Their Fault *Completed*

When the Where We Are world stadium tour finaly comes around, the world goes crazy. Back row tickets cost £100 and front row seats don't have a set price, it just keeps going up!!
12 year old Lizzie Elliott wishes she could get a ticket so when her best friend Morgan Thomas tells her he has 3, she feels like her prayers have been answered. After all, how much would front row tickets to see the biggest band in the world cost? But even weirder, how did Morgan get them?......
Lizzie falls into a coma during the concert and no one knows why. Morgan hasnt got a clue why, but the 2 bands were the only ones around at the time, sobelieves it is 1D and 5sos's faults.
It turns him crazy. Crazy enough to kill...

BTW the sequel is called Deaths Revenge. If you enjoyed this then you will enjoy DR!!!


16. 16

Louis' POV.

Yes! The kid had finally been locked up! He admitted to everything, after Liam and I caught him telling Lizzie he did it all at the hospital. Immediatley we called the police, and I managed to record a bit on my phone. The police came a few minutes later, and took him away. They took my phone, for evidence, and asked me and Liam to give witness statements in the morning. Straight away Liam called Luke and Harry, so they knew he was getting locked up. Harry was over-the-moon with happiness, but Luke seemed annoyed. If Morgan had been locked up earlier, Calum might have lived. Apparently he locked himself in his room.

The tour had been postponed for the last few days, until everyone was alright again. The 5sauce boys didn't know what they were going to do, Calum wasn't there and Luke was in hospital with a shattered hip, Ash had only just come out of hospital and Mikey was an emotional wreck. So, after a lot of discussion, we decided the Little Mix girls could open for us, until 5 seconds of summer was fixed.


Luke's POV. (Sorry guys, I really love Luke. I basically love writing about his point of view! Saying that I love Louis like a billion too, but that was the first time...... I love Cal too, but he is dead here... ):)

The pain was horrific. After 2 operations, 12 doses of Morpheen and 1 phone call from Liam, nothing was any better. My hip was basically in pieces, unfixable. Morgan had been caught, thanks to Louis and Liam. But, it was a tad late. He had already stabbed Harry, tried to run over Ash, shattered my hip, and oh yeah, DRIVEN MY BEST FRIEND TO SUICIDE!!!! Good job I hadn't got to him before the police, or the little arse hole would of been murdered by me.

The door opened, it was my nurse, Allie. She was Australian too, but moved when she was a baby. I loved the way she had her hair in a side messy bun, with her fringe drooping down her face into her eyes. Sometimes she wore glasses, others not, but she looked wonderful either way. She wasn't an official nurse, just on collage trial, since she was only 17. She was the only good thing that happened in all this.

"Heya Luke. How ya feelin' today?" She giggled.

"Eh, ok. Still hurts a lot. That kid, Morgan, he's been found and locked up."

"Oh ok. Well ive brought you painkillers, and the doctor will be up in an hour or so. And that's great news! Wish it would of happened a bit earlier..." She frowned. Her deep blue eyes looked into mine. She came closer, and I pulled her hand so her body came closer. I reached for her head, and kissed her forehead. She came closer, and we started passionately kissing, lips and all.

*A bit more kissing later...*

Allie grabbed her papers and left. The last ten minutes were by far the second best of my life. The first were when Ash, Mikey Cal and I recorded our first song... The memories came flooding back to me, all the laughs, all the smiles. All the fun, all with Calum. Yes the other guys were there too, but Cal was there the times they weren't too...

Dr Nelson, my doctor, came in. He had a few people with him, but they were usually there. There was no need to pull a curtain around, I was in my own private room.

"Luke, I've got some news. All your tests have come back, there is nothing more we can do for you. You will never walk again..." He started muttering to the people surrounding him, but I didn't care. My eyes welled up with tears, and I let them out. I didn't care if I looked like a baby. Morgan will pay for this, imprisoned or not!


*Omg major news there!! Eek!! Poor Luke ): Btw guys, we want you to get involved a bit more!! Team Band or Team Morgan? Comment below xx*

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