Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two.
And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


6. My Room

My room was like my sanctuary; worlds hidden away on my bookshelves, pillows spread on my bed and in my basket chair. I looked through my window at the woods beyond our garden. The branches curling towards the fence, knarled trunks creepy... Ah dammit my imagination is still with Pippin and Merry in the woods.

I turn on some Koven (my favourite band ever) and lay down on my bed, staring straight at the ceiling. On there, dark blue swirls of colour twisted around bright stars glowing balls of light adorned by oranges and dark hues of red. I close my eyes as I recall the memory of painting it with my dad. I've always loved the Van Gogh painting, how he perceived the night sky. The smell of acrylics, the laughter on that day. When me and my dad were close.

I drew out of the memory, sighing as I realised I had homework to do. I pulled out the necessary items to study out of my backpack, lugging the textbook over to my desk as I turned on my laptop. I turned on my tiffany lamp illuminating my desk area, casting a warm glow over my bedroom.

I chose warm colours for my bedroom due to the fact that it felt warmer in the winter; especially with all my pillows and extra blanket. I spent many a night curled up in bed away on adventures whilst surrounded by my fortress of pillows. I smiled at the thought.

Above my desk held paintings, drawings I've done in inks or paints of creatures... I cleared my head as I focused on the screen before me, alongside my assignment sheet. I sighed. It was gonna be a very long night.


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