Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two. And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


40. The Plan of Action

We carried on eating until Tanderish glided into the room wearing a simplistic white cloak over his clothing (how does he do that??) drawing our attention instantly with his presence. 

'I see you two have been busy,' he chuckled at the mess of the table tops and the scrabbled drawings. 

'Is the cloak finished?' he continues. I blink. How did he know? I walk over to the furnace and pull out the final product. The material itself was light and was cool to wear, the lining a shade of green. The outside was already adapting to the environment around itself, blurring to the oak tables and dark walls as I held up for Tanderish to see. 

'This is amazing Caspian I am seriously impressed' he says as he admires the cloak and touches the material. My face flush. I did a lot of the calculations on this thing-

'Actually Tanderish, it wasn't all my doing and I certainly wouldn't of finished the calculations without her,' he smiles at me warmly which made me melt slightly. Dammit! Stay focused! 

'You are certainly like your mother child,' he smiles at me warmly at my success. I beamed, glad I could help the resistance through my nerdiness.

'May I?' he gestures to the cloak in my hands. I hand it over to him, taking a deep breath as he inspects it fully and carefully at the source. Caspian looks over to me reassuringly as my heart picks up slightly. It was at this point I noticed Tanderish's hair changing colour to brown... flickering for a second before it going back to his usual elven white. Suspicious, I walk around him to get a better vantage point as I take a deep breath to calm my nerves. 

'Hey um, Tanderish.... remember that time in the hall where I first met you all?' I ask cautiously, my stance becoming rigid. Caspian notices the change in my demeanour and reaches behind him to clutch a blue cloth bag.

'Yes, it was so nice to meet you and we had such a lovely time at the feast,' he murmurs whilst still looking at the fabric. I reach behind me for a staff leaning against the wall and held it out in front of me.

'That was the wrong answer,' I answer rigidly. Not waiting a second longer, I jab him in the leg and use my magic to push him against the wall. I hold the staff in front of me.

'Who are you!?' I demanded. Tanderish faded sway to reveal a completely differing person in armour, dark brown hair curly. Face weathered and slightly scarred. He laughs.

'I guess you really are like your mother,' he keeps chuckles despite my growing anger. Caspian is beside to give me back up his face serious. 

'Caspian long time no see,' he grins as I push him harder against the wall, making the intruder grimace. Caspian throws dust at him from the bag, rendering him unconscious. I let him slide to the floor in a heap my anger slowly dissipating. 

'How does he know you?' I turn to Cas, confusion settling on me like a black cloud.

'Because he's my father,' he sighed, his face full of pain. 

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