My Movellas

This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


46. Episode 13

Raj enters Sachin’s flat. He is shocked.

Raj: Wow, you earned a living for yourself. This place is great.

Sachin: Thanks, if you be a doctor you can afford this pent house.

Raj: Thanks.

Sachin: And you will make it, just think about. You didn’t eat or anything yet you still got into medical school.

Raj: Thanks.

Sachin: You are the brains of the family.

Raj: You are as well.

Sachin: Don’t worry about me, I will help you study, help you in exams, and give you food.

Raj: Thanks so much!

Sachin: Anything you want then get it, help yourself and also dinner will be done at anytime. I’ll make your favourite, Dal Dhokri.

Raj: Thanks. I haven’t had it in years. Thank you so much! 

Sachin: Don’t worry. Pia taught me how to make it the quick way, so it won’t take that long then we can start work. That is for dinner, we will have pasta for lunch. Do you want something to eat?

Raj: No, that will be so much.

Sachin: Okay, well you can watch television; I will go on my laptop and start my work.

Raj: Okay, thanks.

Sachin: Bye. (He leaves and Raj turns on the television.)

The scene changes back to Pia and Simran in the kitchen. Pia is cooking some food and Simran is stirring the pasta in the pan.

Pia: Thanks for helping.

Simran: You are my sister after all. I will help you.

Pia: Where is everyone?

Simran: I have no idea. Where is everyone?

Pia: Well I made our pasta and I have Vagali Roti made for the rest.

Simran: Great, thanks so much for making pasta. I didn’t really want Indian as I had to have it every single day when I was in university.

Pia: Really? Well you are my sister and I will make you anything you want. By the way, what do you want for desert? I was hoping you wanted Magnum ice cream.

Simran: Hell yeah! I love it!

Pia: Same, we are so alike.

Simran: I miss you, and it is by God’s grace you changed from being like my Kakie to the woman you are now.

Pia: Don’t worry; you can call her a cow if you want.

Simran: Don’t worry! Seriously where is everyone and no one is answering there phone.

Pia: Well they are all going to be okay. Don’t worry. They are all adults, accept for Amber. Where is she by the way?

Simran: She is out with her friends. She is actually here now. (Amber enters the house and come into the kitchen.)

Pia: Hi Amber.

Amber: Hi, you look like someone.

Pia: Pia. I am Pia. I am your sister.

Amber: Oh my God! (They hug.) What are you doing here? If you didn’t tell me then I would have just thought you were Pia.

Pia: I know right!

Simran: We need to tell you something.

Amber: I can’t tell anyone about your presence here. You are here to reunite everyone, including Raj.

Pia: Yeah, how did you know?

Amber: Just based on daily dreams I have of everyone reunited again.

Simran: We need to be the perfect three. We are the only ones that know our plan. No one else should know. No one will ever find out.

Pia: Sure!

Amber: Of course!

Simran: Good! Sisters back together!

All: Yay! (They all hug as a three.)

Simran: Now where is everyone?

Amber: Oh, your parents are gone on holiday, remember.

Simran: Oh yeah! They told me that but I just forgot.

Amber: And Ba and Dada have gone to Kent to see Satvika Ba so that means.

All: Sister Slumber Party! (They all dance around.)  

Pia: Let’s tuck in the pasta. (They all get bowls and Pia distributes the pasta.) Amber you must me now 20 years old.

Amber: Yes. Does dad miss me?

Pia: Hell yeah! (They all laugh and start eating the pasta.)

The scene now goes to Raj and Sachin. They are sitting in the dining room and Raj is giving Dal Dhokri to Sachin and then Raj.

Raj: Thanks for all of this.

Sachin: You’re so welcome. I should thank you for being here.

Raj: This looks really good. (He starts to eat the food.) This is really good. (They both smile and they both start to eat the Dal Dhokri.)

Sachin: I had a feeling today.

Raj: What was it?

Sachin: That my daughters also including Simran are all together.

Raj: Really?

Sachin: Really. I think it may be true. Pia is with a family so I think that they might be it.

Raj: Really?

Sachin: But I could be wrong. You know me, thinking to head of myself.

The scene now goes to Pia, Simran and Amber all in the living room.

Simran: Okay, the first day together in this house by ourselves and we are spending it watching a movie with popcorn. (Pia and Amber go to the kitchen to get the 3 bowls of popcorn.)

Pia: Okay, all one each. Simran the salt one, Amber the sweet one and me both. (They laugh.)

Amber: This is going to be great.

Simran: I have a better idea. Let’s just have a catch up. Talk.

Pia: Great idea but keep the movie on in the background. (They all talk and laugh in the background but we can’t hear what they are saying, but they are all having a good time and they are all having fun talking and eating popcorn.) 

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