My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


12. Episode 2 - Why Are You Here?

Act 1 Scene 1

In the U.F.O the Zark are watching the TV screen. Zang runs in screaming.

Zang: Ah-h-h-h-h!

Zark: What is it? (Zang lip reads something which Zark understands. Oh, no! We can’t have Dani’s House without Dani!

 Zang: That is why I am screaming! (They both scream and then stop)

Zark: Let’s watch it anyway!

Zang: Good idea!

(They watch the TV screen.)

          Scene 2

Opening scenes then Ruby is reading a magazine.

Ruby: Oh, hello!  Dani is at the theme park with Jack and as I hate rides, I am looking after the house. It’s so exciting! (The doorbell rings and Ruby goes and answer it)

Zarina: (Zarina enters the door) Hello, where’s Dani?

Ruby: Hi, how are you?

Zarina: Where’s Dani?

Ruby: Well her and her best fri-

Zarina: I don’t care where her best friend is, where’s Dani?

Ruby: She’s gone to the theme park!

Zarina: Well, why didn’t you say so? Tell her she needs to be here. (She goes into the living room)

Ruby: She can’t.

Zarina: I knew this was coming. (She hands her a letter) Give her this letter.

Ruby: (Ruby reads it then gasps) You can’t fire her, she is the lead role.

Zarina: Correct Max, is the lead role.

Ruby: Why did the old Doctor StrangeBottom leave anyway?

Zarina: He said something very rude.

Ruby: What did he say?

Zarina: Mummy said that I can’t say those words and anyway, I am hear for Dani not Max! Fine, I am going to call the writers and tell them that Dani is fired.

Ruby: Wait, Dani isn’t at the theme park, she is in the (Thinking then got an idea) Hospital! She broke her leg and now is in hospital.

Zarina: This better not be a lie.

Ruby: No, it isn’t a lie.

Zarina: You swear it isn’t a lie!

Ruby: I swear.

Zarina: Double swear.

 Ruby: I double swear.

Zarina: Triple Swear.

Ruby: I swear on all my life.

Zarina: Fine, I will come back later when she is at home, and if she isn’t here, she will be fired and you will be our next patent!

(She leaves)

Ruby: (To the camera) I can’t believe it, I lied. Wait, if I crossed my fingers then it wasn’t a lie. Oh, no! I didn’t cross my fingers. I will call Dani and then I will have to think of something!

          Scene 3

Ruby is on the phone walking up and down and it goes to answer phone. In the kitchen.

Ruby: Hi Dani, its Ruby, please answer the phone! Answer it now!

Max: (Max enters) Hey Ruby’s, have you seen Dani? Zaz was looking for her.

Ruby: Zaz?

Max: New nickname for Zarina. Well have you seen her?

Ruby: No, I just left her a message. Hope she answers.

Max: Well she better be quick or she is fired!

Ruby: I know where she is, she is at the hospital?

Max: Ha-ha! Shame!

Ruby: No, she tore a ligament. I couldn’t help her, I don’t know first aid!

Max: Yeah you do, you gave Dani physio when she pulled a muscle yesterday.

Ruby: But, (Looks to the camera) I am thinking, wait I have got it! (Looks back at Max) I couldn’t help her; I have a phobia of blood!

Max: That’s ironic. You say, (In Ruby’s accent) there is nothing to fear, but fear it’s self. (Back to normal) But then you have a fear of rabbits and blood.

Ruby: How do you know about my fear of rabbits?

Max: I saw McHurties and at the bottom it said, inspiration, Ruby! (The door rings)

Ruby: (She runs off to answer it and then opens the door) Oh hey Zarina!

Zarina: I rang the hospital.

Ruby: (Happy) How are you today?

Zarina: And they said they have never heard of a Dani before only on McHurties Hospital. (She enters the house and goes in the living room)

Ruby: Ok, we are not gonna start with a how are you. (She follows her)

Zarina: So, where is Dani?

Ruby: She was, um, um, at the hospital, but um, she got better. She is on her way now.

Zarina: I think your lying.

Ruby: No, I promise I am not lying to you. She will be back in 5 minutes.

Zarina: Well I am going to sit her until she comes back.

Ruby: Yeah sure, let me do something first! (She runs out of the room)

          Scene 4

Ruby is talking to Megaboyd, Maisy and Ben which are having chocolate cake.

Megaboyd: Megaboyd is confused. Why are you doing all of this?

Ruby: I need a favour, it isn’t a big one. I just need you to entertain Zarina while we wait for Dani.

Maisy: What do you mean by entertain?

Ruby: Serve her food and do a performance, make sure she is comfy and then hopefully she will forget all about Dani and then not fire her. (Look at the camera) I hope!

Maisy: What do we get out of this?

Megaboyd: Durgh, the cake.

Ben: And hopefully a pony. I will call mine-

Ruby: We don’t care what you call you pony which I am not giving you. Now this is what I need you to do.

          Scene 5

They are all fanning her.

Ruby: These are some people who are here to make your visit more fun.

Zarina: All I want is Dani, now give her to me? (She takes the fans and throws them) And why are you fanning me, it is winter. (They look outside and it is snowing)

Ruby: I promise Dani will be her soon. Just chill out and relax. (She leaves)

Ben: Are you comfortable?

Zarina: If you want me to relax then you have to cut my toe nails. (The camera shows Zarina’s ugly toe nails)

Maisy: (Singing this) Dum, dum, dum-m-m-m!

          Scene 6

Ruby is still trying to call Dani when Max enters

Max: You still can’t find her.

Ruby: Where is she? I thought she was going to be back by now.

Max: I have a plan. What we do is put Zarina to sleep, then we can make her forget what has just happened.

Ruby: Good plan, but we don’t know to put her to sleep or make her forget what happened.

Max: Leave the putting to sleep part to me, we need to special people, or should I say-

Ruby: SpongeBob Squarepants.

Max: No, aliens to make Zarina forget about what happened. We need Zang and Zark!

Ruby: Ok, I will call them but how are you going to put her to sleep.

Max: It doesn’t matter about that, now where are Megaboyd, Maisy and Ben?

Ruby: They are trying to entertain Zarina.

Max: I have a job for them.

Ruby: What is it?

Max: They need to make Zarina something but before they do give it to her, I need to do some of my magic.

Ruby: Well, I will go tell them right now to do that. (Ruby exits the door and she walks to the living room while she is talking) I hope Max doesn’t do anything serious. Oh I wish Dani will answer her phone! (She enters the room) Guys I need a favour. Come with me. (Ben, Maisy and Megaboyd exit) Just make yourself comfortable, watch some telly. (She exits and all 3 of them enter the kitchen)

Ben: So what do you want us to do?

Ruby: Make Zarina something nice to eat, like a curry and make sure you do not serve it; Max needs to do something to the Curry after.

Maisy: What is he going to do?

Ruby: If I knew wouldn’t I tell you? I need to go. See ya! (Ruby exits and the rest surround the cook book)

Megaboyd: So, who knows who to cook?

Ben: Me, I know how to make a curry, it is very easy. You 2 do the chopping and I will do the making. But first I need to go call mummy.

Maisy: There is no time. Just make do what we have. Ok, what do we do first chief!

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