Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two. And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


26. The Choice

I took a deep breath and stepped forwards into the room, walking a steady pace until I reached the remaining space at the table looking around to the other members of the chamber. The elf spoke first.

'I am Tanderish, of the Elves of the Moors' I nodded in response.. not really sure on how to respond. He was dressed in a white tunic with trousers but it was loosely fitted; the material cotton and silk woven together that gave a soft shine.. I jerked back to reality.

'... this is Olivia, the White witch of the plains,' he gestures to the wizened woman. Although old, her stature signified the power within. Dressed in simple purple robes and her hair braided into a bun. She reminded me of McGonagall with her wise look.

' and this is Lorenze, King of the Centaurs,' he crossed an arm over his brown chest and bows to me. Fumbling I bowed back. Like many of centaurs like I have read, he wore a simple leather strap that went across the chest and held a scabbard on his right side. Anxiety started to close my throat as I try to take this all in.

'This is Yatre, Leader of the Dwarf Clan of the sky,' I turned to the ginger dwarf across from me; clad in leather armour with a gruff expression on his face as he regarded me with slight disgust. Averting my eyes, I try to not feel the Dwarf's stare as I look to the two men- well they sort of look like two boys in their late teens looking closer at them- to my right. I bristled as I realised who one of them was.

'This is Caspian, one of our most brilliant mind within our group,' the boy blushed as the Tanderish said so, probably unused to the compliments. He was dressed in casual attire, although his cotton short more grubby around the sleeves and a loose leather vest held several pockets and pouches. I looked, trying to guess at the contents before realising I was staring. Quickly looking away, I try to hide the slight blush rising in my cheeks... slightly embarrassed.

'And of course this is Charles, of whom you've already met,' I quickly nodded at him before turning slightly away, tension rising from our fight the several nights before. I do regret shouting at him but boy he was getting on my nerves.

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