Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two. And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


25. Meeting

After what seems like hours I finally managed to get dressed without any hazardous consequences. Unfortunately they're washing my clothes so I had to wear this.... old fashioned dress. Almost elven, the off white gown with lilac flowers accenting the edges, hugged my waist and draped over the legs loosely and let's just say it was showing off my neck so much a Nun would blush. I didn't like how, it just makes me feel so vulnerable.

I don't know, I never really was a skirt girl back in my world. I was lead by Hester down and up white staircases, through to just below the canopy tree branch layer on where there was a platform.

Tree branches spiralled up to form an archway, adorned by white flowers dripping with the lazy scent of vanilla. As I entered the room, it opened up with the sunlight baring down on the white branched floor. The walls were made of tree branches, crossing along and over each other in a hap hazarded wicker basket fashion surrounding the room in a circle on which my eyes fell to the round table at the centre of the room.

The warm glow of sun spotlighted this table; that was surrounded by strangers and also strange beings. Well considering all the fantasy books I have read in the past, by my judgement I reckon there was a Dwarf, a Centaur, a Faery, two humans and an Elf. Well I've seen it all now in this world.

'Ah she has awoken!' the elf exclaimed, his voice booming to where I stood in the doorway.... gaping like an idiot at a room full of magical creatures. First impression must of been a good one with me. After a few moments I realised that was probably an invite to go into the room and actually greet the people before me. You could tell I don't socialise much.

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