New Kid [Hetalia: USUK]

Alfred F. Jones was always sure of himself, always confident, always the popular kid at school, always with a girl. And then, Arthur Kirkland showed up and flipped him upside down. With Arthur's appearance, his confidence wavers, his popularity begins to falter, and worst of all, he's no longer sure how to feel about anyone.

--Now rated R because I really don't want to offend anyone. If I offend anyone, or anyone feels that this story should not be continued for any reason that has to do with a violation of Movellas Terms and Condition, please let me know.--

--This is Yaoi/BoyxBoy. If you don't like it, don't read. Also, really sorry about any language I might use. It should be pretty mild. But if you aren't comfortable with certain cuss words... Ain't much I can do. Just don't read this, I guess.--


17. (Somewhat) Wild Night





       "Hey, Corvi? Corvi! Corvino Adan A-" Corvi snapped back to reality and gave Autumn a glare. "I forbade you to say my full name in front of strangers." Autumn frowned and gestured to the two guests. "They're hardly strangers. Well, to me, anyway." Corvi rolled her eyes. "So are we gonna eat or not?" 

    Corvi noticed she sat at a table with a large pizza before herself and the other three people sitting on either side of her. She raised an eyebrow. How had she gotten here? The last thing she had been doing was making the pizza, and now here it was, perfectly made, ready to eat. And she wasn't even standing anymore; she was sitting at the head of her dinning room table. 

   She sighed. She really had to pay more attention and stop having flash backs. Not that she had them all that often. Corvi took the first slice of pizza, which seemed to be a cue for the rest of the table to start serving themselves as well.

    Autumn and Arthur took one slice each, although Alfred took three to start. Arthur raised an eyebrow at him. "Alfred... Didn't we discuss your diet?" Arthur hissed beneath his breath, low enough so Autumn and Corvi, who were chatting across the table, didn't hear, but loud enough so Alfred could hear him. Alfred, who had already stuffed half a slice of pizza in his mouth, shook his head. "What diet?" He asked. (With the food in his mouth, it sounded more like, "Waf defet?") 

    Arthur sighed and put down his slice of pizza. He finished chewing the bite he had taken and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Was I talking to myself, then? You kept answering me. Remember? You were playing Assassin's Creed III or something? Last week?" Alfred nodded slowly. "Dude, I think I remember hearing something about a diet but I thought it was 'cause you were sayin' that you needed to go on a diet." 

     Arthur's features turned from disappointment to glaring rage. He grit his teeth as he spoke. "Are you implying that I should go on a diet, Alfred F. Jones?" Alfred's eyes widened. "W-What? Dude! No! You're fine the way you are! I swear!" Arthur seemed to be tuning him out, however. 

    With a frown, Arthur ate a couple more bites of the pizza before him, then pushed the plate away and got up. "I'll be watching some telly if anyone needs me," Arthur announced, casting an irritated glance at Alfred, who's pizza-filled mouth was half open, as he was shocked at Arthur's currently feminine behavior. Alfred stood up and called out to Arthur's retreating figure, attempting to appease him. 

     "Babe! Come on! I didn't even say you were fat!" 


     "You're not fat! I SAID YOU'RE NOT FAT! DIDN'T YOU HEAR?"

      "SO I'M DEAF NOW, TOO?" 

       Alfred sighed in defeat and sat back down. He picked up some pizza but let it fall back to the plate, feeling slightly dejected. Autumn and Corvi were wide eyed, staring at Alfred. "Uh, what happened, exactly?" Autumn asked. 

       Alfred shook his head, deciding to keep the rather stupid argument to himself. "Nothing. Arthur's overreacting." Alfred stood up again and went to find Arthur. "I'll be back," he called out over his shoulder. Autumn shrugged and kept eating, as did Corvi.  He raced into the living room and found Arthur on the couch, his knees tucked up to his chest, his arms wrapped around himself, frowning at the TV, which was on a Korean drama for some odd reason. 

      He saw his fiercely glowing green eyes and felt his heart thump in his chest. It was the same, strange feeling he'd felt those months while harboring his feelings for Arthur; that he was so close yet somehow so far away.  "Hey, Artie?" Arthur made a soft grumbling noise. 

     Alfred took a seat beside him and watched the TV. "What exactly is this?" Alfred asked, holding back a soft chuckle. Arthur shrugged and lifted his mouth so he could be heard. "My K-drama." 

    "You watch K-dramas?" Arthur nodded. "Sometimes." Silence filled the room. Finally, Alfred put an arm around Arthur's shoulders. Arthur stiffened, then relaxed. Begrudgingly, he rested his head on Alfred's chest, leaning over, his knees still at his chest and his arms holding them in place.

     "What's this show called, anyway?" Arthur felt his cheeks redden as he mumbled, "To The Beautiful You." Alfred raised an eyebrow and turned his gaze to Arthur. Unable to think of anything else to say, he said,  "You sure are weird." Arthur frowned and looked down, his cheeks reddening. Alfred laughed and poked Arthur's cheek. "But cute. Really cute." Arthur looked up slightly. Alfred smiled apologetically. "Hey, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Even though it's not really my fault." 

    "What do you mean it's not your fault?! Of course it is! If you had heard me properly the first time this would have never-" Alfred put up a hand to stop him. Arthur sighed and smiled slightly. "Fine. I accept your apology. I guess I should apologize as well for overreacting." Alfred shrugged. "It was kinda funny. I mean, you were acting like a total girl. A cute girl, but a still a girl." 

    "Was not!"

    "Yes you were!" 


    "Yes!" From the other side of the room, a voice rang out. "Hate to interrupt your weird, pout-y flirting, but I have alcohol, a computer and more food to eat in my room! Anybody up for it?"  Alfred and Arthur turned to face Autumn. She smirked. "You seriously watch To The Beautiful You, Arthur?" Arthur nodded, his face turning red again. Autumn smirked wider. "Watched it when I was fourteen. That's why it was on the first Netflix thingy." 

     Arthur nodded. "Oh..." 

    "So... Anybody ready to hang out in my room?" Both nodded and stood up. They followed Autumn to her room, not far away from the living room, but far enough out of Corvi's watchful gaze. "Nice room," Alfred said, nodding. Arthur agreed. Atop Autumn's desk were a couple bottles of wine. In her right hand, she had a bottle of vodka; in the other was a bottle of whisky. She held them up, grinning. "Corvi's got an endless supply, so ask if you need more!" Arthur reached out a hand. "Whisky. Now." She handed him the bottle and watched as he unscrewed it and poured a forth of the contents into his mouth. Autumn and Alfred's eyes widened. 

    Arthur grinned as he finished swallowing some of the bottle. "Good stuff!" He said, laughing loudly. He held the bottle up to Alfred, smirking slightly, his voice husky when he spoke. "Drink, love?" Alfred blushed slightly and shook his head. "I don't really like alcohol." Autumn shrugged. "Neither do I. But it's nice when you're just done with everything." Alfred raised an eyebrow at her reasoning, but said nothing.

   Arthur took another swig of the drink. Autumn walked over to his desk, pulled out the chair, and sat down to watch YouTube on her computer. "VOCALOID!" She shouted, taking a very, very small sip of vodka. She coughed and hit her chest with a clenched fist. "God, that shit's strong. Don't drink too much whiskey, either, Arthur!"  Of course, the Brit didn't listen. 

   A half hour later, Arthur was completely drunk, as he was apparently unable to hold his liquor. In fact, he had passed out on the bed already, half his body hanging off of it. Autumn was watching YouTube still, bleary eyed from the half a bottle of vodka she'd managed to stomach, (she'd been drinking a lot more lately and was able to tolerate more of the alcohol she considered disgusting), and not paying attention to any of her surroundings. Alfred sighed. He picked Arthur up and pushed him onto the bed properly. He pulled a blanket over Arthur's sleeping form and walked out of the room, saying nothing to Autumn as she looked too caught up in her YouTube to pay attention to him. 

   He walked down the hallway, wanting to find Corvi. He needed some sort of (hopefully) sober company. At the end of the hall, he knocked on the door, feeling, somehow, that that room was Corvi's office. An accented voice resounded from the room. "Avanti! Come in!"  

   Alfred turned the door knob and walked in. The room was large. The walls were painted light gray. A large window far from Corvi's desk resided on the opposite side of the room. Her desk was right by the door, large and wooden with intricate details carved on the sides. Book shelves full of a variety of books rose upwards, three of the covering the back walls of the room, on the right side. On the left side of the room was a wall-to-wall mural of Venice, highly detailed and very life-like. 

   Alfred's eyes widened. "Nice office you've got here." Corvi nodded. "Desk wasn't my idea, although everything else was. Not my style. But Autumn said it was the 'absolutely most gorgeous thing ever' and that I 'just had to buy it'." Alfred nodded. Although he was normally unable to pick up on people's emotions, he picked up on Corvi's easily, despite her unemotional exterior. "You care about Autumn a lot more than you'll admit, don't you?" Corvi looked up from a paper she'd been reading. She rubbed her eyes. "Maybe. How did you know?" Alfred shrugged.  Corvi stared at him, her eyes darting up and down him for a few moments. He felt like a bug beneath a microscope.

   "Arthur's the love of your life, isn't he?" Without hesitating, Alfred nodded. "I've never felt like this about anyone." Corvi nodded. She put her paper down and sighed. "We're both working to protect the ones we love, aren't we, then?" Alfred raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?" 

   "I assume you already met Autumn's employer. That's the information I received recently, anyway." 

   "Autumn's what?" 

    "Employer. Ugh, never mind. It's apparent that you know nothing. Stronzo." Alfred felt extremely and utterly confused talking with this short and seemingly angry Italian. The silence was thick for a few moments in that room. "What exactly is your job?" Alfred asked, raising an eyebrow. He leaned against the door frame. Corvi turned to her computer, next to the sheet of paper she'd been reading, and sighed. "Come in here and close the door. Can't have anyone I consider an enemy hearing all this." 

    Alfred did as he was asked. Leaning against the wall, he waited. Corvi typed on her computer for a few minutes, then looked at Alfred, turning her chair toward him, as well. "You must not repeat any of this to anyone. Am I clear?" The strong Italian accent she normally had was replaced by an American one. Alfred raised both eyebrows, nodding in agreement to keep her secret. "Your accent changed," he pointed out. She rolled her eyes. "I'm aware. Having different accents is an advantage to me. Therefore I use them all regularly. Anyway." 

   Her gaze captured Alfred and held him in place. It was angry, but he could see a softness behind her eyes, a need for someone. "I am a student of Interior Design as far as anyone else is concerned. To my 'family', however... well, let's just say that they know better. The 'family' I speak of is not the one I was raised by. The one I speak of I met completely by chance." 

   With those beginning words, she told him of how Donatello had found her and forced her to choose between consequence or joining him. She told him that she had a job in the city, currently, but was unable to speak of it. "All I can really say is that I am to protect two certain people who might or might not destroy the world." Alfred nodded, slowly taking it in. 

  "Okay. Okay that makes sense. Although it's kind of dramatic. And highly unbelievable." Corvi nodded and shrugged. "Believe me or doubt me, I don't care. That is my truth." She turned to her computer. "Now, I need to study for my next test. Leave me." Alfred nodded. "Autumn's kind of drunk, though, and Arthur's passed out in her room, on her bed." Corvi sighed. "I'll get her soon, so that Arthur can sleep. Head over there now and I'll meet you there soon." Alfred nodded once more and left the room quietly. He tiptoed back to Autumn's room and slid into the bed, next to Arthur, sitting by his head and softly stroking his hair.

  Autumn was still gazing at the computer, although her eyes were half-lidded. Alfred turned his attention completely on his lover, however. He smiled slightly, watching him sleep. Arthur groaned softly in his sleep and turned his face into Alfred's thigh, his warm breath making Alfred shiver. Alfred didn't notice Corvi come in, but he noticed as soon as Autumn began to protest at being removed from her room. 

  "Come on, Corvi! I'm watchin' stuff. Lemme watch my YouTube." Corvi sighed and stood her ground. She thought for a moment, hesitating before speaking again. Finally, she said, "Come to bed with me, Autonno." Autumn immediately got excited, as if she was a young teenager again. "Yay! I get to sleep with Corvi!" Before Corvi could do anything further, Autumn leaned forward and, grasping Corvi by the neck, kissed her, full on. Alfred' eyes widened.

   Corvi hardly hesitated and kissed her back, both of them rough in their kisses. Alfred watched, partially amused and somewhat stunned to see the two making out right in front of him. He vaguely recalled Autumn saying that she'd had a relationship with Corvi a while ago. After a few moments, Corvi broke away from the kiss, her cheeks having reddened. Autumn laughed and ran out of the room, presumably to Corvi's room. Corvi pinched the bridge of her nose and mumbled, "She hasn't kissed me like that for a while, since we were teenagers. I guess drinking makes her regress." Alfred raised an eyebrow. Corvi turned to him and explained the situation with a simple statement. "We fooled around a lot for a while, when she was fifteen and I was sixteen and a half."  

  Alfred nodded. "O-Okay then..." Corvi nodded and rushed out of the room, feeling embarrassed at having to talk about that relationship out loud, for some reason. She shut the door on the way out, loudly and forcefully. Alfred jumped at the loud noise. He looked down at Arthur. Arthur's eyes opened slightly, staring up at Alfred. Alfred looked down at him, blushing slightly. "Are you okay, Artie?" Arthur nodded, not bothering to correct Alfred on his name, as he was still at least somewhat drunk. 

  "Hey, Alfred?" 


  "How come you're not laying next to me?"

  "I dunno."

   Without another word, Arthur pulled Alfred down, making him lay half on top of Arthur and half on the bed. Alfred yelped and readjusted himself to lay on his side next to his lover. "Hey, Alfie?" Alfred blushed at the cutesy nickname Arthur rarely ever used on him. "Hm?" There was a pause, as if Arthur was trying to figure out how to say something. 

  "Make love to me." 

  Alfred's face turned bright red. "B-But your drunk." 

  "We've screwed before, haven't we?" Alfred nodded. "Besides, I'm not all that drunk. Just tired." Alfred sighed. A certain area of his was throbbing, almost painfully, against his pants already. He cursed his easily-horny nature. Alfred bit his lip. "Fine. But you better remember this in the morning." Arthur nodded and wrapped his arms around Alfred's neck. He pulled Alfred down and kissed him gently. Alfred was surprised that the kiss wasn't sloppy, what with the amount of alcohol he'd ingested. Maybe Arthur was more of an alcoholic than he seemed and could hold his alcohol a little better than it had seemed...

  Alfred stopped thinking about anything besides Arthur when Arthur pushed his tongue into Alfred's mouth. Alfred moaned softly and pushed his own tongue against Arthur's. The two battled for dominance until Alfred won. Alfred straddled Arthur, pulling the blankets off of him and sliding a hand up Arthur's shirt. Alfred smirked as his hand found Arthur's right nipple and tweaked it. Arthur arched his back and moaned a little louder. "A-Ah! A-Alfred... I-I'm sensitive there..." Alfred shrugged. "That's what makes it fun." Arthur blushed and turned his head to the side and Alfred pushed his shirt up all the way. 

   Alfred lowered himself, positioning his mouth around Arthur's chest. Arthur shivered as he felt his partner's mouth kiss the middle of his chest, then moaned as Alfred traced his tongue across his skin to his left nipple. Arthur's back arched again. He moaned loudly and tangled his fingers in Alfred's hair, pushing Alfred's head down a little. Alfred smirked and sucked on his chest. 

  "A-Ah! A-Alfred, please! M-Mmm..." Alfred switched to the other nipple, eliciting much the same reaction. After a while, he began kissing downward again, pushing himself to the edge of Arthur's pants. Arthur trembled as Alfred's thumb traced the waist band of his pants. "Mmm...Alfred...C-Come on..." Alfred unbuttoned Arthur's pants slowly, then unzipped them, watching Arthur's pained and pleasured reactions as he 'accidentally' rubbed against a certain area.  Arthur's hips lifted as Alfred slid his pants and boxers off. 

    Alfred grasped Arthur's hardened manhood and rubbed up and down, smirking at Arthur's blushing, pleased face. "Mmm... Oh God! A-Alfred, please... Please... I-I'm gonna... Soon, I'll..." Alfred pressed his lips to Arthur's twitching tip and let his tongue slowly slide across it twirling in circles. Arthur thrusted his hips upwards and climaxed a moment later, unable to take anymore. 

   He panted, his arms above his head, hands unclenched and palms facing upwards. His cheeks were dusted pink and his eyes were half-lidded. Alfred took in this portrait of the one he loved, his heart thumping, his manhood throbbing. Arthur's pale skin shone with sweat. "A-Alfred... Please... I want you."

    The plea for more reached him instantly. Alfred's pants and underwear were off in moments and he had positioned himself at Arthur's entrance. Blushing, Alfred remembered suddenly that Arthur needed preparation.

    (He often forgot about these things. What a clumsy lover, Alfred was).

   "Arthur...." Alfred gulped, his Adam's apple bobbing. Arthur looked up at him, his eyes full of desperation. Alfred put his index and middle fingers of his right hand up to Arthur's lips. Unable to meet Arthur's eyes from the slight embarrassment of saying the words, he mumbled, "Suck." 

   Arthur did was he was told, and coated Alfred's fingers with his tongue. Alfred took back his fingers and slowly put his index finger into Arthur's opening. Arthur arched his back and gave a slightly pained groan. "Alfred.. T-That kinda hurts." 

  Alfred nodded. "I'm sorry... I'm really sorry. But we don't have anything else..." He continued preparing Arthur, slowly pushing back and forth. Arthur's moans went from pained to pleased soon enough and he added another finger. Finally, a few minutes later, he pulled his fingers back out. "Are you ready, Arthur?" Arthur nodded. "Please, Alfred! I need you now!" Alfred nodded and plunged himself into Arthur, which had been made slick by Alfred's fingers. Arthur moaned loudly and grasped the bed sheets. Alfred groaned upon entering and began to move, although slowly. 

   "F-Faster," Arthur mumbled, clutching the sheets still. Alfred nodded and went faster. Arthur arched his back once more, bucking his hips in time with Alfred's thrusts. "A-Ah! O-Oh God... M-More! F-Faster!" Arthur cried out as Alfred grew close to a certain spot within him. Alfred nodded and continued, leaning over Arthur and burying his head in the crook of Arthur's neck. Both panted and moaned as they continued, harder and faster as time went on. As soon as Alfred hit Arthur' spot, Arthur's back arched and he moaned loudly, almost a yell. Alfred smirking on Arthur's skin, hitting Arthur's spot over and over. Arthur gasped for air, clutching at Alfred's back suddenly, his nails clawing at Alfred's skin. 

   "Ah! Alfred! I t-think I'm gonna..." Alfred nodded. "I'm going to soon, too..." Alfred whispered hoarsely against Arthur's ear. Arthur shivered. With a final cry, Arthur climaxed a few moments later. Alfred continued thrusting into him for a few seconds afterwards, until he too, climaxed. Alfred pulled out of his lover and lay beside him, panting. Between breaths, he asked in a whisper, "How was that?" 

  Arthur nodded and smiled slightly. He turned on his side and kissed Alfred on the forehead. "Wonderful," he whispered back. Alfred nodded. He leaned against Arthur's neck again and kissed his collar bone, up his neck, across his jawline. He pressed a gentle kiss to Arthur's lips, and then, wrapped in each other's arms, the two fell into a blissful sleep.  




A/N: So how was that? I haven't written smut, (much less yaoi smut), in forever. I think I did okay. I mean, I have been reading a bunch of yaoi manga all summer, (LOVE STAGE!! FOR THE WIN!) They do a lot of stuff about...well... nipples... in those things... *Does not understand that at all*. Anyway, I wrote this really quickly because school starts for me tomorrow. I'm excited! Kinda. I mean. There's a few humans I would rather avoid, but hey. You gotta face your demons sometime. And besides! I have a cute senpai crush/friends to talk to! Thank you, everyone, for reading this! I don't say it enough! I really am thankful to any and all readers/favorite-ers/like-ers.

I'll update this (and other story thingies) more when I have time.
(Translation: I have no idea when I'll have time so I'm sorry if I don't update for three thousand years).

P.S. WTF IS EDITING *edited this once and hopes it's okay with the grammar and making sense...*

P.P.S. That was kinda a crappy chapter end, wasn't it? Ugh, sowy. AT LEAST ARTIE AND ALFIE MADE OUT. AND STUFF. 

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