1922 saw a number of consecutive murders sought out in the small town of Cloverfield. In 2013, the homicides are still an ongoing continuum.

When five friends go on a college trip to Cloverfield Rock, they find themselves caught in a world of murder and mysterious phenomenal. But will any of them discover the truth behind the Cloverfield murders? Or will all of them remain trapped in a world they wished they'd never entered?


1. Cloverfield Murders Carry On


Weekly News


JULY 1st 2013

“It is murder, it is vile, violent murder,” Prime Minister Reece Horrowitz says after the recent identification of teenager’s body Amy Franks, found mangled in Cloverfield Rock.  “This is why the death penalty should be brought back.”

Cloverfield High School and College have recently cancelled their annual trip to Cloverfield Rock due to the ninth consecutive murder of which was one of their own students Amy Franks.  Anne Fletcher, head teacher of the community school and college says, “We as a community have never seen a disaster this big since the back to back Cloverfield Sanctuary murders in 2007.  We are devastated and our thoughts are with Amy’s family and friends.”

It seems that the Cloverfield murders have been passed down from generation to generation since the first back to back consecutive murders of the 22 local citizens in 1922 and the continuation of these brutal homicides is still an ongoing continuum in 2013. 

1922, 1957, 1989, 2000, 2004, 2007 and now 2013 are all years in which a number of consecutive murders were committed in Cloverfield.  Neither of the above years have seen any suspect(s) arrested for the homicides as to date.  Which leaves the citizens of Cloverfield wondering just how many individuals are involved with the murders and if they will ever be caught.

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