Their Fault *Completed*

When the Where We Are world stadium tour finaly comes around, the world goes crazy. Back row tickets cost £100 and front row seats don't have a set price, it just keeps going up!!
12 year old Lizzie Elliott wishes she could get a ticket so when her best friend Morgan Thomas tells her he has 3, she feels like her prayers have been answered. After all, how much would front row tickets to see the biggest band in the world cost? But even weirder, how did Morgan get them?......
Lizzie falls into a coma during the concert and no one knows why. Morgan hasnt got a clue why, but the 2 bands were the only ones around at the time, sobelieves it is 1D and 5sos's faults.
It turns him crazy. Crazy enough to kill...

BTW the sequel is called Deaths Revenge. If you enjoyed this then you will enjoy DR!!!


33. 33

Allie's POV

I ran into Lizzie's room, moments too late. It looked like she had tried to get up, but slipped out of bed and onto the floor. The sidebars were no longer up, her back looked twisted. I called for the doctor, and Gill, then ran out. I couldn't stand it. Everyone dying, it wasn't right. It was like a huge nightmare, just unfolding more and more. I ended up running straight into Luke, who was out of his bed and in the wheelchair.

"Ugh, sorry." I said, not paying him much attention. I continued walking, until I got to the staff room. I made myself a cup of coffee, still rather tired from last night. I ached a bit too, but I wasn't about to tell anyone about that. I would get questions.


Luke's POV. (26th July, a day later)

My birthday. No one around me. Just laid in bed, lonely. I thought 18th birthdays were special, a time to celebrate. What was to celebrate though?! My friends dying or hating me? It wasn't fair.

The doctor came in, probably to move me again. "Now Luke, your 18 today, so happy birthday!" Wow, my first birthday wish from the worlds gayest and annoyingest (if that's a word) doctor. "We are going to move you onto the adult men's ward now, ward 20. We will wait for Allie and Ashton until we take you, and Allie will be being moved too. Hope you don't mind, Lorna was telling me you two weren't getting along the best recently."

"Fine, oh yeah, who's Lorna?"

"Err Allie's mum. We have been friends since primary school so yeah..." He walked off awkwardly.

About 3 hours later, Allie came in and unlocked the bed. She didn't say a word, just pushed until we got to the lift. Ashton was following behind with my bags, also not saying a word. If I'm honest, I didn't want either of them to talk. I would just end up hating them more.


(2 weeks later)

Allie's POV

I went up to see Luke, we had finally begun to talk again. Not saying much, but just his and stuff. I was walking up the stairs, my stomach shot out an extreme pain. I was about to throw up, so I ran as fast as I could. I couldn't make it to the toilets, so I used a bin. I emptied out just about my entirety of my insides, my throat began to burn.

"Allie, you ok?" I heard Luke call, he could see me through his rooms window. I couldn't answer, vomit still pouring from my mouth.


"Ash, I, I think I'm pregnant.." I bowed my head. Luke was asleep in the bed as I stood there, picking the skin from my fingers. Ash just stared up at me in awe, from the unusually low chair he was sat on.

"Allie, what makes you think that?" He asked, rather stupidly.

"Well, for the last few days all I've done is chuck up, I'm a week late and I'm pretty sure we didn't use protection..."

He stood up and embraced me in a warm hug.

"Go do a test. I'll look after Luke for a while." He said, he rubbed my shoulder and I walked out, went to look for some old pregnancy tests in a draw.


Ashton's POV.

She might be pregnant. My heart raced, excitement and worry at the same time. Luke began to wake up, we hadn't spoken much lately. He was really annoyed about his birthday thing, that was pretty much the last time I spoke to him. I obviously felt guilty about it all, but not about Morgan. His death was found about 10 days ago, showing how rubbish the police service here were. They hadn't traced me, there were no cameras around and I took the bleech back home so they had no finger prints. I wasn't sure if that was enough, but it would do.


"Yeah!" I jumped, Luke was talking!

"Bog off will ya." Whaaa...

"Err, no I cant do that. Especially when Allie ain't here. Why do ya want me gone so bad anyway?"

"Well tell her to get here. She is my nurse and carer, so she should be caring for me. Get it?! And basically, you stole my girlfriend, you let Michael  die, You abandoned me on my eighteenth birthday-"

"Its positive." Allie said, not realizing Luke was awake. She had the test in her hand, her face was unreadable."


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