Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two.
And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


50. Unwinding... Well sort of

I dodged and dodged again, twirling my staff faster as I mock attacked Cas, ducking low before pulling him to me. 

'Huh well played,' he whispered as he moved my knife slowly that I was holding to his neck. I smiled at him, feeling more relaxed by feeling like I've trained more in order to defend myself. Considering the whole demon situation, I want to make sure that I am better next time, that I'm in control. 

'Hey, wanna try something different?' he asks moving away from me. I blinked a little realising how close we were, a blush rising up my cheeks. Cas turns around to hand me a bow and arrow. oh boy. 

'Do you know how to use this?' he asks. 'I mean does your world uh..' 

'I uh yeah we had them, there were people who were famous for like Robin Hood,' I returned, gingerly pulling the bow back, testing how much damage it could do. It twanged against my forearm. 

'Ow!' I gasped, dropping the bow as I held the sore skin. Well I never was a Katniss anyway, I loved her in the books but I could never get around the fact that she managed to be a perfect shot all things considered. 

'Hey are you alright?' he rushes in front of me, tilting my head up to see if I was alright. 

'I uh yeah that stang little,' I look away. Dammit tears are pricking up in my eyes. Dammit I still want my pride I don't want to cry in front of Cas because of a stupid bow.

'Hey it's alright to say it hurts you,' Cas turns my head so I'm facing him. I take a deep breath.

'Yeah it kinda hurts you know,' I confess. I breathe out more, feeling my muscles relax as I leant against him, feeling his arms surround me. I respond back, putting my arms around him as I steadied my breathing. It's been a long day.

'Do you want to go to the library?' he asks, stroking my hair a little which felt really damn soothing and I will pass out at this rate I swear. I pull away.

'Yeah, I'd really like that,' I smile up at him, blushing at his gaze before kissing him gently on the cheek. It felt like my whole body was alight. 

We went back to our hide out in the library, Cas making space on the creaky old sofa as I grabbed what looked like a fairytale book from the many shelves on the far wall. I sat on the far end on the sofa stretching my legs out before delving into the book, reading aloud the narrative to Cas whilst he played around inside his notebook.

This felt better than my life at home and I actually had something more to look forward to. I will save Mum as soon as I can but now I could really use some sleep. My eyes closed after drifting off the page, the book sliding off my lap. 

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