t like them, I want them all dead!

It goes to a scene in the dining room.

Radha: Where is mum and Mino aunty?

Kokila: The popped to the shops. They will be back soon. They probably went to get yogurts and to collect the cake we ordered.

Radha: You ordered cake, I love cake. Mum loves red cake, that is always her favourite and to remember you all she would out the Patel Family on it and we would eat it. She always did it on each of your birthdays and anniversary.

It goes back to the scene in the shed.

Mina: You will never come in the way of me completing my deed. I have ruined this family from the start Mino. There are many things that all of you don’t know I have done and it starts from the very start! Number 1, I brain washed Devesh to hate his son Raj just before I left. It was during the mother’s day party...

It goes to a flashback, with Devesh and Mina.

Mina: Devesh Bhai, you need to realise that your son is the real ruination of this family. He is the one that will ruin everyone including you.

Devesh: You mean to say he doesn’t love me; he is just using me for money.

Mina: Yes, he wants to leave all of you and the money. He even knew that Simran wasn’t the causation of Kokila and Shashi leaving yet he still beats his sister violently nearly every day.

Devesh: I will show him one day.

Mina: You can! Simran has a person which she likes and he likes her, his name is Avi. You need to get on his side and make him hate Raj as well. And obviously get rid of Raj himself.

Devesh: Don’t worry, I will!

It goes back to the scene in the shed.

Mina: Devesh fell for all my lies and in some cases truth, and threw his son out. He then also got with Jay and Avi to get against Raj. Number 2, Simran must be devastated when she found out that she lost her baby, but she doesn’t realise that I was the reason for this.

It goes to more flashbacks. Mina puts a lot of powder into Simran’s drink and runs away from the house.

Simran: (Simran walking down the stairs.) I feel, I feel- (She then falls down the stairs and shows her falling head first.)

Mina: The baby wasn’t bound to survive with that high concentration of medicine in that. I really wanted a retarded baby but it is good that this happens as now it fits into the next shock. Number 3, after Avi turned all nice and good all of a sudden, I had a plan to get rid of Avi to ruin Simran’s life so she can never have a baby again. So when I brought Radha a car, I knew what to do first. (It goes back to flashbacks of this.) I held down onto Radha’s legs pretending to fall on it and then Radha drove over Avi making him fly in the air and fall to the ground. This was sheer genius and it did require a lot of planning but all of this went down the drain when stupid Raj fixed it, so I had to get rid of them both.

It goes again to a flashback of a conversation between Mina and Devesh.

Devesh: You want to shoot Raj?

Mina: Well, I am doing this to help you remember. You want badly for him as well.

Devesh: Okay, that’s it, I am calling the police. I don’t like this anymore. I don’t want to listen to you anymore.

Mina: Don’t you dare, because then I will tell the police what you did.

Devesh: Fine, what do you want me to do?

Mina: I want to kill Avi and then if anyone thinks you were the killer, you would say yes.

Devesh: What?

Mina: Say promise or I will tell the police?

It goes to a scene of Mina shooting Avi and then smiles and walks away. It then goes back to the scene in the shed.

Mina: I did kill Avi and not Raj, but it was still a win because then I can make Raj suffer a lot. When Raj and Mahi are going to have baby, I will then ruin their lives then. Number 4! Now this is the biggest shock! Sachin didn’t kill Jay, I KILLED JAY! I KILLED HIM!

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