Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two.
And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


47. That Defining Moment

He leant in and kissed me, causing a tirade of emotions, fireworks and warmth spreading throughout my body. This felt too perfect for words. I kissed him back, with the force of the story tales that I've bene reading since I was a little girl, with the dreams of romance I craved when no other boy turned their head to me at school and when I thought I was alone. 

After what seemed like hours I drew away, face flushed from the excitement as I realised the importance of telling him why I was there. 

'Cas someone has broken in! They're the one who knocked me out,' I explained my pulse quickening, but not because he kissed me. 

'We need to tell Tanderish right away... can you walk?' He asked looking me in the eyes his voice softening. Before he could kiss me again, trust me I would not mind that, I struggled up wincing as my back protested. The pain horned through my body bringing me to tears. Cas looks at me worried.

'No, stay there, I'm picking you up,' I start to protest but he pulled me up into his arms lifting me up as if I was nothing. I blushed as he quickly carried me to the council chamber my arms around his neck, me concentrating on the pain to try get it to go away. He stops suddenly just before the door.

'Wait,' he said before lowering me to my feet, wrapping his arms around me before kissing me again, making me lose all concentration as he poured warmth into me making me blush incredibly. We pulled away slowly staring at each other before grinning sheepishly. 

'I uh..' I cleared my throat to get ahold of myself.

'We'd better go in,' he finished for me. smiling before walking through the door. I watch him go through, seeing him in a completely new light before running my hands through my hair, wincing at the sore spot at the back of my head. I pulled my hand away to find blood... before it disappeared into my hand. Not believing my eyes I walked into the council chamber trying not to freak out. 

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