Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two.
And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


12. The Book

My eyes scan the room before me, checking every corner, crevice and space. My eyes fall upon a singular book on the floor, an interruption in the layers of dust.

I warily make my way over to it, looking around the stacks of books, boxes and who knows what else in the room. Setting the stick down slowly, I picked up the book, dusting off the leather cover.

Coughing from the dust, I peer at the symbol through the semi darkness. It was a circle with a creature laid out, a lot like Leonardo de Vinci's but the human like creature had fairylike wings.

Frowning, I opened the unfamiliar book; the weight uneasy in my hands. The pages were yellowed, musty as I turned them. I kept going through the book; illustrations, text and maps were handwritten in a block printed text. I got to the last page where there seemed to be instructions on how to get there..

My eyes scan the page as my heart stopped. On the bottom on the page was a paragraph of writing... written in my dad's handwriting. I peered closely at the spidery ink strokes, mumbling the lines as I read through them.

'... must get back to this spot at exactly 12 midnight the next red moon..' I read out loud, struggling with the last part.

'to find Clarissa and bring her back home.' I gasp. That was my mother's name. Dad told me she was dead but she's trapped somewhere?! As my thoughts started to process I hear the door slam.

I turn around, as to my horror a hooded stranger came towards mumbling under their breath. I try to escape by weaving through the book stacks but unfortunately I was too slow. As I reach to turn the door knob of the other door, my vision blacks out as I fall onto the floor.

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