Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two.
And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


33. The Fight Begins

I gasped as I stumbled through the last of the portal, as it's icy depths clung to my left book as I stumbled into Charles. Dammit. 

I looked around at my surroundings, darkness suffocating me as I look up to see faint stars in the sky. Almost like home really. 

'Is everyone through?' whispered Charles. We answered with a round of 'Yep' as we started moving towards a direction. As we quietly rustled through our surroundings, I got hit upon the forehead. With a branch. Silently cursing, I ducked under it, trying to feel around in order to avoid anymore bruises on my head before even fighting with anyone. We traveled stealthily some more before stopping in a line, from what I could see a rusted gate i front of us in the gloom that was barely lit up from the starred sky and hidden moon. 

One of the other men stepped before it and waved a hand. A crackle of static passed over to me as I felt the spell take place. A Silencing Spell? It won't exactly be quiet breaking into that old gate... The man pulled out an axe and with a force to be reckoned with; broke through the rusted metal in one blow. He placed it on the inside of the tunnel and stood aside; motioning for us to pass in front. 

Charles went first, ducking underneath the stone archway as the other man followed with me third and the first bringing up the rear. I should really learn their names; I mean, they are important aren't they? Our footsteps passed with barely an echo as we kept walking down the tunnel. I really wanted to ask as what and where but the situation prickled with tension. Plus I'd rather not give Charles any more reasons to hate me right now. 

We reached the end which opened out to a wide room, lined with stone and mud floors. On the walls flickered dim fire torches which illuminated several cells which stood around the chamber. A women looked out over to us with blonde hair and blue eyes; her clothes slightly crumpled and stained with dirt.                                            

Recognition hit me like a steam train as I ran over to the bars and dropped my staff onto the ground. Tears streamed down our faces as my Mum hugged me through the bars.

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