Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two. And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


8. Surprise?

I stood there, rooted to the spot as I watched my father go about the day as normal. it can't be real.

'Uh dad? Did you um.. finish the book?' I ask warily, avoiding his gaze. This may seem trivial but the last time this happened well... Let's not get into that. I take a deep breath and face him, away from the kitchen sink.

'Well no, I uh thought to keep that aside today,' he said, stumbling over the sentence slightly. I swallow, unsure of what's to come next. I feel the anxiety bubbling in my core, something isn't right? Dad stood up, his every movement strained and agonised with each step. Heart beating faster I looked slowly up as he stands in front of me.

My breaths loud, head pounding as I look up at my dad. His eyes completely black.

I scream running out of the room, my vision dancing with black dots as I hear him in pursuit. I lock myself in my bedroom as he crashes against the door, muttering in some weird language as I rush pushing objects against my door as it threatens to break open.

I look around wildly as emotions crash into me, clouding my head as I spot my window. I try to open it, only to find the frame has been nailed down. Breathing hard, I looked around for a weapon. BANG! My door flies open, chunks of wood flying across the room. I scream, throwing myself down on the floor with a painful thud. My dad, what ever it was, stood over me; holding the sharpest hunting knife I've seen. Eyes streaming, I sob as I realise how short my life has become.

'Please don't..' I plead as I see him bring down the knife.

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