Their Fault *Completed*

When the Where We Are world stadium tour finaly comes around, the world goes crazy. Back row tickets cost £100 and front row seats don't have a set price, it just keeps going up!!
12 year old Lizzie Elliott wishes she could get a ticket so when her best friend Morgan Thomas tells her he has 3, she feels like her prayers have been answered. After all, how much would front row tickets to see the biggest band in the world cost? But even weirder, how did Morgan get them?......
Lizzie falls into a coma during the concert and no one knows why. Morgan hasnt got a clue why, but the 2 bands were the only ones around at the time, sobelieves it is 1D and 5sos's faults.
It turns him crazy. Crazy enough to kill...

BTW the sequel is called Deaths Revenge. If you enjoyed this then you will enjoy DR!!!


19. Chapter 19

~~*************Lizzie’s p.o.v *************
OMG!! He’s here. Luke Hemmings. The one and only. Although it is Morgan’s fault… oh well. I need to wake up soon so I can meet him, OMG please brain please let me wake up.
I found out as Nurse Allie came in to do whatever she does when she comes in every morning. She was talking non stop about him “Luke says this” “Luke says that” “Luke’s so funny and cute”. Lucky person. I wish I was in her situation, walking, talking, seeing and eating. I miss food, I suppose that sounds really greedy but I haven’t eaten proper food for weeks now. All I want right now is Oreos. Or Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough. But no I’m stuck here with a needle in my arm not able to eat or drink, speak and see, walk and talk. I would give anything now to be in the park with Morgan, eating Oreo ice cream and argueing about who is the best looking from 1D (comment below!!). Just for everything to be normal.
Anywho, Dr Nelson can past muttering about “patient, Nurse relationships” and “bad influence, making out in plain view of everyone”. I wanted to giggle so badly then and to talk. Dr Nelson always came and told me what my tests showed and what could happen to me and how likely it was. Mum and dad didn’t visit much anymore, they said they needed to earn money and they would try and visit every weekend, that was at least 2 weeks ago and they haven’t come once. Neither has Morgan since his confession. That was expected. I want to see myself in a mirror, I will probably be so skinny and not how I was before, fat and ugly. Maybe less food and being in a coma will have made me skinny and I will hopefully look pretty. People might like me more, I might even be able to get a boyfriend!! I was hated but maybe I won’t be when I wake up… Hopefully…
This is just a message to anyone who thinks these things: that no one likes them, or they are fat, or they are ugly or they are too skinny. Whatever you don’t like about yourself, it who you are and I promise you you would hate it if it changed. So whatever you think is bad about you there is someone out there who thinks the opposite so listen to them because they are speaking the truth. Xoxo happy reading and thank you for 100 reads xoxo  btw Team Band or Team Morgan?! xoxoxo

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