My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


70. Episode 37

Shashi, Kokila, Kajal and Devesh are in the car.

Kokila: Today is Dhanteras. Nothing should go wrong today. And in a few days it would Simran’s garba celebration. Let’s hope nothing goes wrong. Let’s hope that nothing goes wrong but it is all in God’s hand. Lord Krishna has our future, I hope nothing goes wrong.

Kajal: Yes, mum. I hope our five children have nothing wrong.

Devesh: Where is this school by the way?

Kajal: It is here somewhere.

It goes back to Mino and Mina. Mino drags Mina to the middle of the playground.

Mino: Why are you here? Haven’t you done a lot of damage to my husband and my family? Want more do you want? You better not be here to stir up trouble for Simran’s garba celebration.

Mina: I work in this school. I have done the-

Mino: I don’t care. I am the new daughter-in-law of this family. I control the family now.

Mina: You will never be the big one in the family. Kajal will. She is the main daughter-in-law. Not you!

Mino: Shut up! Now pack your stuff and get out of this place, better so get out of my country.

Mina: I have to provide for my daughter. She needs me the most. We need you the most.

Mino: My daughters are fine with me. You are a bad mother.

Mina: Don’t you dare call me a bad mother. I made mistakes but I never hurt my daughter. Are they here?

Mino: One is, Amber!

Mina: Amber! (She starts crying.) Let me see her once and then I will leave this school.

Mino: You misunderstood me, you need to leave now.

Mina: Never! I will never leave. You are the worst mother of all. (Mino raises her hand to smack her but Raj stops her.)

Raj: Don’t you dare raise a finger over Mina.

Mino: Raj! Look she is here! The woman, who ruined everything, has returned back to our lives.

Mina: Please Raj, let me see Amber. She is my life, she and Pia. I need to see her once. I can’t let this opportunity slide. I will regret it forever if you don’t let me see her. Please Raj. Put yourself in my shoes. You can’t resist this moment. Please bring her.

Raj: I am only human. I have to let you see her. (Shouting.) Amber! (She walks out of the crowd to the middle of the circle and walks slowly to Mina. Tears roll down Mina’s face.)

Mina: My sweet girl. (Amber goes to her and touches her feet.) You are beautiful. (She hugs her.) I haven’t seen you in 20 years. I missed you forever.

Amber: I missed you; I lived without a mother all my life because you were never nice to me or my family. But I realised, I don’t need you. I have my Ba and my Kakie who helped me through everything.

Mina: Please, I want to show you I have changed so much. I have got a good paid job here.

Amber: I know you haven’t changed and you never will. I know you very well. You will never change.

Mino: Exactly. She doesn’t need you. She has me and that is all we do need.

Amber: Oh shut up Mino. My dad divorced you ages ago. Don’t claim to be his wife.  

Mina: So I can never prove to you. Everyone deserves a second chance in life. It is not fair if we just get one chance in life because we can never change it.

Amber: Well that thinking still stands, but not for you.

Mina: Raj, please make her understand.

Raj: Mina, I don’t want to force anything on Amber. It is here decision. (A car parks and Sachin, Devesh, Kokila, Shashi and Kajal all get out of the car. They come towards the entrance and walk slowly to where Raj, Mina, Mino and Amber are.)

Mina: Please, Amber you have to understand. I have changed.

Kokila: (Shouting.) You, Mina Patel from Davol Gham, will never change. (Everyone turns to Kokila. Mino gets anxious.) You will never change so leave my grandchildren alone. (They walk closer to Raj, Mina, Mino and Amber.)

Kajal: Mina, just leave. Leave our family alone. We had to deal with the mess you left us in. Just leave us alone. Go away now!

Mina: I want to say that I have changed so much. I never want to hurt you all ever again, but please believe me. We made a pact on that day that I will never talk to you guys and I won’t involve myself with you all. I can prove I have changed as well.

Kokila: How can you? You did so much to us. You hurt us so badly. You can never prove to us that you have changed.

Kajal: And how will you prove? The only way we will believe what you are saying is if we get to know you again but that will never happen.

Kokila: Exactly! That will never happen. You will never be proved to have changed; you will still be evil probably waiting for our deaths.

Radha: (Shouting.) Hey, mom! (Everyone turns to Radha and everyone gets shocked.)

Amber: Radha!

Mina: Yes Radha, my daughter, our daughter! The last daughter of the Patel Family! (Everyone is shocked!)

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