Bullied... ( Fan Fiction with Justin Bieber)

He punched me as hard as he could in my stomach while his friends were holding me i felt like i was gagging on blood but i swallowed it
ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO SAY BITCH BEFORE I PUNCH YOU AGAIN!!! he said i just laughed cause honestly i didn't want him to see the pain i was going threw and thats when i spoke up..
yea...actually i do GO TO HELL!!! i said and with that he grabbed my hair and punched me again and threw me on the lockers i didn't do nothing to deserve this.....( WARNING lots of cussing and sexual parts in this book)


5. tonight's going to be fun..



Gabi Pov  

Thank goodness today is friday so i can have a break from that hell hole we call school 

*Ding *ding 

somebody rang my doorbell so i screamed from upstairs Who is it? i didnt get an answer so i went down stairs 

*ding *ding *Ding 

Ugh wait.. damn i opened the door and it was justins friends Ryan and Chaz... and another girl next to chaz who i have never seen... Great (sarcastic)

What tf do u guys want? i said with a attitude 

look, we came here to apologize i know what we did with justin was crossing the line so we came to say sorry plus I feel bad about your mom u know... chaz said

Can we talk? ryan said next

Fine.. Who's this? i pointed at the chick

Oh me, Hi my name is megan chaz's gf she said with a smile and stuck her hand out for me to shake 

Hi i said back shaking her hand she was pretty she had green eyes dark red hair and she had on a basketball jersey she must love playing basketball or something

i let them in and took them to my room to talk

we talked for hours and just laughed and they were cool..Way different then...ugh...justin 

so why are u guys friends with ugh if u guys are WAY different? i said saying way louder 

ugh? ryan said 

Justin stupid chaz said 

we all laughed 

he is cool once you get to know him he is a down person and emotional 

i almost choked on my drink ( i had a drink pepsi)

Wait are we talking bout the same person i said 

megan just laughed 

he is foreal he is just mean to u cause he...l-i-k-e-s y-o-u hhaha chaz said 

megan slapped his arm and chaz instantly shut up and covered his mouth while i choked again 

see who is the stupid one now ryan said rolling his eyes at chaz 

we better go it was nice meeting you megan said 

i just stood there shocked till i walked them to the door while we all exchanged numbers and we all said bye but before I could close the door my little sister walked in with her bf drew A.K.A justin's little brother and someone else but he was talking on the phone facing backwards from me 

why is he here and him i said pointing at drew and the mysterious boy 

dinner with dad she said and ran upstairs 

Leave the door open i said screaming so she can hear me upstairs 

ok she said  thats when i saw my dad

hey dad are we going out? yes dress pretty ok miha he said (miha is spanish i think i spelled it right lol)

ok i said and zoomed upstairs  

i wore a floral skirt that was short in the front and long in the back it was pink with blue flowers with little bit of green and i had a croptop on that is blue i wanted to dress different for the first time. I also wore a gold necklace my mom gave me for my birthday before she died it was a locket with a key but i put the key up and i lost it so i was bummed about that cause i never saw what was inside i called my dad cause i was to lazy to go downstairs 


hey dad im bringing kie ok bye i said without hesitating

ok sweetie he said

**call kie and me**

hey whats upp kie said

get dress picking u up now k k bye i said

ok bye she said  

and i ran downstairs without seeing the mysterious boy 

drew where is the mysterious boy? i asked 

in the bathroom but..he he said 

oh ok well bye ill be back i said 

**kie's house**

hey im ready..but ur not i see she said 

whats wrong? i asked 

your hair is messed up your wearing ur glasses and u forgot shoes she said pointing at my feet 

ohh i didnt notice i said laughing 

i got u come inside ill help you she said dragging me in her room 

she did my hair in a messy bun and did my makeup with a wing and made me wear contacts 

do i have too i said whining i hate contacts 

yes now shush she said 

why do i have to dress up i said 

because u never know cute boys might be at the restaurant she said winking at me

really i said laughing

ok done she said

i turned around i felt pretty for the first time

oh forgot these she said she handed me white pumps

thanks i said and we headed to my house

Justins pov

i was at some girls house because my brother is dating this girl and we are all going out to eat unfortunately my parents couldnt come so the made me come ugh but hey my brother said there is a older girl here my age so u never know whats going to happen ;)

i heard the door open and i was about to get up but then i bumped it someone

watch where u are going please i said trying to not sound like an ass i looked up and i met the most prettiest brown eyes she was shocked to see me i wonder why then she said sorry and ran upstairs then i saw kie run up there with her

what her problem i said out loud i guess my brothers gf heard me

idk you guys go to the same school she said

 i would have known her she is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen  i said forgetting she was there 

go talk to her she said  

i walked up stair about to knock in her bedroom 

Gabriella pov 

OMFG thats him i should have known ugh i said out loud 

its ok really he wont know you just act different ill be back i have to use the restroom

she left me and i just sat there in my thoughts 

*knock *knock 

i opened my door oh shit i said in my head he found out it was me....

hey he said 

um hi i said trying not to act like me 

we are about to leave to go to the restaurant so i just came to see if u were also coming he said

y-ea thanks i said walking out my room and downstairs where kie was since she was done with the bathroom

i suddenly felt a arm around my waist i looked at the person who it was and it was justin he winked at me eww i took his grip off of me and walked by kie

Justin pov

I tried to make a move like i usually do then wink but when i did she took my grip away from her she is trying to play hard to get ......................i like that :)....................

i shut their door and headed to the car we were driving in but before i reached the car i got a call

**call** S=sarah J=justin 

s: hey babe

J:hey um we need to break up

S: what why *started crying*

J: im sorry 

S: you took my virginity *crying*

J: we all know thats a lie 

S: true but i love you 

J: bye sarah 

why did i ever date her i asked myself and headed to the car and sat next to....i dont even know her name... but tonight i would know her name and get her number :) 

tonight is going to be fun...  



sorry for the mistakes and stuff and ryan doesnt have a gf yet but chaz does the winner was MeganMountgummery so yeah im sorry i havent updated in a while to busy with school but i would start posting more 




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