Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two. And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


37. The Brilliance of Knowledge

I wandered around for a good hour before sitting on a bench against the wall, frustrated. 
'Life getting you down?' Caspian asks as he walks up to me.
'Oh ha ha very funny,' I shoot him a tame dirty look before looking down and fiddling with the bottom of shirt. 

'Can I help...?' he asks. I look up from my hands to his brown inviting eyes, instantly getting lost in.. wow..

'I uh, am just trying to find a book to read..' I try to gather my thoughts from.. whatever I was feeling.

'You're trying to find out library? Why didn't you say?' he smiles and stands up, holding out his hand to me. With a slight tingling sensation I take it, standing up. He reluctantly let go of me hand as we started off down the other end of the corridor. The architecture changed slightly, the walls more ornate and darker unit all I could see was lines running straight along the walls. 

'Where are we?' I asked in awe. 
'Near the middle of the fortress,' Cas explained as he led down around a smooth corner before reaching a set of impressively carved doors, swirls and panels embedded into the dark wood with light stones illuminating the handles. I took a deep breath as Caspian pushed the heavy door open as sunlight flooded the corridor. 

I stepped into the wide expanse of a room, blinking in the bright light as I look up into the branches. We were in the middle of the largest tree in the forest. Bookshelves lined the circular walls, with balconies marking at least 6 stories of bookshelves going up inside the trunk and that's just what I can see without hurting muse eyes staring up into the sunlight. In the middle of the room, a smaller trunk reaching up with a staircase inside, to reach the higher levels with bridges connecting at each balcony floor. This library is absolutely amazing. 

Grinning from ear to ear, I keep looking around in circles at th amount of information I could access and get lost in, adventures to explore, things to learn about this world that I don't even know about.....

'You like it, huh?' Cas asked whilst smiling. He looks at me, with the approval of my bookworm trait. Dotted around on the ground floor were tables, chairs, recliners (post versions of the sofas back home) and even dotted cube holes around the place, round holes were the branches grow away from the trunk, lined with cushions and moss. This definitely beats any Waterstones I've been to.

'hey, I wanna show yo something,' I follow Caspian up several flights of stairs in the trunk, to the Third 'Floor' of the library where there was study rooms. I followed Caspian into one which I instantly was met with chaos.
'Uh, this is where I study and generate ideas for machines and weapons for the Resistance...' he trails off as I walk around the room. Desks full of papers, books and sketches was illuminated by soft white lights that cast a sleepy glow. 
I turned around to find Caspian right next to me, making my heart flutter in my chest. i blush slightly as I look up at him, gaging the situation. He starts to lean in... 

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