My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


68. Episode 35

Mahi, Raj, Mino and Amber are on their tour. They are at the art display everywhere.

Raj: Patel.

Amber: Patel.

Mahi: Found one, Patel.

Teacher2: This tour isn’t just about finding art work of Patel’s.

Mahi: Sure, let’s go on.

Teacher2: Here is our two science room. Don’t worry there are many others.

Mahi: We weren’t worrying, you don’t worry.

Teacher2: Well you will be very happy to see the Gujarati department.

Mino: Very happy.  

Teacher2: Let’s go!

It goes straight to a scene with Devesh, he is on the phone. He puts the phone done.

Devesh: Yes, I did it! Cheryl is coming to the garba. That will keep Raj happy and shut him up.

Kajal: (She enters.) Devesh, let’s go eat.

Devesh: Yes, I really want an omelette.

Kajal: Oh, no meat or eggs. It is Dhanteras, the washing the money thing, remember!

Devesh: Oh yes, I remember. Do we have to do it?

Kajal: Devesh, it is for God, you have to do it.

Devesh: I have to go to football.

Kajal: Fine, go! But Raj won’t like it. He is a rich believer in God.

Devesh: He will get over it.

Kajal: Okay fine! Go then. Bye! (She leaves.)

Devesh: I don’t want to do anything with Raj. Raj, Raj, Raj! They never talk about anything else. If I went, I know what to pray for.

It goes straight to a classroom and Mina is there. Her students are writing in their books.

Mina: Okay, now it is a Hindu festival today. For a commendation, who knows what it is?

Student1: Navratri.

Mina: No, that was like 2 weeks ago. No I was talking about the washing the money one. (No one answers.) Okay, fine! No one cares for commendations. Anyways, as it is a festival, no homework. (Mino, Amber, Mahi and Raj are walking down the corridor with Teacher2.) Just one second while I check the textbooks. (She goes into the other room. At the same time Mino, Amber, Mahi, Raj and Teacher2 enter the classroom.)

Teacher2: Where is Miss Patel?

Student2: Inside her office.

Mino is in her office, searching for something.

Teacher3: What are you looking for?

Mino: The textbooks, where are they?

Teacher3: I accidently put it in the photocopier room.

Mino: Don’t worry. I will tell the class I am going out, when it is time for lunch, tell the class. (She walks out the office the other exit and then goes to the classroom and looks through the window. She sees Raj and Mahi and the gasps.) Oh my god! (She watched them and the walks away to the photocopier room.) I can’t let them see me, I will be dead meat! I will also need to tell Radha that she can’t come.  I can’t let them see her. (I need to call her.)

Teacher3 enters the classroom.

Teacher3: Miss Patel has gone out to run an errand for me so you can all go to lunch early.

AllStudents: Yes! (They all run out.)

Mahi: Wow, lively characters.

Teacher3: So you are all staying for lunch.

Raj: Yep!

Teacher2: Yep, curry night!

Mino: Oh, curry!

Amber: You guys go while I just have a walk around the school.

Raj: Okay, let’s go. (Teacher 2 and 3, Mahi, Mino and Raj walk out the classroom.)


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