New Kid [Hetalia: USUK]

Alfred F. Jones was always sure of himself, always confident, always the popular kid at school, always with a girl. And then, Arthur Kirkland showed up and flipped him upside down. With Arthur's appearance, his confidence wavers, his popularity begins to falter, and worst of all, he's no longer sure how to feel about anyone.

--Now rated R because I really don't want to offend anyone. If I offend anyone, or anyone feels that this story should not be continued for any reason that has to do with a violation of Movellas Terms and Condition, please let me know.--

--This is Yaoi/BoyxBoy. If you don't like it, don't read. Also, really sorry about any language I might use. It should be pretty mild. But if you aren't comfortable with certain cuss words... Ain't much I can do. Just don't read this, I guess.--


20. Phantom's Meeting: Heavenly Memories

     Arthur did not meet Francis for a while. Alfred made sure of it. Alfred didn't want Arthur to explode on Francis, possibly making the phantom with unknown powers angry and vengeful. After all, Francis had taken the job of watching Arthur of his own volition. There was no need for Francis to truly care about Arthur. 

      Two weeks had passed since Arthur had known about Francis and he was growing apprehensive about meeting him. What if Francis had never died but was instead playing a sick joke on him to get revenge? How revenge would come with that plan, Arthur had not the slightest idea, but it was still a possibility in his mind. 

    Finally, one Thursday night, when Alfred and Arthur were laying on the couch and watching TV, Arthur sat up and frowned at Alfred, his thick eyebrows furrowed. "Alfred. When am I going to get to speak with Francis? It's been a fortnight and-" Arthur was cut off by Alfred's snort. "A fortnight? Dude, we're in the twenty-first century. What's a fortnight, anyway?" 

   Arthur huffed. "It's two weeks, you git. Anyway, I need to speak with Francis." Alfred sighed, growing serious. He and Francis had spoken during school hours, unbeknownst to Arthur. They had agreed that Francis keep near to the apartment always, and should Alfred suddenly call out for Francis, the Frenchman would appear. "Are you sure? You won't do anything, uh, well...dumb?"  Arthur's frowned deepened. "No. I will not. I am not known for making 'dumb' decisions. Now get him over here. Summon him or whatever it is that you do."

    Alfred rolled his eyes, making Arthur cross his arms over his chest, his gaze full of irritation. "Francis!" Alfred called out. Both boys eyed the ceiling, wondering if the phantom of Francis Bonnefoy would appear from above. "Bonjour!" Both heads turned toward the kitchen. Francis sat atop the counter, his legs dangling, tossing a red apple up and down, the red fruit plopping into the center of his palm each time it fell. Arthur paled. Francis looked the same as the last time he'd seen him; golden blond hair was tied back in a pony tail, a strand of curl hair dangling down his forehead; blue eyes sparkled with perpetual amusement; his somewhat muscular frame with defined muscles was the same as before; a sky blue, long sleeved, button down shirt and black dress pants along with dress shoes squeezed against his frame. 

    The Frenchman hopped off the counter and walked over to Arthur. He smiled kindly, his blue eyes soft. "Bonjour, Arthur, mon ami. Eet has been a long time, has eet not?" Arthur was overcome with emotion. Fear, anger, sadness, some sort of joy, and frustration coursed through his veins. His emerald eyes were blank as he took Francis in. Silence filled the air. Alfred held his breath, waiting for Arthur's reaction. 

  Finally, Arthur spoke. "You bloody fucking Frenchman," he whispered hoarsely. Francis' smile disappeared. "I know. Let me explain everytheeng, Arthur." Arthur nodded, his pale face's features having hardened. "You better have a damn good reason for this, you fucking git." Francis nodded.

  "I do." 

  Taking a breath he really didn't need, Francis launched into a story the likes of which had very rarely been told on Earth. 

   When Francis had died, he saw nothing but black for what seemed like eternity. And then, suddenly, he blinked and he stood in a blindingly white room, in a long line. It took him a few moments to adjust to the light-filled room, and when he did, he realized that it was rather plain and that there was a voice at the far end of it. At first, the voice was soft as a whisper. Then, as the line grew closer, the voice was booming, resounding, deafening. 

  Francis looked around, wincing, covering his ears. He saw no emotion on the other people in line's faces. Francis removed his hands from his ears and got used to the booming voice. Before he knew it, he was standing before a light of shimmering splendor. The voice said something, something he could not understand. For some reason, Oriel, Arthur's mother, stood beside him, her eyes wide. She kept shaking her head, as if telling him to stay silent. He heard a small voice, his own voice, respond, defying Oriel's orders. He said something like, "I volunteer," and suddenly, he was whisked out of the room. He arrived in a far darker room. 

  The dim room had solid, black rock walls, like that of a medieval castle. The ceiling was high with dark wooden beams. Candle light glinted off the walls. Numerous bookshelves filled the seemingly endless room. In the center of the room, a dark hooded figure stood. Without his realizing, Francis had begun walking toward the figure. He noticed Oriel beside him out of the corner of his eyes, also walking toward the figure. He tried to call out to her, but he could not speak. He could not take his eyes away from the figure. 

  Upon arriving before the figure, a voice emanated from the folds of the black cloth that covered it. The voice was feminine, whispering gently. Her voice echoed around the room despite it's low volume and Francis heard her easily. "Dearly departed souls; Oriel Kirkland and Francis Bonnefoy. You were lovers in life and your lives ended due to Arthur Kirkland. Even so, there must be someone to watch over the boy. His fate is one that is fixed, one that must happen, or the universe could be in grave danger. I am offering this choice to the both of you; one of you will gain eternal peace and the other eternal wandering. One must watch over Arthur Kirkland. Which shall it be? The one who speaks first shall gain this job and loose eternal peace." 

    Both struggled, but in the end, Francis spoke. "I will," he said, his voice hoarse and animal-like, half stuck in the back of his throat. At his words, both souls spoke freely. "Francis! He is my son! I must watch over him, even at the cost of my own peace!" Francis shook his head. "I'm sorry, Oriel, but I will not allow you to wander for all of eternity. I will gladly pay that price to give you peace." 

    Oriel's eyes softened from anger to tenderness. "But, my love..." He lifted his index finger to her lips and shushed her. "Non, don't do this, Oriel. Don't argue today. You will have life beyond zhis. I owe you zhis much." Oriel looked down, then, torn between objection and obedience. Finally, after much careful deliberation, she chose obedience. 

    The figure spoke once more after a few moments. "This decision is final. Say your final goodbyes, Peaceful One, Wandering One." The hooded figure raised its arms into the air slowly. Francis grabbed Oriel and pressed his lips to hers in a final, passionate kiss. "Goodbye, Oriel. I love you." 

     Oriel shook her head. "Forget my love, Francis. Move past it or neither of us will ever be able to survive the pain of this separation." Francis' eyes widened but after a moment, he realized the logic in her statement. To forget his love for Oriel was not possible, but to move past it was only a matter of time. He nodded to her and they broke their embrace. "Farewell, Francis. Please, protect my little boy." Francis nodded again. "Of course, Oriel. I will keep him safe." With that, Oriel disappeared from view, fading away into the place beyond human existence. 

      The figure's voice rang out. "Are you prepared for your task, Francis Bonnefoy?" Francis straightened his stature and stared, stony faced at this hooded being. "Oui." 

      Light filled the room, blinding and colorless. When Francis opened his eyes, he was in the center of a bustling city, invisible to all, people phasing through him as if he were nothing. It was then that he realized the enormity of what he had done and it was then that he broke down and sobbed for what he had lost. 

    He spent the next two months understanding his new existence, learning about Arthur's fate, finding allies among the inhuman, those like Autumn. He learned to keep moving forward. In essence, he felt like a shark. He had to constantly move, constantly swim forward, or he would drown, sinking to the bottom of a sea of grief. 



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