My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


76. Episode 43

It is the next day of the garba. Mina and Kajal are at the house in the kitchen cooking. Kokila enters.

Kokila: Look, everyone is getting along now. When everyone is getting on and there is no havoc in the house, the food tastes better.

Mina: You are completely right. (The door bell rings.) I will get that. (She leaves the kitchen and then opens the door and Mino is at the door.)

Mino: Mina, what are you doing here?

Mina: I am back at the house.

Mino: They accept you.

Mina: Yes, I am back at the house after many years. I am happy to be back since I have changed now. I am a better person forever now.

Mino: Well I am happy for you. I have come to talk to everyone.

Mina: Sure, you cannot talk to everyone since everyone is busy but how about Kokila and Sachin. (She goes to the kitchen and comes out with Kokila and Kajal.)

Kokila: Speak Mino. What do you want from us? You troubled us some much. What would you like?

Mino: (She goes to her and touches her feet and then starts to cry.) I am sorry mum! I am sorry for what I have done. I have made many mistakes in the past and I am so sorry for what I have done. Please forgive me! I need your forgiveness.

Kokila: Mino, what you did to us hurt all of us. You really hurt us. But we are a nice family and we want to give you a second chance. We forgive you all of us.

Mino: Is it possible to come back to the family as your good bhau now? I don’t want to do anything to hurt you. I want to make up for all of the things I have done. (Mina is shocked.)

Kokila: This decision is not up to me. I totally believe that Sachin must make this decision. I know Mina, you have done many things for Sachin but if all of these things count then he will pick you Mina. But let’s make him make the decision.

Mina: Okay, fine. I don’t’ mind.

Kajal: Mino come in. Sit for a bit. I will be some nasto.

Mino: Thank you Bhabi.

Mina: I will help you. Sachin will be coming home soon from the hospital.

Mino: Yes 5:30. He finishes at this time. I remember.

Mina: I do to.

It goes to a scene with Mahi and Raj. They are in there bedroom.

Mahi: Aren’t you going to work today?

Raj: Nope, I have quit my original job but I will back at the hospital as the new CEO after 2 months. So I will be here for mostly everything during your pregnancy.

Mahi: Oh that’s good. Raj, I was thinking. We are having twins, this means 2 babies.

Raj: Yes, I know.

Mahi: And Simran is going away and she really loves children.

Raj: Yes.

Mahi: So how about we give her one of the babies.

Raj: What you mean split them up.

Mahi: Well this will really benefit everyone. Simran will be happy. We will be happy.

Raj: But when the children are older, they will never know they are actually brother and sister. We cannot split them up.

Mahi: It was only a thought and I was just thinking this. It doesn’t mean it will ever happen. I am just saying that this will really help your sister out.

Raj: Well I will think about it but I am not making any promises.

Mahi: I am the one that is making the biggest sacrifice. Simran isn’t related to me but she is related to you. She is your sister not mine.

Raj: I understand and you are a lovely person for doing this. You are such a nice person and sister-in-law. I am proud you are my wife but please understand what you are letting yourself in for in the first place.

Mahi: I know what I am talking about and I understand everything. I have been thinking about this for a long time so I know what I am letting myself in for.

It goes back to the scene at home and Sachin enters the house. Kajal, Mina, Mino and Kokila are all sitting.

Kokila: Hello beta.

Sachin: What is going on? Why is Mino here? What are you doing here?

Kokila: We need to talk to you.

Simran then comes down the stairs with a suitcase. Then Raj comes down with two other suitcases.

Simran: Everyone, it is my last day here. I am going to mum’s house today.

Sachin: What, today?

Simran: Yes. I need to leave now so I need to say goodbyes now. Is everything okay?

Kokila: Everything is fine here.

Simran: Hi Mino aunty. How are you?

Mino: I am good.

Simran: Anyways, bye everyone. (She hugs everyone except for Mino. She then leaves.) Bye.

Raj: What is going on here by the way?

Sachin: Exactly, what is going on?

Kokila: You have the choice today. Who do you choose?

Sachin: Between whom?

Kokila: Between Mina and Mino. Who do you choose? Make a decision today.

Sachin: Well that is an easy choice. (Mina is happy and Mino is shocked.) 

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