New Kid [Hetalia: USUK]

Alfred F. Jones was always sure of himself, always confident, always the popular kid at school, always with a girl. And then, Arthur Kirkland showed up and flipped him upside down. With Arthur's appearance, his confidence wavers, his popularity begins to falter, and worst of all, he's no longer sure how to feel about anyone.

--Now rated R because I really don't want to offend anyone. If I offend anyone, or anyone feels that this story should not be continued for any reason that has to do with a violation of Movellas Terms and Condition, please let me know.--

--This is Yaoi/BoyxBoy. If you don't like it, don't read. Also, really sorry about any language I might use. It should be pretty mild. But if you aren't comfortable with certain cuss words... Ain't much I can do. Just don't read this, I guess.--


15. School Mornings

      Arthur woke the next morning due to the fact that a ray of sunshine had poked through the curtains of the room. The sunlight’s golden fingers stretched across Arthur's forehead, gently caressing him. He glared, half-asleep, at the light on his forehead, as if trying to move it with only his power of will. This did not work. 

     Alfred was still asleep beside Arthur, snoring loudly. Arthur sat up slowly, groggily, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and yawning quietly. He then proceeded to look down at Alfred from his sitting up position. A devious grin twisted at Arthur's mouth as an suddenly idea came to him.

   Arthur leaned down, watching Alfred snore. He slowly raised his index finger to Alfred's nose and traced circles from around his nose, to his cheeks, to the top of his forehead. Alfred arched his back slightly in sleep and mumbled nonsense that sounded something like, "Nah, cheeseburger... Don’t steal ma brain…" Arthur snickered and traced down from his forehead to the nape of his neck. 

  Alfred's reaction was a bit more drastic this time; it included a soft moan and a mumble of, "Stop it, cheeseburger! Artie's the only one who can touch me." Arthur blushed slightly and covered his mouth to keep his laughter silent. The Brit traced over Alfred's throat. Alfred shivered. "No..." He mumbled. "I'm sensitive there..." 

  Arthur smirked and continued to prod at the area, amused. Eventually, Alfred awoke. He frowned. "What the hell are you doing?" Arthur stopped his prodding at Alfred's neck and blushed softly, the red hues dusting his cheeks. "N-Nothing. I was bored and you weren't awake yet. By the way, what were you dreaming about?" Alfred's cheeks reddened. He was about to answer when his face suddenly went pale. Arthur's eyebrows furrowed. "What's wrong?" 

    Alfred jumped up from the bed, screaming, "It's Thursday! Oh my God! We're gonna be late! Shit, shit, shit!" His eyes widening, Arthur joined Alfred in his panic. After five minutes of freaking out, screaming, and most likely waking up the entire apartment complex, they looked at the alarm clock by the bed and sighed in relief. The clock read seven-thirty in the morning. They still had a half hour to get ready.

   Although it may not have seemed like it, that was how the pair had started almost every single school morning since the beginning of their relationship. Sometimes it was Alfred who awoke first and poked Arthur until he woke, and sometimes it was Arthur who did so. Once the other was awake, the fact that they had school would be remembered, then they would collaboratively freak out, after which they would realize that there was still plenty of time to get ready.

  Arthur and Alfred always got ready quickly. Alfred showered nightly while Arthur showered in the mornings, so sharing the bathroom was no problem. Alfred had only to quickly brush his teeth and hold back any lustful desire that threatened to burst and truly make them late to school while Arthur showered in the shower behind him.

  After they both finished brushing their teeth/bathing/etc., they each grabbed a piece of toast and rocketed out of the apartment together, ready to start the school day. More often than not, as of late, they had been meeting Autumn before school, and the three of them talked before going to class. Alfred's old friends had abandoned him sometime before, when they realized that Alfred rather talk to the new, ‘weird’ kids than talk to them. 

    One particular Friday morning, Autumn was smiling more broadly than normal as she saw them approaching the gates of the school. The sight of her was somewhat surprising, in the fact that her headphones were off and hung around her neck. Alfred and Arthur each raised an eyebrow. It was Alfred who was more direct, however. "Yo, dude. Why aren't you listening to music, like normal?" Autumn shrugged. "I need new music. I haven't really been getting anything new lately, so I guess I'm just bored with what I’ve got."

    Alfred nodded. Autumn grinned broadly. "So, guys." Arthur raised both of his thick, caterpillar like eyebrows. Something about the way she grinned seemed somewhat devious. It had him thinking that whatever she was about to say was going to be either insane or a ploy to get them to come out to everyone at school or both. 

    "I've got an invitation for the two of you! My house, tonight, to have some fun." Alfred blushed slightly and Arthur crossed his arms over his chest, frowning. "I swear, you git, if you're talking about sex, I’ll-" Autumn frowned and cut Arthur off before he could finish. "Are you serious? You really think that sex is the only thing on my mind? Particularly a threesome between myself and two hot blond guys who already fuck nightly?" Autumn smirked slightly. "Okay, maybe that's on my mind half of the time, but not all the time! And that's not what I meant when I said to come over tonight and have some fun. Corvi wants y'all to have dinner with us. It's Friday, after all. So no school worries for me or either of you." 

   Alfred sighed in relief after Autumn confirmed that she didn't mean anything perverted, but held his breath again when he heard about Corvi. Arthur bit his lip in worry. "But...Corvi seems kind of scary... Last time we saw her, she wanted to shoot you in the face," Alfred pointed out.  Autumn rolled her eyes. "She was just exaggerating. She wants to formally meet the two guys I constantly hang out with. She wants to make sure we're not fucking or anything, I think. She knows you two screw, since I've already gushed about it. I'm a fangirl, after all."   

    "S-Shut up, idiot! Someone might hear you!" Arthur hissed, restraining himself from tackling her and possibly strangling her, considering that she always said off-handed comments like that loudly at school. Autumn waved him off. "Anyway, you guys should come over. You still haven't seen my place! It's awesome. There's tons of space, food, cable television, and booze." Alfred's eyes lit up at the word food and television. "Dude, I'm so in! I need my food." Alfred patted his stomach and smiling. "Yes, Alfie, darling. We all know you're a fatass." Alfred frowned and blushed slightly. "Hey! That was cruel!" 

   Arthur rolled his eyes, leaned upwards to Alfred's ear, cupped his hand over his ear, and whispered something. Alfred turned bright red. Arthur turned back to Autumn and smirked. Autumn raised an eyebrow. "What did you tell him?" Arthur smirked wider. "That's for me to know and you to find out." 

   "I won't find out at all, will I?" 

    "Not a chance, git." Autumn sighed. "Anyway, Alfred's gonna come over. What about you, Artie?" Autumn smirked at the nickname she knew the Brit hated. Arthur huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. "Don't call me that! I'll come over, but only because Alfred's going." Autumn nodded and smiled in victory. The bell to start the school day rang. "We will begin the pilgrimage to my shared apartment at the end of the school day!" The three nodded in agreement and went to their own classes. 


       Some eight hours later, school ended. As Autumn had vowed, the trio began their pilgrimage to her apartment building. The pilgrimage wasn't so much a pilgrimage as it was a bus ride to a nearby city. The city Autumn lived in was bustling, noisy, always awake. Neon lights and music filled the air, as well as the constant honking of cars and yelling to 'watch were you're going, you stupid asshole!'

      Autumn's place of residency was in the center of the city, in a thirteen-story building. Two, glass revolving doors in the front of the building led inside. A red awning covered the area leading to the doors. The building itself was made of brown bricks and was unremarkable at first glance. 

    Once inside, however, both Alfred and Arthur realized that the building was really classy, for lack of a better term. Marble floors covered every inch of the lobby. The two elevators, each on opposite sides of the room, had shinning, silvery doors that opened with ease. The lobby desk was made of dark mahogany and it gleamed in the yellow, bright lobby lights. The walls were beige colored with paintings of Italian cities and country sides. Below certain paintings were small, round tables with vases overflowing with flowers of all kinds. 

    Autumn was hardly phased by any of the decoration, as she had gotten used to the nearly ostentatious building. Alfred and Arthur, however, were in shock. Autumn had to grab both of them by their arms and drag them to the elevator on the right. She shoved the two into the elevator. "Guests tonight?" The young man at the lobby desk, a dark haired, light eyed man only about four years older than Autumn, called out. Autumn smiled. "That's right, Vince! Talk to ya about it later, 'kay?" Autumn winked at Vince. Vince nodded, his cheeks dusted with pink. "Yeah, Aut!" 

    The elevator doors closed. Alfred and Arthur were still frozen in shock. Autumn rolled her eyes and pressed the button for the penthouse. She snapped her fingers in front of their faces and they shook their heads, their hypnosis fading. "Guys! It's just a normal apartment building. Y'all need to chill." Alfred and Arthur stared at her, disbelieving. Alfred was the first to regain his ability to speak. "How rich are you people!?" Autumn smirked. "I figured you'd ask. I'm not the rich one. Corvi is. Well, not her directly, but her Kind-Of-Family." Alfred raised an eyebrow but said nothing more, deciding to ask about this Kind-Of-Family later on. Arthur stayed silent, still processing everything. 

   A few moments later, the elevator doors opened with a ding and the trio found themselves looking at a large, amazing, penthouse apartment. Autumn had to drag them into the apartment, as they had both gone into shock again. To their right was a large living room with an enormous flat screen TV. The walls in the living room were light scarlet with dark wooden floors. The kitchen and dining room was to their left. The kitchen was enormous; stainless-steel appliances, spotless granite counter tops, and at least a thousand cupboards were arranged beautifully in the semi-circle shaped kitchen.

    Stretching across the entire back of the kitchen was a pantry filled with food and a specially refrigerated section for the mass amounts of alcohol Corvi owned (that she hadn't yet opened). Any open alcohol remained in the refrigerator, which was next to the pantry, on the left side of the room. On the opposite side of the kitchen was a sink, a couple feet of counter space, a stove and oven, another couple feet of counter space, and a blender. Above the counter space on either side were the aforementioned cupboards. Although there weren't actually a thousand of them, there were quite a few.

     The kitchen opened into a dining room with walls as red as the living room’s. The dining room table was large, seating up to twenty people. Corvi had bought it simply because one never knew when a herd of unexpected guests arrived. Those "unexpected guests" Corvi mentioned referred to her Kind-Of-Family. 

    "Corvi!" Autumn called out, cupping her hands around her mouth. Corvi stormed out of a room down the hall directly in front of the trio, (the trio was still standing in front of the elevator, Alfred and Arthur rooted to their spots, studying everything in eye sight). "What do you want, cagna? I swear to dio above I will sho-" Corvi cut herself off as she saw the two boys behind Autumn. Corvi pointed at them as she spoke. "That was tonight?"

    Autumn rolled her eyes and threw her arms up in anger. "You forgot?! We just talked about this yesterday!" Corvi growled. "I have a lot going on, idiota! It's not my fault I have to figure out how to kill someone at the same time as seducing them!" Autumn lunged forward and grasped Corvi by the shoulders, shaking her in disbelief. "You're doing what now?" Corvi sighed and waved her off, shrugging away from her. "It's nothing." With her accent, Corvi sounded like she'd said, "Eet's notheeng." 

      Autumn huffed. "Fine." She turned to the two boys who were slowly coming out of their stupor. "Oi, guys! Formal introduction time. This is Corvi. Corvi, these two are Alfred and Arthur. They're my friends. Please don't shoot them." Corvi nodded. "I won't. But if they hurt you at all..." Corvi drew a line across her neck, signifying that neither boy would have a head if they hurt Autumn.

    Autumn rolled her eyes. Alfred, who had finally shaken himself from his hypnosis, shivered. Arthur remembered his manners at that time, as well. He stuck out his hand in greeting. "It is a pleasure to formally meet you, Miss Corvi." Corvi shook his head, although she frowned. "Miss Corvi is for grown, old women. Call me Corvi." Arthur nodded nervously. "Yes, ma'am." Corvi smirked, looking back at Autumn. "At least this one's polite." Alfred seemed to remember he should greet Corvi somehow, too. The best he could do was, "Waddup, Corvi?" Corvi smiled. "I'm fine, Alfred. A bit stressed, but that’s all." She turned her attention to all three of them. "Dinner will be ready in about a half hour. Are you all alright with pizza?" 

     Alfred shrugged, “I like pizza a lot, so it’s cool with me.” Arthur nodded from beside Alfred. “Sure. I don’t have pizza very often,” he said. Autumn cheered and fist pumped. "Alright! Corvi's world famous amazing pizza!" Corvi smiled again. "Autonno, go get our guests comfortable. Stay in the living room." Corvi gave Autumn a sharp glance that made the girl shiver. "I will know if you leave." Autumn nodded quickly. "Yes, ma'am." Autumn said, saluting her. Corvi rolled her eyes and shuffled off to the kitchen, mumbling curses in Italian. 

    Autumn gestured for Alfred and Arthur to move to the living room. The three sat on the largest couch, in the center of the room. Autumn kicked off her shoes. Alfred did the same, taking her actions as a cue. Arthur kept his shoes on, preferring to keep himself prepared to run should Corvi get angry for some reason and decided to try to shoot them. 

   Autumn turned to them. "Any questions?" Alfred nodded. “Tons of ‘em.” Arthur spoke first. "If you don't mind me asking, how exactly is Corvi so wealthy at her young age?" Autumn smirked. "That, my friend, is a story I'd love to tell. Unfortunately, it is not my place to say it. If you ask Corvi later, she’ll probably explain, although not in depth, I’m sure."

    Little did Autumn know that Corvi was listening from the kitchen and making pizza at the same time. As Autumn began telling tales of adventures she and Corvi'd had together, Corvi felt her mind wander to a far off place, a past time from eight years before; to the very first time she'd met her 'father' and the Kind-Of-Family she had grown to love dearly.   

A/N: IS CORVI'S PAST REALLY AS DRAMATIC AS I MAKE IT SEEM? ARE A PAIR OF ITALIAN BROTHERS PART OF WHO SHE KNOWS/HER KIND-OF-FAMILY *HINT, HINT*? CAN I WRITE A MORE HORRIBLE ENDING TO A (FILLER-ISH) CHAPTER? TUNE IN NEXT TIME! Aha, anyway. Thanks so much, everyone, for the 30 likes and the 28 favorites (as I mentally freak out)! I'm so happy! This thing is wayyyyy more popular than I ever thought it'd be!
IMPORTANT: Okay, so I know I don't update all that often, and I should, but next week, I won't be updating, like, at all. For reasons I shall explain later. Also, because of the fact that I'm taking an online psychology class to satisfy a graduation 
requirement, (I'm fifteen and soon to be a sophomore), I'm kinda busy, particularly with the damn Collaboration Project I've been having to do this week/finish next week. I'm currently a stressed out individual. So yeah. Excuses, excuses, but I felt they needed to be said. Again, thank you to everyone who reads/favorites/likes this! You're all amazing! 

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