Their Fault *Completed*

When the Where We Are world stadium tour finaly comes around, the world goes crazy. Back row tickets cost £100 and front row seats don't have a set price, it just keeps going up!!
12 year old Lizzie Elliott wishes she could get a ticket so when her best friend Morgan Thomas tells her he has 3, she feels like her prayers have been answered. After all, how much would front row tickets to see the biggest band in the world cost? But even weirder, how did Morgan get them?......
Lizzie falls into a coma during the concert and no one knows why. Morgan hasnt got a clue why, but the 2 bands were the only ones around at the time, sobelieves it is 1D and 5sos's faults.
It turns him crazy. Crazy enough to kill...

BTW the sequel is called Deaths Revenge. If you enjoyed this then you will enjoy DR!!!


21. Chapter 21

*************Morgan’s p.o.v ************* Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. “Morgan?” Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. “MORGAN?” Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. “MORGAN! I’M TALKING TO YOU!!” “Genius Sherlock, absolute genius” “Morgan,” she was talking now, “we know you have taken Lizzie’s err… erm hospitalization (please tell me if this is an actual word! Xx) worse than anyone but please don’t take it out on your dad and I” “Mum, taking it hard is a bit soft,” I muttered, “it’s more I have had my soul torn up like Lord Voldemort and his Horcruxes (HP!! Hell yes!!) “ Quite literally. So much nearly murder. I mean come on, I must have about 5 Horcruxes, I bet Lizzie is one, and Calum’s coffin. Anyway, it turned out we were going to the club. At least I could see Jake, hey I could maybe see if Carlos was there, evil, evil I don’t know what. Oh yeh, I still needed to kill him, oh well, he can wait, I need to ask Jake why he hasn’t talked to me since Carlos gave me those tickets. I am such a bloody fool!! Well he’s gonna pay, and its going to be a lot more than £150… ************* Jake’s p.o.v ************* I just saw Morgan come in, I need to stay away from him, he doesn’t know what I have done, I don’t know what he will think about me for it. He could hate me, or he could understand. Anyway, I need to apologise, for Carlos, for not talking, for everything. Stuff avoiding him, I need to man up. Here goes… “Morgan!” “Sneeze idiotic fool sneeze sneeze” “What’s wi the sneezing?” “Sneeze go away sneze” “Morgan, look man, I’m sorry” “ ‘Excuse me!’ “ “ Your not making sense, are you sure all of this hasn’t affected your head?!” He stormed off, perfect, just what I needed. At least I tried, I tried and I failed. Well, 99 scratches it is. I find comfort in pain, it helps me forget, and I have a lot to forget. My secret crush in hospital, my best mate hating me, school grades going so down I’m grounded so I can’t go and see her. She knows who I am, we go to the same school. She’s so beautiful, so funny, so caring, so Lizzie. I need her now and she isn’t even mine. She needs to be mine, I will ask her when she wakes up. She is gonna soon, I can tell. I can feel it. Yay for sneezing and 'Excuse me' xx happy reading xxx
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