Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two. And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


32. Portal

I quickly hurry down the corridor after Charles. I walked behind him as our footsteps echo down the corridor.. I felt eh awkwardness rise and wash all over me. I cleared my throat. 

'So uh, how are we getting to the castle?' I ask in a firm voice. I didn't want to sound weak considering all of his past actions against me being part of this because I'm a 'weak girl'. Pfft I can carry more books than he can that's for sure. 

'We are going by teleportation,' he answered gruffly. I walk alongside him to try gauge his reaction but he just stares straight forward; purposely avoiding my gaze. As the awkwardness started to build I felt my anger rise. What the hell is his problem now?!

Clenching my jaw I follow his around the corner to outside of the settlement. I'll confront him later. Tonight we have a job to do. Saving my mother. As we stepped out into the cool air of the night, I look around to see only three other people waiting for us. I guess it's a small rescue mission then. 

Hester appears at my side, smiling warmly as she hands me a dark cloak to put over my armour.

'This should help you blend into the night a bit more... keep you safe,' she helped pin the two sides together with a clasp of a stag standing proudly. Butterflies erupted in my chest as I realised this is it. I don't know what will happen tonight but for all I know I could be captured.. tortured... I felt a hand on my shoulder.

'Stop overthinking everything,' Tenderise smiled down at me. 

'May the wind and night protect you all,' he addressed Charles, and two people I didn't know. He opened up the portal; a smiling mass of energy that shimmered into the night. With a deep breath I followed Charles second into the cold air, grasping my staff tight. 

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