Bullied... ( Fan Fiction with Justin Bieber)

He punched me as hard as he could in my stomach while his friends were holding me i felt like i was gagging on blood but i swallowed it
ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO SAY BITCH BEFORE I PUNCH YOU AGAIN!!! he said i just laughed cause honestly i didn't want him to see the pain i was going threw and thats when i spoke up..
yea...actually i do GO TO HELL!!! i said and with that he grabbed my hair and punched me again and threw me on the lockers i didn't do nothing to deserve this.....( WARNING lots of cussing and sexual parts in this book)


4. What a day....

Gabriella's Pov


Me and justin stared at eachother for the longest his beautiful brown orbs EWW did i just say that i hate him but anyways looked like pure happiness and love for a second until the old justin came back his i eyes were full of hate and anger i turned away to not look at him but when i looked back he wasnt there i kind of felt sadness in my heart... WAIT noooo im not falling in love with my bully.. or was i? leave him alone he hurt you do you really think he will love a ugly bitch like you? he hurts you dont fall for a douchbag  words like that go stuck in my head until quentin pulled me out of my thoughts...thank goodness...

um Gabi you ok? he asked

yea of course i tried to walk to my car but almost fell until kielanie stopped me from falling 

are you sure you can drive? she asked 

umm y-eah... i said well i hope so 

****at my sisters school****

i saw a boy and my sister hugging and they kissed i looked closer it was my bullies borther.... Drew... Great *sarcastic 

Bye she said when she saw kielanie scream her name 

she ran  to the passanger seat while kie and quentin was in the back when she saw me she gasped 

WHO DID THIS TO YOU!! she asked grabbing my jaw to look at her i swear she acts older than me...

i fell im fine i said trying to laugh but i think it didnt work


how did she know i looked at quentin and kie they shook there heads and raised the hands up i looked at her and said dont tell dad please

Why do you let him do this to you she said with sadness in her eyes 

im fine ok please stop treating me like you older than me i said raising my voice a little 

ILL STOP WHEN YOU ACT OLDER YOU NEVER STICK UP FOR YOURSELF!! she said she was right i dont stick up for myself 

i smiled at her  dont worry i will for now on i promise i replied at least ill try..

good now can we go home my phone needs to charge and i got to text my boyfriend she said whispering boyfriend so i couldnt here her 

You guys are crazy..i need a family like you quentin said trying to whisper it 

we all laughed for a while till i replied to what she said about her bf

and Rosa i knew he is your boyfriend aww i just hate that its justin's brother i said whispering justin's brother 

i took kie and quentin home and said bye 

and headed home

what a day......


thank you for the favorites and likes again and im thinking about giving ryan and chaz a gf since from now on they are going to be in the story a lot so if your interested just fill these questions below (comment) 

Eye color: 


Favorite color: 

white/black/hispanic (sorry if your offended i didnt mean it like that): 

Hair color:

Wavy or curly long or short: 

favorite thing to do:

ryan or chaz or (justin's possibly) 

if i dont get comments its fine i can just make up people (contest over tomorrow) 

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