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This is a book with all my poems, stories and scripts. This is to celebrate the 20th Movellas I have made. From 26th February 2013 - Present
Chapter 1-7 are poems and stories,
Chapter 8-16 is the Dani's House Two Episodes and Tracy Beaker Returning,
Chapter 17-32 are the Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle,
Chapter 33-83 are the episodes of Native Ways from 1 to 100


27. Dark Forces

Scene 9

Dani is in her bedroom unpacking when she sees a picture of her family and friends. She looks at the image and then puts it to her heart. Kaitlin comes in.

Kaitlin: You are okay?

Dani: Yeah, I’m fine. You?

Kaitlin: Bored, that’s all I can say.

Dani: We need some excitement.

Kaitlin: Hang on; we still haven’t done the search outside.

Dani: Oh yeah, shall we do it? Me and you.

Kaitlin: What about Jimmy?

Dani: Never mind him, anyways he is in the cinema.

Kaitlin: Let’s go! (They both exit the bedroom.)


          Scene 10

Jimmy is walking and talking on the phone to Luke. He is walking around the castle.

Jimmy: So everything is done up.

Luke: (On the phone.) That’s cool. Now when I come here next it will look completely different.

Jimmy: Yeah, but I am thinking of just going. There used to be excitement with the ghosts around, but they all left.

Luke: I bet there will be excitement coming soon.

Jimmy: (He spots something.) I see something.

Luke: What?

Jimmy: A light, now I hear something. (He hears a whistling noise.) It sounds like someone is blowing a whistle.

Luke: Jimmy, are you okay? (Jimmy drops the phone and walks to the light.) Jimmy, are you there. Jimmy. Jimmy. (Jimmy walks in the light and then disappears.) Jimmy, Jimmy.

Dani: (Dani and Kaitlin walk and Dani steps on the phone which breaks it and Luke stops talking.) I swear I heard someone shout Jimmy.

Kaitlin: I didn’t.

Dani: Yeah, strange. It stopped.

Kaitlin: Well no one is out here. Let’s just go home.

Dani: Okay. (The walk back to the front door of the castle.) I’m thinking of going back home, to my house.

Kaitlin: Didn’t you say that they sold your house.

Dani: I know, but Sam promised me that I could stay there and then try get my house back is I ever wanted to go back home.

Kaitlin:  You’re lucky. I’ve got to stay here. (They both hear a strange noise.) What was that? (They stop walking.)

Dani: I don’t know. Is it the poltergeist?

Kaitlin: Oh, no. Let’s go get Jimmy. (They run inside the castle.)  

          Scene 11

Kaitlin and Dani run all around the castle and then they both enter his bedroom.

Dani: I can’t find him anywhere.

Kaitlin: Neither can I.

Dani: Where could he be?

Kaitlin: No idea. Maybe he left as well.

Dani: Everyone else has. Leo, Esme, well we chucked Rich out.

Kaitlin: Why would he go? (She sees a light.) Did you see that from the window?

Dani: (She looks and the light quickly disappears.) No, what light?

Kaitlin: I saw a light a second ago.

Dani: What are you seriously talking about?

Kaitlin: I don’t know, I saw a light and then I didn’t. The second you looked at it, it just went.

Dani: I’m getting worried for everyone. Everyone is leaving.

Kaitlin: Wait a second; did you actually see Esme leaving?

Dani: No, well ish.

Kaitlin: So for whatever we know, she could be still here?


Scene 12

They enter the dining room with a cup of tea.

Dani: I’m really scared. What is going on? I just wish none of this happened. I miss my family, Jimmy, Rich, Leo, Esme-

Kaitlin: I bet Gabe.

Dani: Even him, the person that I hated.

Kaitlin: I’m scared to.

Dani: Wow, that’s a first. (She spots the light from outside.) I see it.

Kaitlin: See what?

Dani: The light you were telling me about.

Kaitlin: (Robotic way) I need to go to it.

Dani: Kaitlin, what’s wrong with you.

Kaitlin: (She gets up and Dani chases her.) I need it.

Dani: Kaitlin, wait up, I’ll come with you.

Kaitlin: No! (She gets her hand out and shows her palm to Dani and then Dani is flung on the wall, Kaitlin carries on walking.

Dani: (She gets up and runs after her.) Kaitlin, what is going on?

Kaitlin: (She carries on walking out.) Walk, walk, walk! (Dani runs after her.)

          Scene 13

They are at the front door.

Dani: (Blocks the door.) What is going on?

Kaitlin: No! (Stops being robotic.) What just happened?

Dani: The minute you saw the light, it lured you in. The same thing is happened probably to Jimmy and everyone else.

Kaitlin: Let’s go in the light and save everyone.

Dani: We can’t do all of that. Well when I say we, I mean you.

Kaitlin: Why not?

Dani: You’re getting possessed. It even gave you powers.

Kaitlin: Really?

Dani: You stay here and don’t go out. Stay away from the window. I will save the others. I will need things.

Kaitlin: Let’s get you ready!


          Scene 14

Dani is packed and they are at the front door.

Dani: Okay, let’s go save everyone.  

Kaitlin: Dani, before you go. (She hands a necklace to her.) It will bring you good luck.

Dani: I thought you said you don’t believe in that.

Kaitlin: You need it. Also something else.

Dani: Anything for you.

Kaitlin: Please, if my brother is there, could you save him? I know he has been a pain but, I really miss him.

Dani: Sure. I promise, I won’t leave without your brother. We are best friends. (Dani starts crying.)

Kaitlin: (She starts crying, they both hug.) Good luck Dani. You are brave and the best.

Dani: Well, I will see you soon, hopefully.

Kaitlin: Don’t worry. You are ready to take on this light.

Dani: Kaitlin.

Kaitlin: Yep.

Dani: You know you said about slender and he might be alive.

Kaitlin: Yes.

Dani: I think he is doing all of this.

Kaitlin: And you don’t remember anything about him.

Dani: I know.

Kaitlin: Stay brave and think positive thoughts. Don’t panic. That is the worst thing to do.

Dani: Thanks Kaitlin.

Kaitlin: What are friends for?

Dani: (She opens the door.) Bye.

Kaitlin: Bye, see you soon.

Dani: Bye. (She walks out and closes the door.)

Kaitlin: (She gets her phone.) Mum, I’ll be home late. I have do something for my friend. A best friend.


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