My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


47. Episode 14

Pia, Amber and Simran are all on the floor, they are all on top of each other and they are all sleeping. They all wake up at the same time and then quickly get up.

Simran: Wow, what happened last night.

Pia: I don’t remember.

Amber: You didn’t put alcohol in the pasta.

Pia: No, we just forgot, somehow.

Simran: This place is a mess.

Amber: I think Ba and Dada are coming back today.

Pia: (They all start to cleaning the house and Pia gets in the kitchen and starts cooking.) I have to prepare some food for them. Omelettes for us. Tell me what you want in it.

Raj and Sachin are already up and they are eating some breakfast.

Sachin: Did you have a good night sleep?

Raj: Yeah, it was really good Kaka, thank you.

Sachin: If you are not able to get to sleep there is a television in the room. You can watch any program.

Raj: Okay, thanks. I might need that. That was probably the first time I had a peaceful night sleep. When am I going to go back to my flat?

Sachin: Never, you will live me forever; you can only leave when your family accepts you.

Raj: No, I will only leave if they accept both of us and Pia. You aren’t mean like everyone said.

Sachin: Well that makes me feel better. At least someone from the family likes me.

Raj: Good.

Sachin: Raj, I never knew about Mina’s other life. She has her own life now and we are not together now.

Raj: Obviously, because if that was true then she would be here and Amber wouldn’t be living there. Do you miss Amber?

Sachin: I miss Amber but by God’s grace my other daughter is with me and also very nice than before. I just hope she is fine and enjoying herself. I want the family to treat her like their family. Hopefully it is her real family, which will make my hitch a right hitch. (They both laugh.)

It now goes to the scene with Amber, Pia and Simran. They are eating their omelettes and Pia is pouring and passing around ketchup.

Pia: How is the food?

Amber: Great. You have turned into the best cook ever. How did you cook so well?

Pia: Well when mum left, we moved into a flat and then we got rid of our cook.

Simran: So how did you learn to cook?

Pia: Well on the internet, I learnt using YouTube and now I can cook.  Then I cooked you Dad and then he loved it. That’s the story of me. How are you Amber?

Amber: It is great here, we have so much laughs and we have fun. It is better with lots of us.

Pia: That’s great.

Amber: Don’t get upset, soon the family will accept you and dad.

Simran: And Raj.

Amber: Then we will all live together. Exactly the way you wanted it.

Pia: You guys are the best!

Simran: But we have to work together. (The door starts to open.) That’s Ba and Dada, what shall we do?

Pia: Act normal! (Kokila and Shashi enter the room.)

All: (They all say it weirdly.) Hey!

Shashi: You must be Payal.

Pia: Yes I am!

Shashi: Is our food ready?

Pia: Yes, I’ll serve it.

Shashi: And also, never sit in that top seat. It is for family only. You can eat outside the house.

Pia: Okay.

Simran: That’s a bit harsh on her.

Shashi: (Pia leaves.) We have to be, she is the servant we are top class. We cannot mix with her.

Amber: We are not in India; we are not in you small ghams in your big houses. So it is a bit different now to before.

Shashi: This is my house.

Simran: This is my Dads house. What he says goes. I’m sorry but not you. It is mean what you are doing, but you need to let go of your life in India and get with life in England. It is the 21st century. Deal with it! (Simran leaves and Shashi sits down on the chair. Pia smiles at Simran and they both go upstairs. Then Amber goes and gets there dinner.)

Amber: Take no notice of her; she is just a bit crabby. She will simmer down later. Trust me, now eat. I will talk to Simran.

It quickly changes to Simran, Amber and Pia in Simran’s room.

Amber: Are you crazy? They are going to question why Simran you are taking her side. You have to be the lower person like me.

Simran: This is all part of my plan. Pia you go downstairs and tell them that it is fine about staying there. Then go along with everything. Just like we said.

Pia: Sure, got it! (She leaves.)

Simran: Trust me Amber, it will work.    

It now goes to Shashi and Kokila sitting and eating. Pia enters the kitchen.

Pia: I am so sorry that I sparked this feud. I will eat outside. Just one question, where will I sleep?

Shashi: In the loft, and thank you for agreeing. (She smiles and then leaves.)

It now goes back to the scene in Simran’s bedroom.

Pia: Take the bed to the loft, the plan failed.

Simran: Well, we will help you; we just need to think of a way.

Amber: It’s going to be harder than we thought.    

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