New Kid [Hetalia: USUK]

Alfred F. Jones was always sure of himself, always confident, always the popular kid at school, always with a girl. And then, Arthur Kirkland showed up and flipped him upside down. With Arthur's appearance, his confidence wavers, his popularity begins to falter, and worst of all, he's no longer sure how to feel about anyone.

--Now rated R because I really don't want to offend anyone. If I offend anyone, or anyone feels that this story should not be continued for any reason that has to do with a violation of Movellas Terms and Condition, please let me know.--

--This is Yaoi/BoyxBoy. If you don't like it, don't read. Also, really sorry about any language I might use. It should be pretty mild. But if you aren't comfortable with certain cuss words... Ain't much I can do. Just don't read this, I guess.--


2. Introduction

        "Class! Class!" The teacher at the front of the class was tapping a meter stick against the white board. Slowly, the murmurs of Alfred's last class of the day died down. Alfred lightly tapped his pencil against his blank notebook, staring at the lines of the page as if expecting them to jump right off the page and cover the room or form an infinite combination of shapes. He wrote a word on the heading line of the paper and doodle around it. Silence, he wrote, the graphite shining slightly with the florescent lights pouring down on the word from above. 

        The class watched the teacher, waiting for her to speak. Alfred sat at the back of the class and made no move to even appear interested in his teacher. He was thoroughly bored and wished she would just teach so that he might have some form of sound blocking out the thoughts he'd been having since he'd seen the transfer student.

        "Class, this is Arthur Kirkland, our transfer student from England." Alfred looked up and tried to keep his jaw from dropping. It was the same boy, the same transfer student that had interrupted him and his girlfriend at lunch! The boy, Arthur, looked at his feet shyly, pushing up his glasses. Alfred pushed his own glasses up at the action. Arthur wore a sweater vest and khaki pants, the typical school uniform. Somehow, though, Alfred thought that Arthur made the clothes look better than they actually did. Alfred shook the thought from his head a moment later. 

        What was he thinking anyway? He was straight! He didn't like guys at all.


       "Care to tell us about yourself, Arthur?" The teacher asked with a kind smile. Arthur shrugged. "I'm sixteen. From the UK. I like music and reading. And scones. That's about it." There was a soft wave of laughter at the mention of his liking scones. Alfred saw his face become dusted a light pink. He had to bit his lip, practically drawing blood, to keep himself from thinking that Arthur looked cute with the blush on his face. 

         "You should sit next to Mr. Jones over there," the teacher said, motioning to the unoccupied seat on Alfred's left. Alfred mentally cursed the teacher, although he did his best to smile kindly at Arthur. Arthur quietly made his way to his new seat and sat down carefully, as if he might break the seat just by putting a little weight on it. Alfred himself was sprawled out, his legs spread on either side of the desk. 

         Arthur took out a notebook and a pencil, training his attention only on to the white board in front of him. Alfred did the same, although he peeked at the boy out of the corner of his eye every so often. There was something about this boy that made his heart race. He had no idea what they learned in that class that day, as he was too distracted. As soon as class was over, he made a point to catch up with Arthur. "Hey, Arthur!" 

       The boy, who had been one of the first to leave the class, looked back at Alfred. His face turned red in the memory of what he'd seen that afternoon, at lunch, Alfred assumed. "Hey, Arthur," he said again once he had caught up. "Hello. You're Alfred, right?" Alfred nodded. "Yeah, I am. So you're from England?" Arthur nodded. "That's cool. So, uh, since you're new, you wanna hang out? I could give you the grand tour of the town." Arthur shrugged. "Why not? I don't know the town at all. Maybe you could show me around." Alfred grinned. "Just give me a sec." 

       Alfred texted his girlfriend to say that he forgot, but he had other plans and wouldn't be able to hang out that afternoon. She said it was fine and that she'd talk to him later. "Alright, let's get going, Artie." Arthur's unusually thick eyebrow's furrowed and he frowned. "Don't call me that, git." Alfred laughed. "Oh come on! Chill, Artie. You need a nickname if you wanna fit in." Arthur rolled his eyes. "Stop calling me that. I'm starting to regret agreeing to 'hang out', as you say." Alfred bit his lip and frowned. 

       Arthur noticed that the careless remark he'd made seemed to make Alfred sad. "I didn't mean it, you blood git." Arthur said with a sigh. Alfred brightened immediately and grabbed Arthur's arm. "To the center of town!" He cheered, dragging Arthur off of campus and towards the city. 

       "Slow down you idiot! Stop dragging me!" Arthur screeched. Alfred ignored him however and only stopped once they were in the center of the town. "So yeah. This is the center of town. It's pretty boring." Arthur, who was still catching his breath from being half-dragged the entire way to the center of town, nodded. "Alright. What's there to see here that's not boring, according to you?" He said between breaths. "Not much. There's a boardwalk over there," Alfred said, pointing down the street, toward the ocean. Arthur studied the street and committed the area to memory.  

        They spent the next couple hours touring the city, joking around, Arthur getting angry and embarrassed at times and Alfred laughing at his blush. Eventually, they made their way to Arthur's house, an old, mansion type place on the expensive side of town. Alfred was in awe when he saw his home. Arthur seemed unfazed by the house and surprised at Alfred's reaction.

       "I've lived in houses like this all my life," Arthur explained. Alfred nodded. "I live in a crappy apartment on the other side of town, so I guess this is where we say goodbye. Here's my number, in case you need help with anything." Arthur nodded. "Alright. Thank you." Arthur waved and slipped inside his home before Alfred could say anything else. 

      On the walk home, Alfred could think of nothing but Arthur. His heart thumped loudly at the thought of Arthur wrapping his arms around his neck, coming close to his face, pressing his lips against-

      Alfred shook the thoughts out of his head. He had a girlfriend, decent grades, and popularity. What more could he want? He couldn't ruin it by having weird feelings for some new dude he'd just met. With that on his mind, Alfred tried blocking Arthur from his mind. He went home, did his homework, and called his girlfriend. He buried Arthur and his cute blushing at the back of his mind as best he could. 

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