All Bad || Justin Bieber

❝She changed his life, she saved him, and she doesn't even realize it.❞


2. o v e r r a t e d

chapter two - o v e r r a t e d

Emelia's point of view.

Prom, prom, prom. The most overrated thing, in high school, teenage years and life. Every year, girl and boys, walk in their most beautiful dress or suit, and have the hope to get the title, almost everyone wants.

Prom queen and prom king.

They won't win, I and probably even they know that. The chance of winning is 0.000045%, and still there is a little tiny hope in them that they'll win. They won't, end of story. It sounds cold-hearted but, it is really the truth.

Of course, someone has to win. Of course. It's every year the same, and it will seriously never change.

The princess, Lucy Smith. She isn't really a princess, but she for sure acts like one.

Lucy Smith, the most beautiful girl in school. People adored the girl, and it wasn't that big of a suprise. She was stunning, walked in the most expensive clothes and really seemed perfect, with all her straight A's and her supposed 'lovely' smile.

In my opinion she was a witch, we all know how a witch looks like, so it's not even worth explaining. She wasn't really a witch of course, and even I could see she was truly gorgeous. But her whole personality ruined it, and that was sad, sad, sad, and again sad.

Maybe, oh maybe. she had a heart. Probably very, very deep down that would be, but oh well. I'm not judging her, but the way she treated people was disgusting, well more, the non-popular people.

I personally saw prom as nothing, I went to it once. And I know I'll never go again, for the rest of my life. It was terrible.

I didn't know if I was the only person thinking like that, but my friends, didn't saw it as I saw it.

"Em, you're going."

"No." I sighed, Dana was saying this the whole time and I was sick of saying anything to be honest.

"You should go Em, it's only like an hour," Ben was lovely really, one of my closest friends (with Dana) and he meant a lot to me. But, he should know, that I won't go.

"Ben, it isn't a big deal! It's an hour, and I could be sleeping a hour more," I said telling him my exact plans for that night.

"But-" I cut Dane off. "Guys, please," hope all written in my eyes they sighed and let go of the stupid subject.

Than he whispered something her ear, obviously regretting asking me.

"Who are you guys going with?" I asked them, not really paying that much attention on the annoying subject, and paying more attention to my phone.

After a long, very long silence, they both took a deep breath and decided to speak.

"Oh my God, are you guys dating each other?!" I said, almost having an heart attack, it was an deeply shocking moment thinking that.

"Ew, no." They both said at the same time, and luckily I assumed it wrong.

"Okay, well..?"

"I'm going with Ryan," Dana blurted out, that fast that I had to repeat it in my head for a few seconds till I knew what she said.

"Which Ryan?" I smiled, nervously breathing.

"Butler," she said, after a few seconds.

"Oh, okay?" I wasn't mad or anything, so the way she acted was totally stupid and I would never be angry/upset for such an stupid thing. Ryan was a nice guy, but I didn't know more than that.

"And, you Ben?"

"I'm going with this girl, Jessy. It's going to be our first date, I never met her by the way. So you don't know her."

"Oh, okay. You two met because of internet?" I asked, curiously.

"No, eh, Justin took care of it. We'll go together, to the prom thing." He told me carefully.
"Who is 'we' and which Justin?" I said, very slowly, trying to sound calm.

"We is, Ryan, Dana, Jessy, Justin, Lucy and I." He awkwardly scratched his back, I could hear he didn't want to tell me this.

But that wasn't it. They were going with Justin, and all of a sudden I knew exactly which Justin.

The most overrated male snob in the whole wide world.

Justin Drew Bieber.


So, know that English isn't my native language please :) Also I actually liked this chapter and it'd mean a lot if you'd tell me what you think! Also I haven't been that active on Movellas lately and that really just bc of life and btw has anyone heard PROBLEM ?!!!!!!!! AND SEEN SALUTE ?!!!!!

That's not that important but a few things you should know:

- My concert was cancelled so I had to cry a few days and get over it. I'm back bitchezzzz

- Ariana in this story aka Emelia is a character so I will not try to make her act like Ariana in any way.

Twitter: @sincerelycyrus

Tumblr: disnheys & cyrusbieb

hOpe y'all have a radddd day - Sade xoxo


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