Their Fault *Completed*

When the Where We Are world stadium tour finaly comes around, the world goes crazy. Back row tickets cost £100 and front row seats don't have a set price, it just keeps going up!!
12 year old Lizzie Elliott wishes she could get a ticket so when her best friend Morgan Thomas tells her he has 3, she feels like her prayers have been answered. After all, how much would front row tickets to see the biggest band in the world cost? But even weirder, how did Morgan get them?......
Lizzie falls into a coma during the concert and no one knows why. Morgan hasnt got a clue why, but the 2 bands were the only ones around at the time, sobelieves it is 1D and 5sos's faults.
It turns him crazy. Crazy enough to kill...

BTW the sequel is called Deaths Revenge. If you enjoyed this then you will enjoy DR!!!


14. 14

Luke's POV.

After seeing Lizzie, it finally knocked in. Calum was gone, forever. I left the hospital, and called Calums parents to tell them the news. They already knew. They said they wanted the funeral in England, so they knew where he died and that they would be moving to Scotland, so it would only be a days drive away. They said they had booked the funeral for tomorrow, and they were flighing out here today. I secretly didn't want them to come, I don't think I can stand seeing their faces.

It was nine at night now, I spent most of the day pacing around the empty flat. I got a text from Michael, saying he would be staying the night with Ashton, and that they would both be coming to the funeral tomorrow.

I went to the store, to buy a suit for the funeral. Luckily, it was still open, unlike many other shops. It was Thursday night, which meant tomorrow Harry would also be coming out of hospital. The glass didn't do much to him, just shook his head up a bit. He was promised to be released Friday, which was the funeral day. Both boys were in the same hospital, on the same ward. We requested they would both leave around 10am, for the funeral at 1. 

I bought the first suit I could find, even though it was dark murky green. I walked back to the flat, hearing the occasional car drive past. When I got back, I laid my suit across the top of the sofa. I threw my phone at the telly in anger, because of all the tweets I had been getting, not only from Morgan, but also from fans. Eg.

@itsEvie2002 - You killed my boyfriend!!!! I hate you Luke Hem of a skirt!!!

@MorganAndLizzie - You friend tried to kill my best friend, so your best friend died.

@RandomerIsMe - Why didn't you stop it Luke?! We are all so dissapointed in you!

I couldn't take it. There were thousands like them, all saying how much people hate me. I don't like hate. It causes me to do bad things, like cut myself. Which is exactly what I just did.

*Friday, 1 o'clock*

Calums mum patted my shoulder as I started to cry. I looked around at all the people here, a lot of fans. There were also paparazzi, but they were limited. One tried to take a picture of Cal's body, so Louis punched him in the face. It was an awful atmosphere, one I wasn't quite prepared for.

I didn't pay much attention, my head was pounding and my wrist was bleeding again. I was up next though, for my speech.

"Calum T-Thomas H-Hood," I started, but I couldn't do it. I just made up some random rubbish, I couldn't bare to be realistic.

As I was about to finish, I felt a hard shove on my back. I fell forward instantly, and hit the ground. I heard a crunch, and I knew where from straight away. My right hip had just shattered into a thousand pieces.

The sound of laughing and spray paint followed, I heard gasps of shock from the people. I tried to stand, but it was no use. 

The next thing I knew, I was in an ambulance...


*Arrhh I hate hospitals so much! Oh n ye, we r in a band!! Whoop whoop!! BTW, I'm not a murderous killer or anything. I actually really love the 5sauce boys, and I also love 1D, but non of them have died in my stories. If u don't have a clue what I'm on about, read Happy Hunger Games!! Oh ye HAPPY READING! XX*

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