Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two. And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


36. Our Next Move

'She's awake!' he announces, smiling as he does so. Courage and pride spread through me. Considering the last week or so, I have had managed to survive quite a lot. 

'How are you feeling?' he asked. I did a mental check over my body.

'Pretty good, what happened?' I enquire.

'When you stopped the arrow, you released an energy surge of magic as you threw down every guard's weapon. This drained you of your resources as you haven't used that amount of magic yet considering you're still quite a novice,' Tanderish explained. Me blacking out makes more sense now and I can't believe i managed to do that. 

'So, what now?' I ask. 

'Well the fact that the rescue went downhill suggests we have a traitor here.... Do not worry yourself over them though, as you need to take today and rest well to start your training tomorrow,' He folded his arms into his robes and smiled warmly at me. 

'We will discuss our next move in light of the recent events but for now, do rest,' he continued.

'Feel free to fully explore the place,' He finalised as he swept out of the room. My mind was buzzing. Why would someone sabotage me trying to save Mum? Rolling my aching shoulders, I realise I miss reading books to get away from my problems. With a new incentive, I started to walk out the door when I caught sight of myself in the mirror. My shirt was rumpled and creased, to go alongside my extremely messy hair. Argh man that is embarrassing.  I quickly brushed through the brown frizzy hair and changed into a baggy blue shirt and linen trousers from the oaken closet next to the door of my room. 

Re-checking my appearance, I smiled briefly at my tidier reflection before heading out of the door into the brightly lit corridor. Not feeling really hungry, I started to wander around the tree palace (?) in search of a reading room or a library although there sin't much sign of either. I sighed. It's gonna be a long day. 

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