Bullied... ( Fan Fiction with Justin Bieber)

He punched me as hard as he could in my stomach while his friends were holding me i felt like i was gagging on blood but i swallowed it
ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO SAY BITCH BEFORE I PUNCH YOU AGAIN!!! he said i just laughed cause honestly i didn't want him to see the pain i was going threw and thats when i spoke up..
yea...actually i do GO TO HELL!!! i said and with that he grabbed my hair and punched me again and threw me on the lockers i didn't do nothing to deserve this.....( WARNING lots of cussing and sexual parts in this book)


2. Car rides....


Gabriella's Pov

gabi wake up dad says its time to go to school my little sister told me 

i groaned and said 5 more minutes

No get up you need to take me to school also 

Ugh fine i got up went to my closet picked a batman croptop and black sweats and my red vans and my black big glasses and headed to the shower when i got in the shower i instantly woke up and it felt so good when it hit my body.

when i got out i got dressed and grabbed my red beats and my Iphone 5 and my backpack and my car keys and headed down stairs

FINALLY!!! rosa said

AYE CA'LLATE i said  (aye be quiet in spanish) 

****car ride***

so hows school? i asked her 

fine i guess how about you she asked

great... i said even though i lied i never tell my dad what happens at school so when i get bruises or cuts i say i fell or i dont know 


great... she said 

whenever my sister says great i know shes lying when you look in her eyes they are full of pain i know people at that school bully her cause every time she comes home she has a new bruise and it hurts me that she gets bullied even though im younger than her i still want to protect her cause shes my sister i just want her to be happy i havent see her happy since m-om d-ie-d.... 

Are you sure? i asked 

Of course she said and she stopped at my school 

have a good day love you! she said and put on a weak smile i know she tries to smile im not stupid... 


I put on a weak smile cause i can tell she knows somethings  up 

i went to go pick up Quentin and Kielanie 

Hey boo :) kielanie said 

um first of all shes my boo quentin said and they kept on going until i stopped them 

GUYS IM BOTH OF YOUR BOO'S i said trying not to laugh but it didnt work out we all just laughed until we were at school... A.K.A HELL

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