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This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


59. Episode 26

Simran is dressed in white and in her room; she is watching herself in the mirror. She starts to cry and then falls to the ground and shouts.

Simran: Avi! Avi!

It now goes to Amber, Raj, Mahi, Pia, Kokila, Shashi and Kajal in their house in India.

Amber: It is only 2 more days until we all leave from here.

Pia: Yep, thank God.

Kokila: You don’t like this trip.

Pia: Some of it was good; most of it was really bad. Like having food poisoning and getting ill.

Raj: That was one time.

Pia: Yep and I will never forget it.

Mahi: We can’t be so happy.

Raj: What do you mean?

Mahi: Well, poor Simran lost her husband and we are just having a fun time in India. I just can’t wait to go home and see her. We should all look after her. I just hope her family look after her.

Kajal: I hope so too, Simran is very naive. People can misuse her and she won’t even realise. That could happen with her mother-in-law. But she has to stay with her otherwise it would look bad on us, if she leaves her mother-in-law and leaves with us.

Kokila: I think she will be fine, everything will be fine.

It now goes to Simran’s mother-in-law, Leila and brother-in-law, Jay. They are talking while they are walking down the stairs, and then they go and sit on the couch while they are talking.

Leila: I am worried about Simran.

Jay: We all are. All she does is cry.

Leila: No, Raj gave the business to Avi and Simran. But now he will take it, as he is Devesh’s son. So we need to figure out a way to keep the business.

Jay: Well. What is it?

Leila: You get married to her, Jay.

Jay: Mum, that’s not a bad idea. I will get the business and all the money.

Leila: That’s the whole point. And Devesh will always say yes, and you know why.

Jay: Yep, that’s good that Avi died.

Leila: Yep, Avi was different before, he was a part of Devesh’s plan, but all of a sudden he had a change of heart. He changed and it wasn’t for the better.

Jay: I know what you mean mum, he hurt me as well by changing, we were going to make a good team.

Leila: It’s good he was shot.  

Jay: Let’s sort the wedding out before they come back from India so they can’t stop it. That means that they won’t stop it. When are they back by the way?

Jay: I think next week.

Leila: Great. I will call Devesh right away.

It now goes to a scene with Raj and Mahi in there room packing and then Kokila enter.

Kokila: I need to ask you something.

Mahi: Sure, what is it Ba?

Kokila: When someone gets married they should meet someone who tells them there future.

Raj: You mean a maraj.

Kokila: Yes, I think it is necessary to meet him.

Raj: Okay, if you think so. When shall we meet him?

Kokila: Now. (They all go to the terrace of the house and the man is there. His name is Suresh.) Hello Suresh, this is...

Suresh: Mahi and Raj.

Mahi: How do you know that?

Suresh: I have read your Jamanstri; I have to understand what is going on in your life before and after.

Raj: So what do you know, we want to know our future, can you tell us?

Suresh: I will start with Raj. Raj, you are a very good person. You are going to have a lot of money later on. You will be happy until something goes wrong.

Raj: Why, what will go wrong?

Suresh: We don’t know but it might have something to do with Mahi.

Mahi: Me.

Kokila: Her.

Kajal: (She enters.) You are actually doing this. Whose turn is it next?  

Mahi: Mine. So what about me?

Suresh: You are successful. You will have money, and you will get a better business and it might even turn to a franchise.

Mahi: You know a lot about careers.

Suresh: But your past will haunt you back. Also your husband will do something to defend his family which will backfire and might cause harm to you and everyone else.

Mahi: What is going to happen?

Suresh: I don’t know, I can only give you a vague future.

Mahi: I’m scared for the future. What past will come back?

Suresh: I don’t know.

Kokila: Don’t worry, the future will come but you can fight it, but you can always change the future. We better leave for the plan.

Raj: Thanks Suresh.

Mahi: Yeah, thanks Suresh.

It now goes to scene with Leila, Devesh, Jay and the whole family are in the living room talk about Simran and Jay’s marriage.

Devesh: I think this is going to be a good marriage and obviously you and Simran will get the business. (Simran and someone else enters the house.) Simran come here. (They both enter the living room.) Oh hello, who are you?

Simran: You haven’t met her. This is Jay’s wife, Aisha. (Everyone is shocked.)

Aisha: Hi. 

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