Bullied... ( Fan Fiction with Justin Bieber)

He punched me as hard as he could in my stomach while his friends were holding me i felt like i was gagging on blood but i swallowed it
ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO SAY BITCH BEFORE I PUNCH YOU AGAIN!!! he said i just laughed cause honestly i didn't want him to see the pain i was going threw and thats when i spoke up..
yea...actually i do GO TO HELL!!! i said and with that he grabbed my hair and punched me again and threw me on the lockers i didn't do nothing to deserve this.....( WARNING lots of cussing and sexual parts in this book)


1. About me.. :)


hi my name is Gabriella Sanchez 

 Im 17 :)

 I LOVE Reading!! and math <3

My favorite color is blue 

im not popular at all...

i get bullied a lot 

i have only 2 bestfriends Kielanie and Quentin

they both are 17 

But anyways.. ..

i hate school the popular kids always punch me and kick me especially this guy named Justin Bieber 

we went to middle school together and we were good friends but when high school came he ditched me for popular kids. When we stopped talking my mom passed away and i needed him the most but he never answered when i called him and when he did he told me to leave him alone. So its just me my dad and my little sister shes 13 her names Rose.



sorry it sucks right now but it gets better dont worry but i hope you like it and you can comment ideas or something lhh well bye :)



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