New Kid [Hetalia: USUK]

Alfred F. Jones was always sure of himself, always confident, always the popular kid at school, always with a girl. And then, Arthur Kirkland showed up and flipped him upside down. With Arthur's appearance, his confidence wavers, his popularity begins to falter, and worst of all, he's no longer sure how to feel about anyone.

--Now rated R because I really don't want to offend anyone. If I offend anyone, or anyone feels that this story should not be continued for any reason that has to do with a violation of Movellas Terms and Condition, please let me know.--

--This is Yaoi/BoyxBoy. If you don't like it, don't read. Also, really sorry about any language I might use. It should be pretty mild. But if you aren't comfortable with certain cuss words... Ain't much I can do. Just don't read this, I guess.--


13. Frighteningly Interesting

      It was the middle of the next week, Wednesday, when Arthur and Alfred had a new girl begin attending school with them. More precisely, she was in their last class of the day, English. 

     And goddammit, did their teacher love her. 

     From the beginning, it was apparent that the girl could write like a fiend and that she read voraciously. She had a different novel every couple days. She tore through The Book Thief, ripped Looking for Alaska apart, and devoured Fahrenheit 451 in one hour. As for her writing: at one point, the class was asked to write an essay on cruelty. They had to use a historical figure to prove that pride in one's country and the self-enforced need to save one's people could cause a person to unwittingly become cruel. 

    By the end of the class period, the girl had written an entire page of the essay. The most jaw-dropping fact of that page? It was only one paragraph. 

   The teacher was so amazed by the quantity, as well as quality of the work, that she read it to the class. Alfred was astounded, yes, but Arthur was both reverent and envious. Before the girl had arrived, Arthur had been the star pupil of the class, basking in the glory of being the best. 

   The girl had taken him out of the spotlight. She received endless praise for her writing. What angered and awed Arthur the most, however, was that the girl hardly reacted to the praise. She simply shrugged it off, saying that she had been writing much of her life, and that her talent was owed to practice, not some God-given gift. She said that anyone could write that well if they wrote and read as much as she did. 

   Arthur was intrigued and somewhat frightened by the girl. Alfred, however, didn't pay her very much attention, until, of course, Arthur started to complain about her. Then, Alfred was forced to pay attention, forced to study her like a bug beneath a microscope. 

    Both males admitted it, the girl was attractive, not they were attracted to her, for... obvious reasons. Her hair was light brunette, as well as cut short--to the nape of her neck--and spiky. Her bangs were short and rectangular, covering her forehead. A strand of her hair was dyed crimson and hung on the left, just next to her bangs. Her mouth permanently tilted to one side, an amused almost-smirk always playing at her lips. Her eyes were gray; no, not gray. Gray was too modest a word. Her eyes were liquid platinum, silvery, shinning pools of light that never went out. 

   She was built to be sturdy. The clothes she wore left everything and anything to the imagination. She could have curves, or maybe not. She could have a killer body, or maybe not. She wore the male version of the school uniform, basically, with her own style attached. This meant that she wore khaki dress pants, a button down white shirt with short sleeves, and a vest over it. Her hands were always in her pockets and her headphones--red, large, Sony brand headphones--always covered her ears, blasting what everyone assumed to be heavy-metal or something of that sort. 

     The worst of all that; everyone was pretty much sure that she was not at all straight. She acted so intimidating and rough, there was no possible way. Still, no one approached her about that fact. No one dared make fun of her. When she walked the halls, her ram-rod straight posture demanded respect. And everyone gave her the respect she commanded. 

   Arthur decided, one Tuesday, two weeks after she had begun school with them, that he would get to know this odd female. Alfred knew of his plan and went along with it, purely due to the fact that he was curious about her, as well. For the first five minutes off class, the boys both stared at the girl, who happened to sit directly in front of Arthur. 

  Finally, at the end of those first five minutes, two minutes before the bell to start class rang, the girl turned around, sighing. "If you want to know," she said, glaring at the pair. "I'm not a lesbian." Arthur raised his eyebrows, his cheeks reddening slightly in embarrassment. Alfred bit his lip.

    Why the hell had she assumed that they would ask her about that?

    Not that the question hadn't been on their minds. 

   "Well, not completely, anyway," the girl said, smirking. Alfred's mouth fell open and Arthur just stared at her. She admitted that fact so easily, it was astonishing. No one at their school would ever do that. "I'm Sophia, by the way. Sophia Mari. I'm eighteen and this fucking teacher idolizes me so much, it's scary." She shivered, although it was feigned. 

   Arthur finally spoke. "I'm Arthur," he mumbled. "I know. I pay attention. You're actually quite cute, Arthur. And you, too, Alfred. Particularly you, Alfred, darling, what with those astounding sapphire eyes--no, not sapphire, cerulean eyes-- and those glasses of yours," she sighed. Alfred and Arthur were both filled with a feeling of embarrassment and jealousy at this girl calling both of them cute, as if she might make a move on them and take one away from the other. "Honestly," she whispered, leaning forward, cupping a hand next to her mouth and smirking.  "I'd screw both of you right here and now, if we weren't in class."

     Alfred and Arthur were still as stone, their faces tomato red. Finally, they both reacted. "N-No! N-No, um...No. No. No," Alfred mumbled. Arthur shook his head vigorously, unable to look her in the eye. Sophia chuckled after seeing their reactions. "Oh, don't take it so seriously! I was just kidding! I have another love interest. He's fantastic, you know. Besides..." She smirked broadly, and then leaned in, whispering again, "I know you two are in love." Her tone was sing song, teasing.

  From one end of the spectrum to the other: Arthur went pale and Alfred almost fell out of his chair, turning white with fright. "W-What the hell?! You're one crazy chick, you know that?!" Alfred whispered angrily, his eyes wildly darting around the room to see if anyone had heard her. She smirked again. "Tch. I know that, too. Hey, I'm being serious now," she said, suddenly frowning. Arthur and Alfred calmed down a bit, their breathing going back to normal, although their hearts were still hammering with terror. "Look, I'm a little behind on math and bio. Think you guys could help me catch up?" 

  Alfred and Arthur looked at each other. Alfred shrugged. Arthur turned back to Sophia and sighed. "Fine. You seem more decent, entertaining, and non-hypocritical than most people here." She smiled. "Yeah, but that's only 'cause I'm not small minded and I'm also totally awesome." Arthur pinched the bridge of his nose and turned to the board, as the class was beginning.

  This would be a long afternoon. 



   After school, Alfred and Arthur found that Sophia was quite annoying, to say the least. She spoke endlessly and teased Arthur and Alfred all the way home. "You guys are so cute, I swear. How has no one figured out that you two are together? God, you're just a perfect fit!" About halfway through the journey home, they learned something that made her offhanded comments about their relationship make sense.

  Sophia was a fangirl. She loved anime, yaoi, and some weird Japanese music called VOCALOID. "The thing about VOCALOID," she explained. "Is that it tells stories. It's not just 'Yo I fucked a slut in the ass while I was catching some bass motha fucka' or whatever. It has meaning. Most of it, anyway. Although I'll admit that some of it is perverted. Like Plus Boy, which is about the perverted school adventures of Len Kagamine. It's hilarious, though. Oh, and just so you know; I blast VOCALOID through my headphones, not heavy-metal, like everyone seems to think. I don't really even like that genre very much." 

   Another thing they learned was that she cursed like a sailor. Sophia was a lover of all crude words and believed in using each and every one she knew equally. "Okay, guys, so what the shit? What haven't you fuckers come out of the closet yet? Come on, it's the twenty first century. Bitches ain't gonna burn your asses just 'cause y'all love each other, goddamn." Arthur rolled his eyes. "In case you haven't noticed, our school is not full of the most accepting blokes, Sophia." Sophia wrinkled her nose. "God, that way you say my name sounds so fucking snotty. Call me Autumn." 

   Arthur gave her a look. "Why the hell should we call you that?" Sophia shrugged. "You could call me Aut, too." They were already at the apartment complex by this time. At the foot of the stairs, Alfred stopped her. "Why Autumn?" She smiled. "It's my middle name. I like it. It's pretty cool. Technically, I've got like a thousand names, since I'm Hispanic and all, but I mostly go by Autumn or Aut." 

   Sophia Autumn Mari waltzed into their apartment like she owned the place and plopped down on the couch. She tilted her head back and stretched her arms. "Couch sweet couch. I love this fucking place already." 

   Alfred and Arthur were silent, both deeply regretting letting her come over. "So... Do you two live together?" Without thinking, Alfred and Arthur nodded in unison, their fingers intertwining in the empty space between where they stood. Autumn smirked. "Knew it. I live with a partner, too." 

   "You don't have parents?" Autumn opened her eyes and stared at them, raising an eyebrow. "Of course I do. They're down in Florida, with my little brother. Corvi took me up here, 'cause we're both tired of that goddamn state. It's so hot there! It's far nicer up here." Autumn put her feet up on the coffee table and crossed her legs at her ankles.

   "So wait. You've got a partner?" Autumn nodded. "Hell yeah I do. She's boss as fuck. Like, she's short, but she packs a punch, ya know? Corvi's the shit. We're both pretty dominant, though." Alfred couldn't stop himself from asking, as rude as he knew the question was. "So when you guys screw or whatever, who tops?" Autumn was up in a moment, jabbing her index finger into his chest, pushing him backwards, her cheeks bright red. "You stupid fuck head! We don't screw! We're just friends, goddamn! We tried that relationship shit once! Didn't work out too well… Shit, we almost killed each other." Alfred raised an eyebrow. He looked down at his feet, somewhat ashamed for asking. "I didn’t know. Sorry about that." Autumn pushed the crimson strand of hair she had behind her ear. 

   "It's cool, dude. The memories were kinda graphic when you said that." Alfred stared at her. She smirked suddenly, staring into the middle distance. "Although, those memories are pretty damn sexy. God, the sex was great, but we just can't be together like that. I'm more interested in dudes than chicks, although chicks are pretty fucking great."

    Both boys were stunned by this girl, so open about everything. "Okay boys! Stop ogling me and my openness and let's get down to studying, please." And study they did. When Autumn set her mind to it, she was serious and did exactly as she was asked. She learned everything she needed to rather quickly. 

   Alfred found her bearable enough, although Arthur was still wary of her. "Y'all got any food?" Alfred nodded. "Fridge. Hope you like burgers." Autumn nodded and went to the fridge. She wrinkled her nose at the sight of the food inside. "Goddamn, do you humans eat anything other than fast food? Have either of you had pasta lately?" 

   Arthur looked down at his lap, blushing in embarrassment. Unaware, Alfred shouted back from the couch, "Nah. I'm too lazy and Arthur's not exactly the best cook."  In moments, Autumn was standing on the love seat next to Alfred in a heroic pose. "I will return as soon as possible! Until then, no one is to neither go into the kitchen nor eat any food!" 

    Before either boy could say a word, Autumn was out the door. The door slammed shut and then there was silence in the apartment for a few minutes. Arthur and Alfred listened, to make sure the girl was gone. In seconds, Arthur had straddled Alfred, wrapping his arms around Alfred's neck and roughly kissing Alfred. Alfred's hands snaked around Arthur's waist as he kissed him back just as roughly. 

    Before long, Alfred's hands were beneath Arthur's shirt, tracing soft circles on his bare skin. Arthur's breath hitched. The kiss was broken only slightly. Alfred spoke, his lips moving against Arthur's. "God, I thought she'd never leave," he murmured. "I need you right now, Alfred," Arthur growled, his eyes dark with lust. 

   Alfred smirked. "Oh, I know." Alfred pinned Arthur down on the couch, now straddling Arthur. Arthur was panting, his cheeks dusted scarlet. "A-Alfred, please. I want you right now." Alfred leaned forward and the two proceeded to make out, Alfred slowly sliding a hand down Arthur's pants. In fact, they were in the middle of a certain act involving Alfred's hands in Arthur's pants went Autumn burst through the door. "Guys! I'm ba-"

   All three were frozen. Autumn stared at the two, her cheeks bright red. Arthur and Alfred stared back at her, both shocked. Alfred's hand was still in Arthur's pants for a full two minutes before Alfred finally had enough sense to take it out. Autumn ran back out the door and slammed it shut. Both boys heard her back hit the door as she slid down, mumbling incomprehensibly. 

   Alfred and Arthur went into action immediately. Arthur went to the bathroom and Alfred went to the kitchen. He washed his hands, doing his best not to listen to Arthur taking care of a certain issue in the bathroom. Alfred went outside, looking around the hallway, only to find Autumn grinning insanely, sitting on the floor next to the door, biting the nail of her thumb. When she heard Alfred, she looked up at him, saying, "Damn, that was the most yaoi I've seen in forever. Hot damn you two can get into it fast."  

   "Shouldn't you be getting home?" Alfred asked. "Not until I make you two a decent meal. Can I come in now?" Alfred peeked his head in and listened for any noise. The apartment was silent, but for the sound of running water in the bathroom. "Coast's clear." Alfred said, shrugging. 

    Autumn jumped up and raced into the apartment. Alfred noticed that she was clutching two grocery bags in her hands and heard her plop them down on the small counter space. While Autumn did whatever it was she was doing in the kitchen, Alfred sought for Arthur. He went to Arthur's bedroom. The Brit was lying flat on his back in the darkness, his eyes closed, his head tilted toward the ceiling. Alfred knocked on the open door. He saw Arthur jump in surprise, although he didn't get up or even open his eyes. 

   "Autumn doesn't seem sorry," Alfred said, standing in the doorway. "Obviously," Arthur mumbled, huffing angrily. "I think she means well. She's just...” 


    "Yeah, pretty much." Alfred walked into the room, closed the door behind him, then made his way to Arthur's bed and sat down beside him. He absentmindedly traced his index finger in circles on Arthur's arm. Arthur sighed and shivered slightly. They sat in comfortable silence for a few moments, listening to the sounds of Autumn doing whatever it was in the kitchen. 

   "Hey, Arthur, I've been meaning to talk to you about something." Alfred bit his lip and looked down at his lap. Arthur sat up and looked at Alfred, raising an eyebrow. "What is it?" Alfred couldn't look up at Arthur. "Um, well. Recently, something happened and I-" Alfred was cut off by the sound of crashing pans.

    The noise made the pair jolt, their eyes widening. Suddenly, however, they heard someone singing softly, cleaning up whatever mess the falling kitchenware had created. They could barely make out the lyrics, although the tone of voice was soft and sweet.

    I feel the light
    Appearing to be holding me
    I taste the bitter chilly night air
    I lie awake
    I can't believe it's two AM
    But once again, there's nothing there. 

    Alfred and Arthur raised an eyebrow at each other. Slowly, both got up, curious to see if it was really Autumn singing. She was the only one who could possibly be singing. She was the only other one in the house, after all. Quietly, they snuck out of the room and down the hall, peeking around the corner of the wall, into the kitchen. Autumn was indeed singing. What was amazing was that her voice was actually beautiful. It was melodious, professional sounding, as if she had taken lessons everyday of her life. Autumn smiled to herself and continued singing softly, moving about as if she were dancing, throwing ingredients into a large pot and stirring a smaller, identical one next to the large one. 

     There is no heat in my lighter
     As if a fire could burn away from inside
    Although my life has all been a lie
    Somehow I knew that this would soon be the end

     And in my dreams you were laying there just scraping for air
    My fingers wrapped your throat in a wheezing kind of heaving all of
    Air from your struggling body and soul 
   While leaping cries were silently filling my eyes... 
   At this point, Arthur and Alfred decided to make their presence known.  Well, Alfred did, anyway. Arthur was too busy listening, hypnotized by the melody. "Yo, Autumn. You're really good at singing." Autumn jumped and nearly dropped the knife and tomato she was holding in one hand, on her way to the counter to cut it up. "H-How long have you been listening, baka?!" Alfred raised an eyebrow, unsure of what the last word meant. "Since you started singing kinda loud. How come you're all loud and annoying to us when you can be all nice and calm and shit?" 

   Autumn shrugged. "By myself and with others, I am two different people." Arthur had, by then, snapped out of his trance. "You've got quite a voice." Autumn shrugged. "Get over it, guys. Dinner's almost ready." Alfred raised an eyebrow. "Dinner?" She nodded. "What the hell do you think I was doing? Fucking up the kitchen for nothing? I thought I told you I was making you two a decent meal for once." They didn't answer. Instead, they went to the living room, sitting close together on the sofa, waiting for her to bring the food. 

   Five minutes later, she came into the living room, holding two plates in one hand and only one in the other. "I could have helped," Arthur grumbled. "Since you are being so kind at to cook for us." Autumn put a plate down and sighed. "No, thanks. I can do this just fine. I feel kinda bad about barging in on you two earlier." Arthur nodded. Alfred shrugged. They ate in silence, hearing Autumn make a small 'veh' noise every so often. Finally, it got to Arthur. "What the hell is that noise you're making?" Arthur growled, hitting his fist on the coffee table in the living room. 

   "You mean the 'veh' thing?" Both Alfred and Arthur nodded. Alfred was just as curious as Arthur, although he hadn't really been bothered by the noise. "It's from a show." She continued eating and offered no other explanation. The dinner continued, awkward and silent, until there was a fierce knocking at the door. Alfred got up and opened the door. "Hel-"

  "AUTONNO, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!?" A small, Italian girl pushed past Alfred and rushed into the living room. "I'm right here, goddamit. How'd ya find me?" Autumn sighed, eating another bite of pasta. "You were supposed to be home an hour ago! I'll find you wherever you are. You should know that by now." Autumn looked at her watch and laughed. "Would ya look at that. I was supposed to be home an hour ago." The Italian girl huffed and produced a gun from her coat. "Ragazza, I swear I'll shoot you in the knee." 

  Autumn seemed nonchalant. Arthur paled and Alfred's eyes were as big as plates. "A-Alright, there's no need for violence," Arthur said shakily. "She won't shoot," Autumn said, looking the girl in the eyes, her mouth a straight line. The girl put away her gun and sighed. "You know me too well, Aut." 

  "Yeah, well, I live with you, Corvi." Alfred was frozen, speechless. Arthur was the first to comment. "This is Corvi?" The girl, Corvi, frowned and crossed her arms over her chest. "Si. You got a problem wi't me, asshole?" Arthur shook his head vigorously. "N-Not at all." 

  The thing about Corvi was that she was incredibly Italian. She was also incredibly short, not even five feet tall, although very close to it. She was solidly built with few curves. Her arms were somewhat muscular. Her eyes were bright blue and gleamed with danger and the promise of adventure. Her hair was tied in a tight pony tail and was light brown, almost a dirty blond. Freckles dusted her cheeks. 

   "Well, if you two will excuse me, I must drag Autonno home. Buona notte." Corvi grabbed Autumn's arm and dragged her out the door, shutting the door behind the two. "Bye, guys! See ya tomorrow!" Autumn screeched for the entire complex to hear.

  As soon as she left, Alfred unfroze. No words were spoken. Both were undeniably interested in the sudden appearance of these two females and wished to know more. But first...

  Alfred rushed to the couch, picked Arthur up bridal style, and practically ran into the bedroom. Besides hearing Autumn screeching goodbye, the apartment complex also got the distinct pleasure of hearing Arthur and Alfred's moans for half the night. 







A/N: This was a weird fucking chapter. Particularly the ending. Kind of a (long ass) filler. Sorry about that. *is in Autumn-Corvi mood* Anyway, next chapter, Autumn and Corvi's existence is explained, kinda. Trust me, it's gonna be weird, but it has quite a bit to do with the story.  Yeah~  Okay guys. 18 likes. 20 favorites. WHAT THE FLYING FUCK IS THIS EVEN?! I'M SO HAPPY OMG I FEEL LOVED AND AND OMG I CANNOT. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS. OMGGGGGG.
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