Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two.
And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


48. More Trouble

'This is not good,' Tanderish exclaimed after me re-telling my part of the story, after Caspian explaining how he found me dying in the alcove... missing out the kissing parts of course. I looked over at Cas, my heart skipping a beat as he smiled reassuringly at me across the table. I wish he could hold my hand; to help get the feeling of dread out of my stomach as to what could happen. 

'Send out the guards, looking for a Level 5 demonic creature. Extremely dangerous.' he sent a last warning look to the guards beside him before dismissing them. We all get up to leave before a thought popped up in my head. 

'Cas, I'll catch you out in the hall okay?' he say over my shoulder before turning to Tanderish. 

'I knew you had a burning question during this meeting, what may it be?' he stated calmly, joining his hands beneath his cloak. 

'I um, my head injury and well when I touched my blood..' I trailed off, realising how bad it sounded and worried that he'd think I was weird.. well in this universe what's bad and what's good?

'Do not worry, what you have? It's a special infinity that not many purebloods have but it means you can heal yourself.. within reason. The hit you took though, I'm surprised you managed to heal yourself..' he frowned slightly. At that moment I realised how shaky I began to feel. After the crash of the intruder and then the kiss with Cas, I didn't realise how weak I was feeling. 

'Steady,' Tanderish put hand on the small of my back, I felt warmth rushing into me as if let stronger, my back straighter and my vision clearer. 

'You can draw energy from your surroundings, you don't have the skill yet but I have given it to you. You need to help us find that demon,' he concluded, pulling his hand away as I feel revived.

'Go grab your staff young one... we have a demon to catch,' he winked at me despite the serious situation. I rush out of the room, bumping into Cas.

'Sorry! I'm so sorry I didn't mean to..,' he smiled at me, making my legs turn to jelly and well... I was never good with the love stuff if I'm honest. 

'I need to go grab my stuff, meet back here in 5?' I ask, trying to keep my head straight. 

"Of course,' he kissed me on the forehead before disappearing down the corridor. It's time to put my skills to use. 

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