Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two. And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


23. Setting Out

I woke up with a start, fog curling around me as I shifted in my spot against the tree. I look over to Hester and the Prince, to find them asleep across from the now smoking fire.

I breathed out, still stressed from the overall experience. I shook my head, wondering if Dad was missing my presence at home. Dad. It's not like school would miss me either considering it's the weekend. The bubbling cauldron of emotion started to overwhelm me as I realise I might see Mum again. A tear dripped down my cheek as the tide washes over me, the feeling of loneliness, regret and sadness attacking my heart.

'Hey,' I jumped as I looked up to see the Prince towering over me.

'Here,' he passes me a hunk of bread and some cheese. I look up at him surprised at the sudden kindness but he was already walking away towards the stream for water. Eating carefully, I try to prep myself for the uncertain day ahead.

Soon we had accumulated all of the possessions and set off deeper into the woods, with me following behind at the back. I stared around me, recognizing all the plants that seems to be in my world also..

'We're nearly at the camp,' Hester spoke up suddenly. I whipped my head around, confused.

'Camp? What camp?' I ask, the anxiety growing in my chest again.

'For the Resistance against the King,' she whispered to me. I walked along a bit more before stopping.

'Wait, if this is the Resistance then why is the Prince here?' I ask. Hey, I wasn't here for the backstory and hell I don't trust this guy. Although 1 year older than me (by the looks of it), he acts as if I'm slime on his Princely boots.

'He supports the cause but can't exactly leave his place in the Royal Court,' Hester explained as she kept on walking. Luckily his sulkiness was scouting ahead of us and our conversation.

We approached a giant tree stump, it's bark covered in dark moss and flowers.. th-  the

I fell to the ground, the air suffocating me as darkness pulled over my vision just as Hester shouts...

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